What IS Historic Weekly Melody Therapy and the Progressive-Conservative 22 Year Kabbalah Cycles?

/Condemnaholism, anger addiction, or temper tantrums tend to be hormonally  inheritable in families.They are  paralleling parenting deficit related paranoid gender identity chaos  issues./ But we think we cannot do anything about it. Even if we accept that listening to ancestral-stress-contemporary music may indeed change our inherited ancestral hormonal set-up, the question remains, how do we calculate the exact music piece?

A few months ago I found a manuscript of a drama, in which the Mashiah who is ressurected as a mind or brain program, needing a body to appear on Earth, is using this List to find  his relatives in European King’s families (who stem from the David House too /AND speak Hebrew too/) and their contemporary rabbis are watching the Resurrected Kings playing stress-contemporay operas. In it they find Body Parts which they may then use on Earth, that correspond to the Bible-Portion’s Body Part Code which is a Kabbalistic tool of interpretation.  Psychologists try to help us to disengage from our false ego – and help us to create an alterego, that is more acceptable.   It is important to mention that there is a theory /from Tchizhevsky originally but found today at Gorbanev/   (http://gorbanev.com/)   claiming that each Maternal-Materialist Cycle Date -like 1789,1848 etc is Left-Wing,Liberal, in a Sharing Mentality ,hence positively progressive /indirectly signaling progress for Equality/ and then each 22 years after that,the Paternal Year, which is strict,Right-Wing, Restrictive and non-empatic: Anti Equality legislation is more typical:1799, 1867.     The List was described by my  great-grandparents circle  and the Proust-fan writer Antal Szerb, whose widow , a relative, told me about this tradition stemming from the Rabbi brothers, Ármin and Lipót Kecskeméti  – they have created it in the Twenties /but I met their adepts in the 80s/ : we play here with Past Ancestral alteregos /and Future descendants too/. here are the Szerb papers collctd by Dixi A Main Cycle Year (when price minima dictate paternalistic conflicts and stresses are minimized) is always having as a Brother Decade (a metaphor as a hint at recovery and autonomous innovation decade /Llyod deMAuse/) some Sister Decade (with demands and schizo-paranoid conflicts) and Mother Decade (with maximal stress and manic narcissistic defenses against autonomy) and a Father Decade (as a goal of balance and depressive restrictive defenses against offspring autonomy) with corresponding Body Parts.(Breast, Back, Eye, Ear,). In all other Kabbalah (and Sufi) systems it is a basic technique that they use family member-body-part expressions when interpreting the Bible ot the Quran.  How do they look into the Future? It is evident for them that the Age of Love – the Mashiah or the Mahdi- will arrive and ressurection will happen first to Kings and earlier Mashiah candidates and they will be healed by Biblical Music contained in Stress-contemporary Opera scene melodies. So they are able to find a future date (jumping the Biblical jubilees, 45-50 ys forward as much times as they want) and due to the fix dates of Bible Weekly Portions in the future (and in the Past) they do see the specific Princes having messianic pretensions due to alleged davidic ancestors) and contemporary davidic Rabbis (many times in their childhood) as they are following the therapy precepts of the Mashiah (and their concrete stresses are healed by chosing critical Body Parts in their real past life stories and Opera scenes where those Body Parts are present. Also, the Bible Portions texts with the Kabbalah-coded Body Parts are used. (Jung called this method “amplificaion” because we use this focusing projection technique around mythological – historical figures and identifying with their healing we are also healing -partly due to the hormonal inheritability of ancestrall stress.) This age-old therapy method is especially useful for people who have compulsive fantasies arround unsatisfying or unwanted dysfunctional relationshiops (and body part compulsive fantasies are healed by it too). Naturally it is superficially similar to the Christian and Mormon idea of the Messiah (“Christ” in Greek) healing everyone – and our ancestors – in Purgatory. We could add Muslim melodies – because at present their stressful inner situation could also be healed with such a method. (Naturally no Fundamentalists wd come to such a site where we try to “play” – for raising peaceful cooperation –  with religious music.)  We all like movies when historic events are shown and contemporary music heard. But we tend to forget that we are inheriting past traumas. We may know that Henry Tudor or Napoleon were – through others if not directly – connected to our ancestors and we may thus have a sharp temper ourselves. Napoleon

