Dates of 50 years’ 4 periods

Yes. Every hundred years of authoritarianism exists:
1539: Henry the 8th cedes from the Pope.
1639: They begin to chase away the English King (Charles I)
1739. Wesley founding the anti-slavery Methodist Church persecuted by church state officials.
1839 : Blanqui the Socialist rebel leader is incarcerated.
1939 : Germans occupy Poland
(generally not centuries, but half century cycles – they come as the twenties – and seventies – are boyishly /yang/ innovative, then comes a depressive borderline paternal thirties and a maternal-materialistic forties and eighties/nineties and a reaction: the fifties/zeros and sixty/tens, a “girlish”/yin/ collapsing schizoid turnover period. ) So if we split up the 50 years into 4 segments (of 11-12-13-14 years )we may start at 17-18/67-68 and then switching at 28-29/78-79 and then again at 39-40/89-90 and 54(-55)/04(-05) ending in 67(68)-17(68).
that is why it may be said that the worst years are the 39-40 when “authoritarianism prevails” each century – and then 50 years later “anti-autoritarian” turnovers follow also each 100 years.
these are better known: 1588- Spanish Armada conquered 1688 – Glorious Revolution or Protestants- 1789 – French egalitarian revolution- 1889 – populist rebel Boulanger flees Paris – 1989 – Russian colonialism collapses.
(of course they are all just episodes in the bigger picture of liberal and illiberal psycho-classes struggles – I do have a blog about psychological- psychotic cycles based upon sources in
/we need these psychological period fantasies because we are working on a system in which the weekly religous melody changes do have an impact on similar melodies from the past – and if we deal with the ancestral imagined stress-and-peace legends in the past 500 years we have 12 periods and each have 4 levels – altogether 48 historical decades  with different music /operas because we know their dates/ – so we can arrange the appr. 50 weeks of  a year due to this set-up.)/

Decadology Cycles

Let us see the decade changes as psychological cycles in the mirror of real events (which are inherited through fantasy impact of contemporary melodies, which can be carried by the weekly changes of Torah-reding melodies – and so we do find weekly or monthly differing fantasy (legendary)  constellations which can be explaining the „horoscope effect” projected upon the stellar archetypal structures.

The 50 year long bank cycles /named by Schumpeter after Kondratyev) are changes in the amount of the sums of money which do have psychological impacts). The Biblical yovel (jubilee) years start at the end of the tenth years /17-18/ and tat he end of the Sixties (67-68).

They can be divided /traditionally, using Kabbalist names) four decades lasting 10-11-02 years.

In the Kabbalah (where the Higher power impacts us through Spheres of Feelings by generations of empathy evolution ) the First Decade is the Twenties (17-28 and 67-78 called the Brother /Son/ Years : the Twenties and Seventies of Innovations and Recovery (Source: Lloyd DeMause,

It is followed by the second era: the Thirties and Eighties /29-39/ /79- 89/ , which is called the Father Decade (new paternalist depressive repressive goals as a reaction to the innovative period.

It is followed by the Mother Decade (materialistis instinctive breakthroughs,/39-52 Forties and 89-02 Nineties/

It is followed by a meltdown-like double decade the Sister Years in the Zeros and Tens and the 50/60-s turnvers of Centuries and Half Centuries – Demands and Schizoid mayhem are characteristic. (They are doube in length because the century and half centur turnover has a deeper effect psychologically. This system does not want to claim that there are no random events independently of cycle types always – these are background unconscious group progresses and archetypical feelings that can mainly be used in teaching history and can barely be discerned in the present periods by contemporaries.)

We are able to discover in this „Decadology” system why we can see that there are recurrent nostalgies for the Tewnties in the Seventies in fashion trends and wh it is similar in the Eighties for the Thirties and in the Nineties for the Forties or in the Zeros/tens – turn of the Centuries – for the 50/0s the Half Century turnovers. These nostalgies van be seen in the length of hair of men and in the length of the skirts of women or in hat types..

Let us see the main Turnover years.

In history there are Liberal and Illiberal Cycles with 25 years main cycles. (DeMAuse) /And there the doble cycle of 50 years and that is doubled in 100 years. The Liberal Half Century is the most liberal in the years of 89/90 : there are Liberal/Materialist Revolutions at the Turnover of the paternalist Father-Decades into materialist Mother Decades. This si the end of the Eigthies and the Nineties.

Let us see them: 1588/89, 1688-89, 1789 and 1889 and 1989/90

/The Victory over Spain by England – the Anti-Catholic Glorious Revolution in England, the French Revolution and the Hungarian Independent-Army demonstrations – plus our presently paternalistic but maternally started liberal Soviet meltdown almost 25 years ago.

And what has preceded them 50 years earlier? (Again there was a turnover from Father Decade into Mother decade on the turnover of the Thirties into the Forties

1539: Henry the 8th cedes from the Pope.

1639: They begin to chase away the English King (Charles I)

1739. Wesley founding the liberalistic Methodist Church.

1839 : Blanqui the Socialist rebel leader is incarcerated.

1939 : Germans occupy Poland /These are also „materialistic breakthroughs./

And we can see the Turnover of the schizoid Sister Decade and the innovative restaurative Brother Decades in the Tens generally having serious conflicts.

