An Example for a Kabbalist Horoscope /weeks of Bileam, 1844 and Pinhas, 1772/


The founding idea in this Kabbalist Horoscope system (which was developed by my great grandfather, a rabbi) is that we get a fantasy impact from millions of ancestors – among them we know only the kings and rebels and rabbis, who  try to help the contemporary kings to work on their character defects.back to back01

There is one possible method to highlight among them those which have a fantasy impact at the present – by knowing that the Bible Portion Melodies do change weekly /using the same melody patterns in different setups – and we can find those melodies exactly in any century in any year.  We can look at every 10 years the Kings (or rebels) who listened to these soothing melodies – while the contemporary rabbis have sang it.

There is another way to filter the chaotic data of centuries« stresses. According to Lloyd DeMause the different centuries are cyclic. The renaissance (16th century) is innovative, “brotherly” in kabbalah parlance,  then comes a reaction a depressive Paternal Baroque in the 17th century – followed by a material Mother-century which is followed by the schizoid addictive Sister/Virgo metaphor – these metaphors are from the Kabbala, a proto-psychological system. (They claimed first that a child projekts these basic Family Members over everything – the trees are my sisters, the sky is my Father, the earth is my Mother and so on. They also used this method to interpret Bilical stories.)

The same system can be used in the case of Decades. The Biblical 50 years cycles had the effect of higher proces and credit levels switching with lower prices and credit levels, which has changed the emotional state of generations.These Yovel Years (Jubilees) began in every century in 17 and 67, so the decades – if having 4 phases – contain 11/12 years.

The Brother Decades are the 20s and 70s – the Father decade is always the next one: 30/80s and the Mother metaphor is prevalent in the 40s and 90s and then come the Sister Decade in the tirn of half centuries and centuries.

The traditional star constellations (astrology, horoscopes) are character types and we use them only as psychological patterns that were used in the past (not as really emanating from stars). The melody changes do help in finding the listener Kings (or Rabbis) and we just look up someone born in that year (in each century) and we do use their astrological signs as another level of filter.

And then comes the Ancestral Family Setup of the Messianic family:

These random chaotic historical event mosaic does not produce a coherent picture. So we do need a legend to assist us. The legend of the conflict of Pharaon /the Chaos/ and Moses /the Future harmony / may help. In the Eternal End-Time the descendant of Moses, the Messiah (or Jesus in Hebrew Yeshua meaning the Saviour from death) is constantly pying attention to the different realtives of him, who are considered potential Messhiahs in each generation by his followers.

So these Rabbis (or Rebbes) are paying attention to their contemporary Kings (who are related by marriage to the „Davidic House”), or Pharaon avatars who create stress, wars and assissnations and hence block the „coming of the Messianic Era”. The Kingly families of the Habsburgs-Hohenzollerns-Bourbons-and Hanover-Windsors- Holstein-Romanovs all have common Yagelo-Zapolya (Polish-Hungarian) and Aragon-Palaiologos-Davidic ancestors.

I am also focusing on those legendary figures who were asexual (or some who may have been described as having had issues around attachment disorder, but probably  were simply asexuals.)  Partly because it is a new concept and hence interesting – but also because it (asexuality) is a prophetic ideal and my main innovation (besides the horoscope being about people who had an inherited stress diminishing impact on us) is to handle history of the world together with Jewish history.

It follows that each week The Eternal Meshiah /Jesus in non-Jewish parlance or Moses or the future Meshiah  in Jewish  narratives/ will have a different epoch with a different conflict between a Rabbi and a King, the avatar of Pharaon.


And they are looking at the Birth Chart (in the Horoscope) of those important historical figures that were born in that particular year (which we find in a random pattern in the letter of my great-uncle (whose father was a Rabbi).

And here we have another Filtering possibility – the Kabbalah claims that all Family Members are also hinting at a certain metaphoric Body Part : when the Eternal Meshiah will embody himself he will use different body parts of different messianic rabbis – choseing among them according to how with which body part did the rabbi counterbalance the mistakes of his contemporary Kingly relatives. (Like if there is a King who dispersed too much money the Rabbi has to be magnanimous in charity with his heart, so he uses his Chest /heart/ – which belongs to the Brother sphere – the centuries are here the Renaissance 1400 and 1500 years and the decades are the 20s and 70s in each century.