I do know that Renaissance poet Valentine Balassa was related to some of my ancestors and he died at the battle of Esztergom (against Turks) in 1594 where Claudio Monteverdi was the choirmaster of the Gonzaga army music band. But which Monteverdi should we choose to neutralize the grief-embedded stress hormones of that era? The answer is simple: in all ages there were heretic groups -who were mostly using gender-related innovations, remember Jeanne d’Arc and millions of “witches” who refused feminine garb and chose martyrdom instead -who followed the standard Bible-text. That has a weekly changing melody system and we must just look up what was the statistically dominant melody /among the existing 12 Bible melodies/. In Monteverdi’s “Gratia” /see on youtube/ we find one special heretic melody contained: so THIS is the one we must listen to at those weeks when THAT melody was sung at the time of a major conflict. / 220px-Claudio_Monteverdi /Claudio Monteverdi)

The hormonally inherited past stresses and conflicts could be searched on the Wiki randomly but I am using the theory that claims that the less conflict-full years are in each 50  years distance.


So we do have 12 melodies which may be invoking 48 different conflicts in the past 500 years. I am here now posting the dates, the melodies and the classical /and popular or even folk/ musics, containing them. And then each week I will tell the interested users – if there will be any – the exact weekly melody . For an example let us say  we happen to find ourselves in 1934, (27 October, when a second cousin great-grand-uncle of mine, using Hitler’s money organized the killing by terrorists of King Alexander                                                                                                                                                                                                                               /an old friend of the late writer Proust/ of Serbia in Marseille, images 34 Alexander of serbia (King Alexander of Serbia) 416979_354135557944305_1159363119_n Proust                                                                                                                               (Marcel Proust)


At that week, heretics just have newly begun the first weekly portion. The majority melody was BAGAB and it is contained in this Bartók Mikocosmos Volume I – exactly the fifth part at 1:58. (Hungarian summary: at http://arikleinklein.wordpress.com/2013/09/28/hormonalis-oroklodesrol-szolo-cikkek/ By the way each 44/45 year-cycle is called “Brother” – or Son – Year and it corresponds to “family member” Years or Decades  – we need them only because we all have milions of ancestors and this is a convenient filtter /as sunspots probably do have a hormonal effect, and music also/. The Four Family Members /Father, Mother, Brother and Sister/ are the Decrease, the Maximal,the Minimal and the Increase Years in Price Level-Numbers and in intensity of Will or Demands. Maximal Years are generally parallel to liberal breakthroughs /1789, 1830,1848/ and Minimal Years are parallel to conservative decisions /1799, 1867, 1914/.   And they are are also hints to certain Body Parts /projective structures in infants: Eye, Ear,  Chest and Rear/ and they do have  a psychological aspect each: Goal /Father-Eye/, Intellect /Mother-Ear and deficit /Sister-Back. (While Brother belongs to the sphere of Recovery and it invokes visually the Chest or Breast. Logically this is the most important as our Outcome or Hope.) Some claim that in every present situation we are in relation with a number of body parts and the majority number decides which Past Ancestral Stress Hormone we must deal with unconsciously. Many heretic groups stress the improtance of back-to-back sitting for men, sometimes for hours each day: because same-sex body-contact  /during study without eroticism/ is healing for the Father Deficit syndrome of the Inner Child (who can not deal with sexuality as yet).


