Shoftim Week : 1619 Cyrano /Pisces – Openness : Rabbi Horowitz and Louis XIII of Bourbon

We are asked by Jordan Peterson  (an innovative Jungian professor in Canada) to write and think about our character issues each week some ten-twenty  minutes.


We have a  weekly sructure  of the weekly changing Bible melodies – and as they are repeated each year (paralelling traditional stellar horoscopes/ – the aim of which is too look into the past and how it impacts us.


In each generation (biblical 50 years from year 16/17 and 67/68 in the centuries) we Jews have a miracle Rabbi  ( a “Moses” who is supposed to come from the Davidic House to be able to embody the Mashiah/Christ if need be – the precondition being mutual love between strangers and enemies) who has weekly special soothing melodies and a knowledge of horoscopes (psychological temperament drafts) , so that his contemporary  King (who also is officially thru a 12th century marriage  – to the Davidic exilarch in Baghdad in order to be related to the Meshiah family /”Jesus”=Saviour/ of a Byzantine Emperor related to Aragons, and Yagellos and Arpads  and their descandants, Medicis, Gonzagas, Bourbons,  Stuarts, Hannoverians, Brandenburgers and Romanovs and Habsburgs asks him when there is an important birth around him.

This week we have the Prague/Jerusalem Rabbi Yehoshuah Horowitz  who wrote the book still consulted called “Shelah” (among others about the non-violent child-raising rules), who was famous of being kidnapped in Jerusalem  by the Ottoman Turkish sultan for ransom. (1625).

And we have  King Louis XIII of Bourbon (whose childhood abuses by court dames and regular whippings by the father, Henry IV  was recorded by his  physician and whom we know from Dumas’ The Three Musquetaires and from Merle) – and among this year’s birth  we have one legendary noble figure, Cyrano de Bergerac (who was immortalized later in  a famous drama). And he happens to be a Pisces.

This structure helps us to focus on an ancestral situation – pondering the character  trait/behavioral possibilities/ of some ancestors of us – on the underlying supposition that this past situation (revived with the melodies contained in it which we hear this week as it is the very same Bible melody sequence we read with our Rabbis today and which have been proved to have soothing impact in the  vicinities of temples) really may impact us today.


Everybody works constantly on  bettering or adjusting his behavioural traits – so if it can be proven that yes, a King and a Rabbi (the generation’s Moses and Pharaon) considered one such structure – it is in our interest to consider it too, although our emotional empathy level is different (it is  – maybe  – not so frequent that children are regularly whipped and rabbis must issue warnings against that)

The real month-change is  right this week, from Leo to Virgo. So we must look up their compatibility on the net: “The perfection of the Virgin comes as a hindrance to the disorganized lifestyle of the Fish. If the Piscean is able to teach the Virgin to bring out his feelings and let himself make a few faults and learn a bit of practicality from him, this love match has all the chances of being successful.”


széchy Mária

The Wife of the Palatine Wesselényi, Maria de Széchy (Aunt of Ilona Zrinyi and Ferencz I Rákóczy) whose former father-in law, Gabriel Prince Bethlen of Transylvania loses a battle against the Catholic Habsburg army (led by a Homonnay) and so the Protestant coalition (with England and Sweden) loses against the Habsburgs   who can now concentrate on stopping the Sultan in Vienna.  For Louis XIII it is the first 2 years of  his putch against his Mother’s regency, having killed her adjutant, Concini  whose wife, the best friend of the Queen, Leonora Galigai was Jewish (and had a doctor Rabbi, Eliyahu de Luna Montalto at her service as advisor.) Louis XIII was having an idol, a  platonic friend , De Vitry, who murdered Concini and  the Jewish witch was beheaded and put on fire – the Queen exiled to Blois (in 1617, the beginning of the first Century Jubilee).




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