1477 Virgo

We have always two ancestors  (both davidic descendants) : a King /Pharaon and a Moses/Meshiah – Rabbi and they are looking at a newborn’s Prince Horoscope.

This week it is a Virgo –  denoting Conscientiousness.

(Has to plan everything.

Cannot stand to be late for an appointment.

Feel that I am being unproductive if I relax. )

Ferrante d’Este was born in 1477.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ferrante_d%27Este (He was imprisoned after a failed assassination attempt against his brother, Cardinal Ippolito d’Este. Stayed in prison for 34 years.)

The year when Beatrix d’Aragon /an aunt of Ferrante/ arrived to Buda, as the new wife of King Mathias Corvinus.

The  most important King of this period was Ferdinand II of Aragon, father in law of Henry VIII and grandfather of Charles V.


His finance minister was Rabbi Abarbanel.







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