Eye /Fathering Year/ Goal : increasing prices = conservative  solutions




Ear /Mothering year/ Intellect: Maximal Prices = liberal solutions dog eye Chest /Breast /Brother- Son Year/ Recovery  Minimal Prices /Autocratic solutions/ Josephine Back /Sister year/ Deficit, Craving -Decreasing Prices = increase in tension


And naturally, these  Progressive + Conservative  Crisis Dates may lead us into the Future, where we may find the same Weekly Therapy Melodies in (for instance) the Star Trek Clubs of the 2100-2200s years.     artemis-bridge-simulator They are singing the same old legends with Therapy Melodies: spies 1792 And we have the right (some say,the duty) to imaghine them with ressurected Princes getting Touch and Melody Therapy from the Anointed One (because the consequent decrease of aggression through generations is a statistical fact /in spite of the present always seeming sunk in an exceptional devolution/ and so the Empire of Love and Kindness – allowing a real Mashiah/Mahdi – will surely arrive.

My only problem is that I do not know where I can ind the weekly melodies of Koran (to use this method by including those coming from a Muslim background and so try to create a co-operation between the three Abrahamic religions.

History visualized in graphs

Horizontal History

The List of the 12 Stress-Contemporary Operas with the Body Parts



“Boccaccio,” or the “Prince of Palermo,” a comic opera in three acts with music by Franz von Suppé and text by Zell and Genée, was first produced at the Carl Theatre, Vienna, Feb. 1, 1879.


Boccaccio, a novelist and poet. Leonetto, his student friend. Pietro, Prince of Palermo. Lotteringhi, a cooper. Lambertucci, a grocer. Scalza, a barber. Fiammetta, Lambertucci adopted daughter. Beatrice, Scalzi’s daughter. Isabella, Lotteringhi’s wife. Peronella, Lambertucci sister. Checco, a beggar. Fratelli, a bookseller. Fresco, the cooper’s apprentice. The unknown. Florentine students, journeymen, girls, beggars, servants.

Bocaccio hides in a barrel. His Legs can be seen.

(This is the Age of Jeanne  de Naples)



Troilus and Cressida is the first of the two operas by William Walton. The libretto was by Christopher Hassall, his own first opera libretto, based on Geoffrey Chaucer‘s poem Troilus and Criseyde.[1] Walton dedicated the score to his wife, Susana. Covent Garden, 1954. Sir AMlcolm Sargent.R:George Devine.

Cressida, Trojan priestess, daughter of Calkas

Troilus, Prince of Troy, son of King Priam

Calkas, high priest of Pallas Athene, father to Cressida

Antenor, Trojan captain

Evadne, servant to Cressida

Pandarus, brother to Calkas

Horaste, friend to Pandaras

Diomede, Greek prince of Argos

Cressida gives  a Red Scarf first to Troilus then to oprressor Diomede and everyone is killed.

Casimir Jagello  the father-in law Polish King of  Hungarian Ancestress Barbara Zapola.


Jeanne D’Arc and Albert of Habsburg against the Hussites.


Description by Donato Mancini  [-]

Ezra Pound threw himself into the composition of his first opera, Le Testament de Villon, with the gusto only a wildly self-assured amateur could have. The wonderful results transcend its uncertain beginnings. Anyone with a developed taste for the absurd is bound to adore Le Testament. The libretto is mostly made up of poems and fragments by François Villon, a fifteenth century French poet exiled from Paris on suspicion of murder. The rest is in a fake ghetto dialect Pound invented: “Wot the hell are you doin’ Frankie?/Ah, Geez! I’m makin’ my will!” Inappropriate as the contrast of languages seems, it illustrates one of the main themes of the opera: the isolation of the great. When François/Frankie speaks in dialect, he’s lowering himself in order to be understood. Yet the truth is, Villon spent countless hours in the seediest parts of renaissance Paris. The plot of Le Testament appropriately takes place mostly in a tavern neighboring a brothel and the cathedral of St-Julien-le-Pauvre. Drinking and carousing surround a sober Villon while he scratches away at his will (“testament”) among figures such La Hëaulmiere (an aged ex-prostitute), his mom, Bozo the brothel keeper, anonymous drunks, and a lusty priest. It ends with the whole gang swinging on the gallows singing a chordal, farewell motet. If, as Virgil Thomson said, it’s “not quite musician’s music,” Le Testament is all the better for it. Highlights include the harsh lament for lost youth by La Hëaulmiere and the choral drinking song “Pere Noé,” celebrating Noah and other biblical drunks. Throughout the one-hour opera, the vocal lines are hard-edged declamations with occasional (accidental?) melodious passages. They are unpredictable, long-winded, and full of jolting, freakish rhythmic emphases, one section pouring into the next without any repetition. The instrumentation is for 17 instruments, but recordings have included up to 30 instruments, or only two — cello, nose flute, and percussion are among the constants. Usually only one or two instruments at a time will accompany the singer, or choir, but sometimes there is a homorhythmic chord-block of instruments making the atmosphere otherworldly and dark, such as in his mom’s aria “Dame du ciel.” The infamous rhythmic complexities of Le Testament are more from George Antheil‘s self-serving transcription than from Pound‘s mind, but Antheil‘s faux polyrhythms and constant metrical changes between time signatures such as 17/32 and 27/16 help carry Le Testament toward the Dada Olympus where it resides.