1618: the Protestant English-leaning King is chased away in Tshechia and the War of 30 Years starts.

1718: The Spanish War of Inheritance restarts (as Louis XV is underage)

1818 : Napohas been conquered and his General /Bernadotte/ inherits the Swedish throne.

1918: the ending of the First World War.

Similarly decisive turning points happen at the beginning of the second Fifty Years at the end of the Sixties, (Sister Years) and beginning of the Brother Decade, the Seventies.

1668, : Louis XIV attacking Spanish Netherlands

1768 : The main responsable of the diminishing of American british taxes – which will lead to the Boston tea Party – , Lord Grafton becomes Prime Minister while anti-King rebel, Wilkes is inprisoned and 7 of his followers are murdered at a demonstration.

1867 The Appeasement between Hungary and Austria

1968 : Soviet Russian invasion in Tshechia. President De Gaulle chased away by demonstrations.

So we may see in this syste, how in history there are Liberal and Illiberal Cycles and how they are achanging.

According to this Date List it is imaginable that there will be coming a Liberal Turnover in the Twenties again (with the recurring innovative Brother Decades of the 20s /and 70s/ always starting at the ending of the chatotic Sister Decades- beginning in the years 17/18 and 67/68 again and again.


So in each week the Meshiah (called Jesus in most places) looks at his davidic ancestors  and tries to help them with singing the same weekly Biblical melodies (As we have them today changing weekly). And the Rabbis tried to influence the contemporary Pharaon (to correct their character defects) by looking at the birth charts of  important people in the year of their greatest stresses.

Thy system of Decadalogy and Horoscope in Kabbalah

There are 13 Spheres in Kabbalah which are Generations, and in each one Moshe – the Saviour is in contact with the Pharao – like the Lubavitcher Rebbe and a contemporary King.)

 The Kabbalistic Spheres are Generations/and they have Horoscope parallelism on a metaphore level/ :

  (Long Face/The Patient One) /the 1300s years

(Inner image: Atik Yomin – Old of Days) /1400s century/

Keter/ Crown 15th century

…and Hochma-Bina-daat (Wisdom-Intellect-Knowledge) Father / Sagittarius, Capricorn/ and Mother /Libra, Pisces/

16th and 17th century

and then the 4 feelings:

Hessed-Gvura =  Love and Strictness (Horoscope: Gemini and Leo))

Tiferet / Revovery/ 18th century

Hod and Necah Gratefulness (hod)like in yehodi=Jew) and Perseverance, Discipline 

(Horoscope: Aries and Taurus)

down in middle: Jessod (base- sexuality) /Aquarius/

And the last one: Malkut = Ownership 19th century (In the horoscopes the parallels may be found here: Scorpion, Cancer, Virgo)

(These are the Spheres above, I will not translate this as it can be found on google easly…of course the psychological correspondance is important : Tiferet is translated as Recovery in this version.)

 And they have Names (codes) of Family Members and Body Parts too.

a Ch-B-D Upper Three is Father and Mother 

and the upper two: granfather and Great grandfather

  the upper ones are Grandfather and Great Grandfather /Atik Yomin etc/

Then Tiferet is Brother and Malkut (Ownership) is Sister.

or: Brother/Son and Sister /Daughter

The 4 level: (and decades)

Father/Eyes /Goals

Brother/Breast /Recovery

Mother/ Ear /Insight

Sister/Back /Demand

One of Freud’s first patient was  the Lubavicher Rebbe of his age (Shalom Dovber)  so Freud has learned the Kabbalah and its fantasy on partal and grandpartal influce on our desires (the Spheres) 


 In the Zohar these Spheres are Gerations (Dor VaDor)

These are the Gerations (dor-va-dor) in kabbalah:(the Yovel Years a 50 years period in each ctury)

The first decade is the Brother (Son) – recovery, innovations in the 20s and 70s (from 017 and 067) in each century

30s and 80s Father (autoritarian-goal-setting and depressive reacting on the Innovation of the previous decade. Symbolized by the Eye

Then : The 40s and 90s – Mother (Manic- boderline) /Ear – intelligent insight/.

The Sister /schizoid/ decade: demands and new turns in the 50s and 60s (Back is the symbol) and Zeros and Tens – when schizoid meltdown is the leading pschology constellation

In each century and each decade we have a Constellation that is reviewed by the Davidic “mesianist” rabbi of that age – the Lubavitcher Rebbe and his ancestors) watching the Pharaon of the age: – the Habsburg-Bourbon-Windsor-Hohzollern-Romanoc family /also imagined as davidic descdants) who have  a Hungarian ancestress /Zápolya-Jagellon family./


They tried to help them correct their ways by showing them someone newly born and his or her astrological chart.

All decades has its music – the Kings watch operas and the melodies are the same sometimes as in the  Weekly Portion of the Bible/Torah which are read and sung by the Rebbeim.

So (as we can imagine both the stressful Pharaonic constellations and Body Part Visions and the same of the Rabbis that have a Therapeutical/Recovery effect

we can (by closing our eyes and imagining the  Chart – that has in kabbalah a hint to the Breast or the Back)(Brother and Sister)(Demand and Fulfillmet) – and we may sooth the past stresses /on a fantasy level/ of the 10s and 20s  and the other decades.