Histro-Scope List of Ancestral Traumatic Archetypes and parallel therapy melody list


1439. Conflict, death: Habsburg Albert,  Melody:GABAB : Music: Oswald von Wolkenstein:Ach senliches Leiden  /1371-1445/

Messianic Rabbi: Rabbi Albo (dispute with the Christians)


1484. Pedro Arbues, Hunyadi,   GFED . .Josquin des Prez /1455-1521/

Messianic Rabbi: Yudah Abarbanel

kos aries

1529. VIII. Henrik, Wolsey, King Szapolyai,

Young messianic rabbi: Prague Maharal (RAbbi Yehuda Löw)

katzen ohr halb

Music:  BB AA GFE  in:Palestrina /1525-1594/

1574. Elisabeth Báthory, Prince Alba Louis of  Oranien, Son of King Szapolyai

Messianic Rabbi (young): Yehoshuah Horwitz (later: Sultan’s captive)

pápua smink

Melody: BAGAD / Orlando Lasso : Fleur de 15 ans  BED 1532-1594  és /Gesualdo: Ecce 1566-1613  BEA/

1619. Mrs.Palatine, Wesselényiné, Szécsi Mária, Hommonnay Drugeth Bálint against Prince Bethlen .The Vezier is  killed.

Messianic RAbbi (still young) : Israel ben Menashe (letter to Cromwell and Queen Christina)

Loren décolleté w Brando

BAGAD  . Monteverdi : Gratia /1567-1643/

1664. Zrínyi dead, Wesselényi’s plans of assassinations.

DBA Melody like: Davenny’s Goat

Henry Purcell

Messianic Rabbi (young) : Mordekhai Mokhiah (a follower of Shabtai Zvi)

gyuri áll tehénnel 13


1709. Rákóczy-Ocskay duel,

Bach: Was Gott tut es ist-wohl getan, BED  1685-1750

Hasid Rebbe: Baal Shem Tov



1754. Friedrich II. Maria theresia. Batthyanyi the Palatine quadrupling the rebels.



Lubavitcher Rebbe (young): Shneur Zalman

neoncikok 15 aug

1799.   Napóleon,  Son of Marquis de Puységur marries the great-grandson of Bercsényi,.

Beethoven:   GFED  Ninth Symphonie  1770-1827

Lubavitcher Rebbe (still young): Tzemach Tzedek


1844. Plan of assassination against Hungary’s future Governor Kossuth.

Brahms 1833-1897 BAGAB:

Lubavitcher Rebbe: Shmuel (ordering golden table and chair)


1889. Habsburg Rudolf dies.

Grieg: Psalmen,Op. 74. BAGAB 1843-1907

Young Lubavitcher Rebbe: Yosef Yitzhak  (taking his father to Freud)


Jeanne_dArc William Etty

1934. Alexander , King of Serbia killed. Davidic descendant: Joseph Heller (later wrting the Catch 22.) BAGAB , BArtók Mikrocosmos Vo. I. 5th piece

Young Lubavitcher Rebe: Rabbi Schneersohn. (Studies in Paris: Bergson)



Lord Mountbatten killed BDA Charlie Darling in: Jagger: This Could Be the Last Time.

 Messianic Rabbi: Rabbi Schneersohn, the Lubavicher Rebbe

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