1484  Torquemada, Isabella,Arbues

The Hunchbackof the Notre Dame

  • Quasimodo is the bell-ringer of Notre Dame and a barely verbal hunchback. Ringing the church bells has made him deaf. Abandoned as a baby, he was adopted by Claude Frollo. Quasimodo’s life within the confines of the cathedral and his only two outlets — ringing the bells and his love and devotion for Frollo — are described. He ventures outside the Cathedral rarely, since people despise and shun him for his appearance. The notable occasions when he does leave are his taking part in the Festival of Fools — during which he is elected the Pope of Fools due to his perfect hideousness — and his subsequent attempt to kidnap Esmeralda, his rescue of Esmeralda from the gallows, his attempt to bring Phoebus to Esmeralda, and his final abandonment of the cathedral at the end of the novel. It is revealed in the story that the baby Quasimodo was left by the Gypsies in place of Esmeralda, whom they abducted.
  • Esmeralda (born Agnes) is a beautiful young gypsy street dancer who is naturally compassionate and kind. She is the center of the human drama within the story. A popular focus of the citizens’ attentions, she experiences their changeable attitudes, being first adored as an entertainer, then hated as a witch, before being lauded again for her dramatic rescue by Quasimodo. When the King finally decides to put her to death, he does so in the belief that the Parisian mob wants her dead. She is loved by both Quasimodo and Claude Frollo, but falls deeply in love with Captain Phoebus, a handsome soldier who she believes will rightly protect her but who simply wants to seduce her. She is one of the few characters to show the Quasimodo a moment of human kindness, as shown when she gives him water after the hunchback’s flogging.
  • Claude Frollo, the novel’s main antagonist, is the Archdeacon of Notre Dame. His dour attitude and his alchemical experiments have alienated him from the Parisians, who believe him a sorcerer. His parents having died of plague when he was a young man, he is without family save for Quasimodo, for whom he cares, and his spoiled brother Jehan, whom he attempts to reform towards a better life. Frollo’s numerous sins include lechery, failed alchemy and other listed vices. His mad attraction to Esmeralda sets off a chain of events, including her attempted abduction and Frollo almost murdering Phoebus in a jealous rage, leading to Esmeralda’s execution.
  • Jehan Frollo is Claude Frollo’s over-indulged younger brother. He is a troublemaker and a student at the university. He is dependent on his brother for money, which he then proceeds to squander on alcohol. Quasimodo kills him during the attack on the cathedral. He briefly enters the cathedral by ascending one of the towers with a borrowed ladder, but Quasimodo sees him and throws him down to his death.
  • Phoebus de Chateaupers is the Captain of the King’s Archers. After he saves Esmeralda from abduction, she becomes infatuated with him, and he is intrigued by her. Already betrothed to the beautiful but spiteful Fleur-de-Lys, he wants to lie with Esmeralda nonetheless but is prevented when Frollo stabs him. Phoebus survives but Esmeralda is taken to be the attempted assassin by all, including Phoebus himself.
  • Fleur-de-Lys de Gondelaurier is a beautiful and wealthy socialite engaged to Phoebus. Phoebus’s attentions to Esmeralda make her insecure and jealous, and she and her friends respond by treating Esmeralda with contempt and spite. Fleur-de-Lys later neglects to inform Phoebus that Esmeralda has not been executed, which serves to deprive the pair of any further contact—though as Phoebus no longer loves Esmeralda by this time, this does not matter. The novel ends with their wedding.
  • Pierre Gringoire, the novel’s protagonist, is a struggling poet. He mistakenly finds his way into the “Court of Miracles“, the domain of the Truands. In order to preserve the secrecy, Gringoire must either be killed by hanging, or marry a Gypsy. Although Esmeralda does not love him, and in fact believes him a coward rather than a true man — unlike Phoebus, he failed in his attempt to rescue her from Quasimodo — she takes pity on his plight and marries him. But, because she is already in love with Phoebus, much to his disappointment, she will not let him touch her.
  • Sister Gudule, formerly named Paquette la Chantefleurie, is an anchoress, who lives in seclusion in an exposed cell in central Paris. She is tormented by the loss of her daughter Agnes, whom she believes to have been cannibalised by Gypsies as a baby, and devotes her life to mourning her. Her long-lost daughter turns out to be Esmeralda.
  • Louis XI is the King of France. Appears briefly when he is brought the news of the rioting at Notre Dame. He orders his guard to kill the rioters, and also the “witch” Esmeralda.
  • Tristan l’Hermite is a friend of King Louis XI. He leads the band that goes to capture Esmeralda.
  • Henriet Cousin is the city executioner, who hangs Esmeralda.
  • Florian Barbedienne is the judge who sentences Quasimodo to be tortured. He is also deaf.
  • Jacques Charmolue is Frollo’s friend in charge of torturing prisoners. He gets Esmeralda to falsely confess to killing Phoebus. He then has her imprisoned.
  • Clopin Trouillefou is the King of Truands. He rallies the Court of Miracles to rescue Esmeralda from Notre Dame after the idea is suggested by Gringoire. He is eventually killed during the attack by the King’s soldiers.
  • Pierrat Torterue is the torturer who tortures Esmeralda after her interrogation. He hurts Esmeralda so badly she falsely confesses, sealing her own fate. He was also the official who administered the savage flogging awarded to Quasimodo by Barbedienne.


