Weekly Alternative Horoscope or Histroscope

Week of Bible portion Matot-Masei


The Meshiah /sometimes called Jesus meaning Yeshua Savior from death/ is looking for his relatives in history because he needs a new body to appear again and he wants to create his new body from those who were using for loving-kind deed their body parts (chest, back, eye, ear, hand etc). /It is a talmudic legend./
Cervantes: 1547   28  09 Libra. (Sister Quadrant) Henry the VIII dies.
Brother Quadrant: 1529 Henry fires Wolsey. (Henry: 1491.  06 28 Cancer)
Father: 1626. Christina, Sagittarius  18 12
mother 1747 Leopold Habsburg born 1740. 06 09 Gemini

The contemporary messianic-related /davidic/ Rabbis: the Maharal /Löw/ of Prague, Menashe ben Israel, the Baal Shem Tov) They are reading the very same Bible Portion as we do now – with the same melody, and their contemporary Kings also encounter these melodies. Why is this good to know? It is for people who do have a routine of self-reflection and they like to deal with some character defects in a weekly changing system and they lost their trust in astrology (because science has not proven it.)

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