Dates of 50 years’ 4 periods

Yes. Every hundred years of authoritarianism exists:
1539: Henry the 8th cedes from the Pope.
1639: They begin to chase away the English King (Charles I)
1739. Wesley founding the anti-slavery Methodist Church persecuted by church state officials.
1839 : Blanqui the Socialist rebel leader is incarcerated.
1939 : Germans occupy Poland
(generally not centuries, but half century cycles – they come as the twenties – and seventies – are boyishly /yang/ innovative, then comes a depressive borderline paternal thirties and a maternal-materialistic forties and eighties/nineties and a reaction: the fifties/zeros and sixty/tens, a “girlish”/yin/ collapsing schizoid turnover period. ) So if we split up the 50 years into 4 segments (of 11-12-13-14 years )we may start at 17-18/67-68 and then switching at 28-29/78-79 and then again at 39-40/89-90 and 54(-55)/04(-05) ending in 67(68)-17(68).
that is why it may be said that the worst years are the 39-40 when “authoritarianism prevails” each century – and then 50 years later “anti-autoritarian” turnovers follow also each 100 years.
these are better known: 1588- Spanish Armada conquered 1688 – Glorious Revolution or Protestants- 1789 – French egalitarian revolution- 1889 – populist rebel Boulanger flees Paris – 1989 – Russian colonialism collapses.
(of course they are all just episodes in the bigger picture of liberal and illiberal psycho-classes struggles – I do have a blog about psychological- psychotic cycles based upon sources in
/we need these psychological period fantasies because we are working on a system in which the weekly religous melody changes do have an impact on similar melodies from the past – and if we deal with the ancestral imagined stress-and-peace legends in the past 500 years we have 12 periods and each have 4 levels – altogether 48 historical decades  with different music /operas because we know their dates/ – so we can arrange the appr. 50 weeks of  a year due to this set-up.)/

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