Gaetano Donizetti Anna Bolena

Opera seria in two acts.
Libretto by Felice Romani, based on Ippolito Pindemonte’s Enrico VIII (a translation of a play of the same name by Marie-Joseph de Chénier) and Alessandro Pepoli’s Anna Bolena.
First performed in the Teatro Carcano, Milan, on 26 December 1830

Act 1
In a hall in Windsor Castle, courtiers gossip about the possible reason why the king, Henry VIII, is delaying visiting his queen, Anne Boleyn.  Jane Seymour, one of Anne’s ladies-in-waiting, arrives and expresses her concern at having been responsible for Henry’s lack of interest in Anne, since he now loves her instead.  Anne herself enters with her retinue and asks Smeaton, a favourite musician who is himself in love with Anne, to entertain them with one of his songs.  Smeaton sings about the queen’s pale appearance, and about his guess that she is remembering some former love.  Anne interrupts the song and reflects on how empty her glamorous life has become – she calls for Jane and tells her to beware of the illusion of happiness that the throne offers.  Anne leaves to go to her own rooms and the others disperse, leaving Jane alone.  She is concerned that Anne might have found out about Henry and herself, and when Henry arrives, her obvious discomfort at his presence annoys him.  His suspicions deepen when Jane tells him that this might be their final meeting, and he responds by telling her that soon she will not have a rival at all.  Jane insists that it is her own sense of honour that is driving her to end their relationship, and Henry accuses her of being in love with the throne rather than with him, adding a hint that this was precisely the problem with Anne.  Jane insists that she does not want to be the cause of Anne’s unhappiness and despite Henry’s reassurances, Jane still has misgivings.

