The Summary of this Concept of HistoricWeeklyMelody

I am trying to create a psychological cycle theory of history using Weekly changing religious /here:Biblical/ Melodies and their coincidences with Opera Tunes. It is based on hormonal inheritance of stress and stress-appeasing melodies (that can be dated with their ancestral settings: using Royal Assassinations and Messianist Kabbalist Rabbis visions of Body Parts coinciding in contemporary Operas and Biblical Weekly Portion Stories.) In this fantasy we look at the Biblical Jubilee 50 years cycles and their four distinct duo-decades (12 years) – each described as belonging to a psychologically dominant Family Member/Body Part (as it was used as a Code for interpreting the Bible by Kabbalists, the first psychologists using Collective Archetypes in the Freudian/Jungian mode.) Hence we get 4 different periods /1617-1629 as innovative and Brotherly sharing/symbolised by recovery pride and Chest –  then comes a depressive paternalistic reaction Father/Eye (and longterm Goals of Altruism) from 1630-1641 and then as a reaction to this, the over-nurturing smothering materialist Mother/Ear decade (instant Altruism) : 1642- 1654 and the last one is the demanding schizoid Sister/Virgo decade 1655-1667 . /The same duodecades exist in each Half Century. So the Twenties are like the Seventies- Thirties will be repeated in the Eighties, Forties are connected to Nineties and the 50-60s are the same turning point we find at Zeros and Tens. Plus the Centuries are similarly cyclic. The 1400s Renaissance  – beginning in 1367 – and finishing in 1567 – is  the Brotherly Phase and Innovations – the depressive Paternalistic borderline  as a reaction /Father Century comes in the 1600s …after which comes the material narcissism in the 1700s and the whirlpool of schizoid intrusive 1800/1900 years of Virgo/Sister demands./


So with any decade we have a double psychological symbol of attitudes. 1522 is twice innovative Brotherly for instance. Which means if we are in the Twenties of the 1500s (due to the melody list)  we must look up the same date in other centuries to get a constellation and find  Kings and their stress events born there to see what ancestral voices are trying to influence us hormonally  that week /through the melodies used that week in religions/. (Like 1620s: the childhood  philosopher  Pascal or Queen Christina of Sweden. We must use the filter of “davidic ancestors” so Pascal is out.In the 1700s – Mother century – it is the birth of Maria Theresia in 1717 that can be considered.) In the 1820s…Queen Victoria was born in 19.


They are related to each other, they are members of the same family. And in each century we have a few rabbis who are considered the Moses of the generation – whose enemy /as Pharaon/ these Kings are.


Even if we do not know exactly our ancestors, they were influenced by these legendary leaders.


We simply look up their horoscope signs – considering them just as personality features:


In 1522 the ruler was Charles V (and Francois I and Henry the VIII and pope Martin and in Hungary Zápolya – whose sister was an ancestress of all Kingly (and Davidic) families  thhough his sisters marriage to the Jagellons and their daughter marriage to the Brandenburgers and subsequent kingly marriages with Habsburgs and Bourbons and eventually Hannoverians.)

In 1519 the birth of Catherine de Medici  : Aries is her sign. In the Brotherly 1500s and Brotherly 20s.


Queen Christina was a Sagittarius, (born in the innovative Brotherly Twenties of the Paternalistic 1600s /1626/.)

Maria Theresa  was a Cancer (as a nurturing  narcissistic Mother Century member) /1717/


and  in  1825 the Emperor Pedro II (of Braganza) of Portugal and later Brazil  was born (in  Virgo/Sister cenury/ – also a Sagittarius.



My blog about it is here:

I am wondering if it would be possible to start a blog at your site about this? The basic claim is that each week we have a different DuoDecade impacting us (due to the Biblical Tunes sung by millions of religious people/Jews mostly/) and if we get conscious about the ancestral stresses that are revived by the melodies we can become more balanced (because many collective hypnotic trances are “controlled” by un-known ancestral inherited hormon imbalances.)

It sounds like a parody of Yi Ching or Horoscopes but all the premises (the four cycles and the infantile projections /Family Members and Body Parts/ and the inherited hormones and music’s soothing effect – all are proven in some independent scientific research.

I am only doing this mixture of these theories because working as a Bible-reader Cantor I have “discovered” the non-religious melody coincidences and the possibility to date them.