The coming week (of the 9th of Av) is a regular Leo but has a Gemini extra touch in the geocosmic Histroscope

It is not a stellar  setup like the age-old horoscopes. I found it in letters of my rabbi great-grandfather and he used the Biblical weekly  changing melodies  to find in each decade a different stress that was soothed by those melodies by the rabbis in each generation’s – in Judaism we have an awaited Moses or Meshiah /Jesus/ in each generation  – so they try to influence their contemporary Kingly “Pharaons” by looking at their horoscopes.

This week we are in 1529, the miracle Rabbi was the Maharal (rabbi Löw) of Prague /an ancestor of my great-grandfathers’ in-laws/ and the prince born then was the son of Ferdinand I. (A grandson of Anna Yagiellonica – hence a relative of Barbara Zapolya.) he was born on the 14 of June, hence a Gemini.


Leo brings strength into the relationship with Gemini  who brings curiosity with it.Ferdinand II of Austria 1529 330px-William_Scrots_002

A héten a Gemini hat az Ös-Tény Listában

A dédapám heti listáján a Gemini hat (az uralkodó Leo mellett).
A Gemini izgalmat hoz, a Leo erőt – együtt jól érzi magát mindkettő.

II Ferdinánd főherceg születését (június 14) figyeli a prágai rabbi 1529-ben (I. Ferdinánd fia). Jagello Anna unokája.

This week (Devarim Portion of the Bible) we see 1792 in an old list of “geocosmic” Horoscopes

The past leaders (and their Horoscopes) are influencing us, because each decade the Miracle Rabbi (Moses or Mashiah or “Jesus” of that era) watches the Pharaonic families – the births in Kingly families.

Each week the Bible portion has a different leading melody – which can be found in worldly opera melodies and by this we can see the date of a particular stress of that week. (The leaders must not be direct ancestors because they had a great effect as the leaders of that generation even if they were not family members.)


In 1792, we have the birthday in Aries /19 04) of Ferdinand V. (the Habsburg emperor, son of Francis I, (II) brother of Marie Louise, the future Empress of Napoleon. the miracle Rebbe of the period was Shneur Salman of Liadi (later of Lubaich).


It simply means that  if we think that ancestral impacts may be important – this week we may try to look up this generation and see Aried as a special geocosmic  /non stellar, earthly/  “ascendent” with which we may try to  complete the regular stellar Horoscope


As we are now in Leo (which is Napoleon’s sign) we should see the interaction of Leo and Aries.

A Leo respects an Arian’s need for freedom because an Arian does not interfere much in the life of a Leo. Aries will love the charisma and ideas of the Leo. The only problem area in this compatibility field is that both are egotistical. They can really make a good match if they learn to compromise.


Weekly Alternative Horoscope or Histroscope

Week of Bible portion Matot-Masei


The Meshiah /sometimes called Jesus meaning Yeshua Savior from death/ is looking for his relatives in history because he needs a new body to appear again and he wants to create his new body from those who were using for loving-kind deed their body parts (chest, back, eye, ear, hand etc). /It is a talmudic legend./
Cervantes: 1547   28  09 Libra. (Sister Quadrant) Henry the VIII dies.
Brother Quadrant: 1529 Henry fires Wolsey. (Henry: 1491.  06 28 Cancer)
Father: 1626. Christina, Sagittarius  18 12
mother 1747 Leopold Habsburg born 1740. 06 09 Gemini

The contemporary messianic-related /davidic/ Rabbis: the Maharal /Löw/ of Prague, Menashe ben Israel, the Baal Shem Tov) They are reading the very same Bible Portion as we do now – with the same melody, and their contemporary Kings also encounter these melodies. Why is this good to know? It is for people who do have a routine of self-reflection and they like to deal with some character defects in a weekly changing system and they lost their trust in astrology (because science has not proven it.)