In the royal park at Windsor, Anne’s brother, Lord Rochefort encounters Lord Richard Percy, who was in love with Anne but had gone into exile in order not to aggravate her marriage to the king.  Percy has returned from exile in order to petition Henry to reinstate him at court.  He asks Rochefort if the rumours that Henry has lost interest in Anne are true, and Rochefort confirms that this is indeed the case.  The royal hunting party approaches and the prospect of seeing Anne again makes Percy realise that he is still in love with her.  The king and his huntsmen enter and he expresses his surprise at seeing Anne out and about; she replies that she has only come in order to see him, and he responds that she has been much on his mind.  Percy tries to kiss the king’s hand, but Henry refuses to let him, remembering that Percy’s death sentence was only commuted to exile because of Anne’s pleading.  Anne privately recalls Percy’s tears of gratitude on her hand, and Henry orders a courtier, Hervey, to keep a close watch on both Anne and Percy.  Percy tells Rochefort how much the thought of Anne has comforted him in his exile, but Rochefort warns him to take care.  Henry insists that Percy must be in close attendance on him at court, and everyone but Henry sings about an auspicious day which has begun with such an act of forgiveness.

In the castle, Smeaton enters the queen’s apartments unobserved to return a portrait of her which he had taken: he pours out his love for her, comparing the freedom with which he can declare it to the portrait with the silence he must maintain to keep his love a secret from Anne.  He hears someone coming and hides behind a curtain.  Anne comes in, with her brother; Rochefort asks her to meet with Percy and Anne agrees, but only if Rochefort stands guard outside the room.  Percy enters and Anne confesses to him that the crown she so coveted has turned out to be a crown of thorns and that she had been wrong to reject his love.  Percy declares that he still loves her and when she tells him that the king has come to hate her, this inflames Percy’s love, but Anne advises him never to speak openly of his feelings towards her, and she even tells him to get out of England while he can – and although Percy insists on staying, Anne too is adamant.  Percy draws his sword with the intention of killing himself and Smeaton, alarmed for Anne’s life, leaps from his hiding place with his own sword drawn.  Anne faints and her brother rushes in to warn her that the king is coming.  Henry arrives, sees Percy and Smeaton with their swords drawn, and calls the guards.  Anne has revived, and Henry is presented with the sight of his wife alone with her former lover, one of her closest retinue and her brother: Smeaton realises how it must look and decides to sacrifice himself in an attempt to save Anne.  He rips open his doublet in order to bare his chest for execution, but Anne’s portrait falls to the ground and Henry regards this as confirming his suspicions about Anne’s infidelity.  He orders her to leave and as Rochefort, Percy and Smeaton all sing of their regrets about the situation they have put her in, Henry orders that they should each be put in a separate prison.  Anne asks Henry to listen to her, but Henry tells her abruptly that she must save her explanation for the judge: Anne realises that she cannot survive.


Palestrina is an opera by the German composer Hans Pfitzner, first performed in 1917. The composer referred to it as a Musikalische Legende (musical legend), and wrote the libretto himself, based on a legend about the Renaissance musician Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, who saves the art of contrapuntal music (polyphony) for the Church in the sixteenth century, through his composition of the Missa Papae Marcelli. The wider context is that of the European Reformation and the role of music in relation to it. The character of Cardinal Borromeo is depicted, and a General Congress of the Council of Trent is the centrepiece of Act II.

The conductor of the premiere was Bruno Walter.

1619   Louis of Oranien killed. Elisabeth Bathory ancestress.

Monteverdi Orfeo 1607

Act 2

Orfeo returns with the main chorus, and sings with them of the beauties of nature. Orfeo then muses on his former unhappiness, but proclaims: “After grief one is more content, after pain one is happier”. The mood of contentment is abruptly ended when La messaggera enters, bringing the news that, while gathering flowers, Euridice has received a fatal snakebite. The chorus expresses its anguish: “Ah, bitter happening, ah, impious and cruel fate!”, while the Messaggera castigates herself as the bearing of bad tidings (“For ever I will flee, and in a lonely cavern lead a life in keeping with my sorrow”). Orfeo, after venting his grief and incredulity (“Thou art dead, my life, and I am breathing?”), declares his intention to descend into the Underworld and persuade its ruler to allow Euridice to return to life. Otherwise, he says, “I shall remain with thee in the company of death”. He departs, and the chorus resumes its lament.

