1466. Gonzaga Prince born: rabbi Abarbanel watches the Ree Bible Portion melodies and constellations. The sign is Leo on the Proust-List from my rabbi great-grandfather. Plus: Gemini and Taurus in the Zohar (a Bible interpreting text)

Leo in Leo. Francesco Gonzaga (1466) born, Rabbi Abarbanel (the age’s Meshiah) looking at his Horoscope.  The childhood of King Mathias Corvinus. Two Leos: a constant struggle for supremacy. But they are colored by Taurus and Gemini (because the weekly text is about the two mounts that symbolize the two tribes Shimeon and Levi who belong to Taurus and Gemini. But relationships between two Taurus-Geminis are likely to be filled with miscommunication, which, like static, will tend to annoy others, among them Leo.



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