I have found hints in my pre-war writer Great Aunt’s diary about a children’s book on the topic of “diminishing agression” among enemy people. She mentions her ancestors as protagonists: ,Princes of Transylvania mostly or leaders in Hungary too.  And she was the Landlady of writer Antal Szerb,a converter to Catholicism, whose ancestors were great rabbis,like Abarbanel and the Maharal of Prague , who were thought to be davidid descendants and hence potential Messianic leaders /in Greek: Christos in Second Coming).

My great Aunt and his friend, writer Antal Szerb have planned 5-generational distances, as grandmothers have a bigger influence on children than parents they claimed: it means we do not have to know everybody, only look at history in a 44-45 years distance cycle.

They had two Princely Acquantances  who died in strange cirumstances in a distance of 45 years: first Rudolf of Habsburg in 1889 and then  Proust’s friend,King Alexander of Serbia in 1934.

As 44/45 years cycle is among the many cycles of Sunspots, and we do hear from many sources about how solar magnetic activity influences human excitability /so  I will include articles on this topic too. /

Maximum Sunspot Years tend to be parallel to liberal revolutions,and Minimal Years generally “cause” conservative  movements.

That is why it is important to look for methods to help us quit these mass hypnotic solar magnetic trances – and the only tool that may help us is music.


The question arises: why is history clearly a kind of slow evolution /of empathy/ and not just repetition of aggressive ancient patterns?

To answer this question I will include articles on hormonal  inheritance,because both solar magnetism and music works via hormones. Since the only single unchanging element in earthly history  is music – the religious melodies – I will include a few  articles on the effect of music on hormones.

Naturally, logically we must also research the Crisis-Dates Contemporary Music – so we must peruse Wikipedia and the net for them: from Wolkenstein in 1439 to Bartók in 1934.

It is quite possible that their hypothesis on the beneficial effect of certain trauma-contemporary melodies through 500 years of family history cannot be proven: there are too many other Crisis Years, too many other musicians, too many other Ancestors – no way to prove  this idea.

But still…trying will not harm anyone.


gyuri áll tehénnel 13

I wrote essay-novels on this topic ,in English: they are at http://www.sfsalvo.com/

Az my Aunt wrote children’s poems, I will also include some ballads based on her historical  project.

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