1664   XIV.Louis

Henry Purcell: Dido and Aeneas

Act 1

Dido’s court

The opera opens with Dido in her court with her attendants. Belinda is trying to cheer up Dido, but Dido is full of sorrow, saying ‘Peace and I are strangers grown’. Belinda believes the source of this grief to be the Trojan Aeneas, and suggests that Carthage’s troubles could be resolved by a marriage between the two. Dido and Belinda talk for a time—Dido fears that her love will make her a weak monarch, but Belinda and the Second Woman reassure her that “The hero loves as well.” Aeneas enters the court, and is at first received coldly by Dido, but she eventually accepts his proposal of marriage.

1709  Agrippina

Admeto , Haendel 1727

Living in a nearby wood, disguised as shepherds, are Princess Antigona of Troy (which was burnt to the ground by Hercules) and her tutor Merapse. King Admetus had been betrothed to marry Antigona, but jilted her in favour of Alceste. This rejection of her is the reason, Antigona believes, why he is being punished with a mortal illness. She sends Merapse to the palace, instructing him to pretend that he is her father.


Admeto, King of Thessaly, is mortally ill. His brother Trasimede is reported to be sighing over the portrait of a woman (Antigona). When Admeto’s wife Alceste prays to Apollo for his recovery, she is answered by a voice from the statue of the god: Admeto can only be saved if someone consents to die in his place. Alceste prepares to sacrifice herself for her husband.

Antigona, a Trojan princess, who was once betrothed to Admeto (sight unseen) and her companion Meraspe prepare to go to the palace, disguised as a shepherdess and shepherd.

Alceste kills herself and her husband recovers his health to find his wife dead. He begs Ercole (Hercules) to rescue her from Hades. Meanwhile Antigona, who has heard the news and hopes to marry Admeto, meets Trasimede, who recognises her, but she insists she is only a shepherdess. He engages her and Meraspe as gardeners.


jesus spaceships

Puységur and Napoleon


Two years prior to the opening scene, the nobleman Florestan has exposed or attempted to expose certain crimes of the nobleman Pizarro. In revenge, Pizarro has secretly imprisoned Florestan in the prison over which Pizarro is governor.

The jailer of the prison, Rocco, has a daughter, Marzelline, and a servant (or assistant), Jaquino. Florestan’s wife, Leonore, came to Rocco’s door dressed as a boy seeking employment, and Rocco hired her.

On orders, Rocco has been giving Florestan diminishing rations until he is nearly starved to death.

1844  Kossuth, John Smith

Verdi: Hernani (Charles V. in disguise)

The bandits demand the reason for Ernani’s gloom (Chorus: Evviva! Beviam! Beviam! / “To you we drink”; Ernani pensoso! / “Ernani, so gloomy? Why, oh strong one, does care sit on your brow?”). Ernani replies that he loves Elvira (Recitative: “Thanks, dear friends”; Cavatina: Come rugiada al cespite / “As the flower turns to the sun”), who is about to be married against her will to old Gomez de Silva (O tu che l’alma adora). He asks the bandits to abduct her.


Rudolf of Habsburg

Verdi: Othello

Red scarf

Iago proposes a toast to Otello and his wife, while Cassio praises Desdemona (Iago, Cassio, Chorus, Roderigo: Roderigo, beviam! / “Roderigo, let’s drink!”). Iago offers Cassio more wine, but Cassio says he has had enough. Iago pressures him and offers a toast to Otello and Desdemona. Cassio gives in. Iago sings a drinking song and continues to pour Cassio wine (Iago, Cassio, Roderigo, chorus: Inaffia l’ugola! / “Wet your throat”).

