1862 : Secnd Week. Leo (Assertiveness)

Kabbalist Messianist

geocosmic Histro-Scope

(“geocosmic” means earthly-organized not astro-cosmic effect)

1. Weekly Bible Portion Name:  Noah

2. Date List: 1862  /our week is from 15 till 21 October)


3. Weekly Histro-Scope:  Leo

4. Weekly  Character Trait: Assertivity (of Extroversion)

5. Weekly Pharaon/King: Emperor Franz Joseph

7. Weekly Newborn Leader:  Louis Barthou (1862-1934)

8. Weekly  Opera: Verdi: La Forza del Destino


(weekly majority melody:  AGFE)

9. The dates of this week: 15.10 – 21.10

10. The traditional month Sign: Libra

I just explain it: we have weekly changing melodies when we sing the Bible Weekly Portion (Noah this week). My great grandfather, a rabbi in Hungary sought the weekly melody in famous Operas – and so he could see which King  did sing the very same melody on that week as was sung by Bible singers – and imagined the King /a Pharaon Avatar from a Davidic Kingly ancestry/  talking about a newborn leader’s horoscope that week. So each week we have a weekly histroscope- which is a psychological character draft corresponding to the Big10+2 in psychometry, and hence we are able to deal with one character trait (or defect) of us each week in this mythic context of Bible and Opera and Horoscope archetypes.

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