Eikev (the Bible portion) and 1457 : Leo and Virgo on the Proust List of our Ancestors

My Greatgrandfather was a rabbi, and I found a Date List about each weekly Biblical portion. /They have  called it “the Proust List” because   my non-Jewish Great-grandmother met Proust in the 1910s in Paris and the idea in this Date List is similar to the Proustian idea of minuscule smells – or melodies here – triggering ancestral feelings in each of us./

This week (Eikev is the portion’s name) it is: 1457. Birth in Virgo of Hedwig Jagellionska (daughter of Kasimir, sister of Sigismond, who was an in-law of the Hungaran Zapolyas). The contemporary rabbi (Abarbanel) computes this, because the kingly families have (like him) Davidic (messianic) ancestors.

Those who think, our ancestors legends may help us to sort out our character defects in a process of self-knowledge, may use this alternative geocosmic histroscope.


Most things in history are blurred – but the horoscope of a Prince born is sure to draw the attention of the generations main Rabbi. And both are among our ancestors (as at that distance we have millions of ancestors, – except the others are rarely recorded.)

As we happen to be in Leo, it is worth while to see the co-operation of Leo and Virgo.

Virgo may help organize the Leo’s chaotic life, while Leos may encourage Virgos to let have fun occasionally.



(Photo: Isabella Jagiellon – niece of Hedwig)


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