What we can do is only that much, that we look each week at a different disfunctional Ancestral Voice and we pay attention to that Horoscope Chart which that particular Messianic Rabbi found in a particular year (the dates and constellations change each week.)

Here I am showing an example  on the week of Bileam (June/July) – 1844


1844 end of June /the 27th/ belongs to the Brother/son layer in Kabbalah, because it was the date of assassination of Joseph Smith, the Mormon leader who first had a vision of the “son” in 1820. /The Solution, Recovery.)
: b: dec 23, 1805. Capricorn
Contemporary Messianist Rebbe: Tzemach Tzedek.
Due to the fact that basic stresses are inherited – we must look up the Mother decade from the 1700s – like 1744 (which was the time of Frederic the Great – b: jan 24, 1712 /Aquarius/ and his conflict with Empress Maria Theresa, watched over by the messianic Rebbe, the Baal Shem Tov…)
and also the Father decade /body part symbol: Ear/ in 1686 – Queen Christina’s time /b: 1618 dec 18 /Sagittarius/ and Louis XIV reigns and Messianist rabbi: Mordekhai Mokhiah (1650-1729). Queen Christina defends Jews in Rome (from running and chased naked on the streets
and the Sister decade – Problems – will be in 1916…(the Balfour declaration and King George V – june 3, 1865 Cancer – and the Rebbe is the Lubavicher Menahem Mendel Schneerson)
The Brother-Sister Quadrants /Problem and Solution/ is showing a Capricorn Cancer relationship: Capricorn gives strength loyally to the shy Cancer.
The Mother Father Quadrants /Tools and Goals/ is showing how Aquarius  and Sagittarius work together – the innovative Aquarius gets enthusiasm from Sagittarius.


One thought on “An Example for a Kabbalist Horoscope /weeks of Bileam, 1844 and Pinhas, 1772/

  1. So next week according to the melody chart we will be echoing (from the hormonal inheritance list) 1772 – when Poland was partitioned (by Russia and Austria, Maria Theresa). It is a Brother decade of sharing and innovation in the 50 years cycles.. If we look up the year it is when King Gustav III of Sweden has managed to get the throne by a coup. He was a cousin of Tzarina Catherine the Great /Russia/ and nephew of Frederic the Great. /Prussia/./Born 24 January, Sign: Aquarius. The Brother decade has the Solutions (in Kabbalah) for the demands and lacks of the Sister Decade which is in the 1800-1900s – here it belongs to 1979, Lord Mountbatten’s assassination. He was born on 28 June: in the Sign of Cancer. Between these two levels we have the Mother century and decade (with Narcissistic character issues) in the 1700s it is 1799: Napoleon’s putch of Brumaire 18. /Born: Aug 15 1867. Sign: Leo. This is the field or sphere of tools from problem to solution. And the Father shphere (the Goal-setting) is in the 1600s. Like Queen Christina of Sweden born in 1626. dc 18. Sagittarius. These Kings are the Pharaonic rulers causing wars and stress – and viewed with attention by the Messiah-awaiting rabbis of their respective times. They are using the Horoscope to find out what character defects they must influence with their healing melodies while meditating and reading the Torah (it is the week of Pinhas the zealot.) Sagittarius and Leo /Mother and Father/: A love of the good life and lots of laughter will be experienced together. Aquarius and Cancer /Brother and Sister/: Cancerians look for security and warmth from an Aquarius but their secretive nature will make them uncomfortable.
    So we will have fun – if we are able to overcome our paranoia and isolation.
    (Who may use this kind of “histro-scope”? I think anyone who accepts the premise – that not directly from the stars but indirectly through imagined ancestral leaders’ constellations /triggered by weekly melodies of Bible reading/ we may use the weekly changing horoscopes of some kingly ancestors (source: Hellinger) as psychological archetypes (source: C.G. Jung).

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