Before starting from the beginning again. Virgo and Leo /we still are in 1432/

Leo and Virgo (appearing due to the Torah Portion Vezot Habracha mentioning the Tribes. Issachar and Zevulun)

and the domineering personality of Leo will eventually annoy this reserved but deep thinking partner,  Virgo, who really doesn’t like to say no to people. Your partners resentment will build up, until one day they crack.

(Interestingly there was a Virgo-Leo coincidence on 23 September, the Second day of New Year, when we started this Portion, and on the net some sites claimed it happens every 7000 years, so there appeared wild prophecies…and nothing really happened.)


histroscope cycle 17


Around the Babylon New Year: 1432, Taurus is felt this week

The Date on the Herzl-List : 1432


(Called this way due to my first ancestor in the 1700s)


The Pharaon of the Generation. Sigismond of Luxemburg

The Rabbi (Mashiah /”Christos”) of he Age: Rabbi Albo


The princely newborn: Anna Habsburg of Thuringen,_Landgravine_of_Thuringia

Sign: Taurus



Hence we must see the conjunction: Taurus and the monthly Libra.


Libra’s easy superficial behaviours are irritating for the Taurus.


histroscope cycle 17


Gemini 1412 (The Pharaon and Moses meet in each generation looking at a horoscope)

The Pharaon of the Age (1412):          The  Rabbi of the Age:

Sigismond of Luxemburg                     Rabbi Albo


The Prince : Ludovico III Gonzaga,_Marquis_of_Mantua


The Histroscope Sign of the Week: Gemini


Gemini as a Personality Trait: Openness

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Openness consists  of:

● Fantasy-prone ● Aesthetically-minded ● Philosophical ● Creative ● Intuitive ● Intellectual Stability







1477 Virgo

We have always two ancestors  (both davidic descendants) : a King /Pharaon and a Moses/Meshiah – Rabbi and they are looking at a newborn’s Prince Horoscope.

This week it is a Virgo –  denoting Conscientiousness.

(Has to plan everything.

Cannot stand to be late for an appointment.

Feel that I am being unproductive if I relax. )

Ferrante d’Este was born in 1477. (He was imprisoned after a failed assassination attempt against his brother, Cardinal Ippolito d’Este. Stayed in prison for 34 years.)

The year when Beatrix d’Aragon /an aunt of Ferrante/ arrived to Buda, as the new wife of King Mathias Corvinus.

The  most important King of this period was Ferdinand II of Aragon, father in law of Henry VIII and grandfather of Charles V.


His finance minister was Rabbi Abarbanel.