Memory Cards in an Hourly Guru-Yoga Reminder

Simply if you look up on RigpaWiki the word guruyoga you will see that it is important to invest our love to an inner (or outer) huru – which is the Presence according to E. Tolle.

So here you see that it is good to use a reminder each hour to meditate on the guru:

The only thing we did not have is a List of the Gurus or Jesus-avatars or Tzadiks (Messiah-avatar Rabbis) – sometimes they are Kings or Art Heroes.

I found such a list in a manuscript of Freud’s London friend, the UNESCO Founder Karl MAnnheim (look him up in a wikipedia) because he was a great Uncle of mine.

Boddhisatwah vsualtisation or guruyoga meditation means that in each hour we focus on a different Buddha-avatar – and his quotes.

In Europe it is difficult to remember the Sanskrit names – hence some Tibeti masters (like Sogjal rinpoche) claim that we can use our own heroes and masters – including Jesus.)

He went through History (between 1500- till the 1800s) and in each decade he found an Invention and a Ruling King (considered a Jesus avatar) who has had a Jewish Doctor or RAbbi friend (also considered a DAvidic descent hence Messianic avatar – simply: European Gurus or Boddhisattwahs).

So the list shows historical Kings (and RAbbis) with Biblical legends. (Due to the melodies of the Bible that change weekly in each instance one can find the corresponding Bible legend to a hiorical date – an invention, a massacre or a crwoning or a birth date.)1500invent