The Herzl-List – 1484: Pisces /Openness


We are looking for weekly psychological character traits – like Jordan Peterson mentions it and advises to think and write about some of them each week for ten minutes  –  to work on for our betterment.

They are embodies partly in Jewish Biblical topics partly in pagan Astrological themes – both are draft pictures of inner psychological processes.


/The work title used to be Proust List – because Proust has met my great-grandmother. But now I found out the my family ancestor was called Herzl before he chose a Hungarian name (Kecskemeti, or Kex-qu’emetti). We must have a famous sounding name for the project. This is  a planned   table game with the 48 boxes (like Monopoly) which are the 48 Weekly Bible Stories  with the Tribes and the corresponding Horoscopes. Later I will decide if the name of the game will refer to Proust or to Herzl. Not yet. )




It is about the Pharaon avatar asking a newborn Prince’s Horoscope from the contemporary Rabbi (who is the Moses – or Mashiah /Christ – , the davidic scion of that generation.

/Here we are one year after the death of Richard the IIId.  His successor (an Uncle) is Henry the VIIth – the father of Henry the III, who has married into the Aragonian family that had davidic ancestors.

And the Rabbi is Abarbanel who was the financial advisor Columbus (later forced to exile with all the Jews of Spain.)

In Hungary, King Mathias Corvinus  has occupied Vienna. His Majordomus, Zapolya had a daughter who married King Sigismond of Yagello – whose daughter (Hedwig) will be married to a Brandenburger, Hector II, the son of Nestor I. Joachim, who was born on the 21. February 1484. / (Of course most of this facts are not important – these are background ornaments only.)


This project is about collecting material about our ancestors – to see what are the archetypes that are common among Jewish ancestors and European Aristocratic ancestors in their fantasies.

Any average Christian family is raised partly among Jewish archetypes or Biblical legends – partly has around him legends of among pagan Hellenist astrological  origin. Both have a psychological self-search function.220px-Friedrich_Zweite_Alt


The photo: Frederic the Great of Brandenburg , the greatest Hohenzollern  descendant of the small Zapolya-Yagello-Brandenburger Prince who was born in the decade which we are looking at on our Date List.


/The planned table game – similar to Monopoly – will be played by 4 + 1 person. The Plus One is the Mashiah (Jesus) who plans to revive a few Rabbi ancestors of his – and asks him to show their contemporary Pharaons.   The four Davidic Non Jewish Kings will be Frederic the Great, Cristina of Sweden, Louis XIII and Sissy, The Habsburg Empress. They are trying to gather around them their relatives to try to help hem sort out their character defects. Similarly as in Monopoly we are trying to collect material items./



In the weekly Portion Ki Tetzey we see the law of the unfaithful woman –  and in the weekly mystical-psychological Bible interpretation Zohar we see Satan riding on the Serpent. This is the realm of Malkuth (Ownership) and Virgo (Sister).


The co-operation of Virgo and Pisces is about  caution and doubt. We must be  virginally cautious if our rational fishy mind is too doubtful and destroys value in our life.







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