Montano enters and calls for Cassio to begin his watch; he is surprised to find Cassio drunk and barely able to stand upright. Iago lies to Montano, telling him that this is how Cassio spends every evening. Roderigo laughs at Cassio’s drunkenness and Cassio attacks him. Montano tells Cassio to calm down, but Cassio draws his sword and threatens to crack open Montano’s head. (Montano, Cassio, Iago, Roderigo, chorus: Capitano, v’attende la fazione ai baluardi / “Captain, the guard awaits you on the ramparts”.) Cassio and Montano begin to duel, and Iago sends Roderigo to call the alarm. Montano is wounded and the fight is stopped only by the appearance of Otello.


Alexander, King of Serbia


Act 3

Scene 1: In Lulu’s luxurious house in Paris

A grand party is taking place at Lulu’s house in Paris. The magnificent performance of Jungfrau Railway shares, in which most of the guests at the party have put all their money, is the main topic of discussion. Lulu is being blackmailed by the Marquis who wants to sell her to a Cairo brothel. She is still wanted for Dr. Schön’s murder in Germany and the Marquis threatens to turn her in if she does not meet his demands. The Acrobat is also blackmailing her. When Schigolch arrives, asking for money, Lulu collapses in despair. They agree to lure the Acrobat to a hotel where Schigolch will murder him. Lulu then convinces the Countess to lure the Acrobat there. Lulu goes off to prepare her escape, as the police are on the way. News arrives that the railway shares have crashed. Everyone is ruined. The party quickly breaks up. Lulu has changed clothes with a young waiter and leaves, dragging Alwa behind her. The police arrive to recapture her and mistake the waiter for Lulu, giving her time to escape.

List of Body Parts in the Bible Order


The idea that a decade corresponds to the Body Parts (=which stem from textual statistics=) leads to the idea that body part contacts (seemingly happening randomly) may be the consequence of inner hormonal structures.

  1. Brother Year, recovery. Beresith. (Chest, Breast) breast-baby-beach-sProust’s friend, Serbian King Alexander is killed .)

1862   Father/Eye/ gyuri vtehénfülbe 13: Lumiere born   Noah

1799 Brother, recovery (Chest).chest male

Napoleon Lech Lehah portion

Mother-Decade (Ear) / 1664/: 1646  Vaera  

Massachussets rebel child law.Prison for sleeping in temple.

  1. Brother-Decade. (Chest)  Zrínyi dead,

Hayay Sarah : .

1882 (1889 Sister-Back)  back-male be-used-a Tesla, Edison, Suez, Jumbo Toldot

Father (Eye)   katzen ohr halbYears /1619 1585: III Henry 1592      Vayetzeh IV Henry (FR) turns catholic

1596 Mother Ear  Years begin/1619: Prince Báthory (Sigismond) loses a battle

Mother Ear Decade/1619 middle year :1601  Vajislach    Essex   rebellion .

cat earcat s back

Sister Back Decade/1619 – 1612: Vajeshev      Prince Gabriel Báthory Hated by Nobles

1727    Goals, Father (eye) Middle Years of Decade/1754.  Mikaytz II.George king – Heandel. Dead:Newton.III.20.


1736  = Mother Ear/1754 Vayigash Ben Franklin founding a Fire Brigade 7.  dec.  Leszczinsky abdicates from Polish kingdom /Louis XV.’s son in law/

Sister-Back/1754     1747  Vayehee   Mary Theresia attacked by Frederick the Second of Prussia..

Sister-Back /middle Year/1664:   1657  Semot    Cromwell Haters: leveller rebels   Krisztina Queen lets kill her lover, Monaldeschi.

1871 (Mother-Ear/1889)     (Vaera     Commune

1641 (Mother-Ear/1664) Bo: Charles the First flees from London.

Mother-Ear/1646  Beshalah  

Mazarin named instructor of the King. .

1889 Recovery, Brother-Decade, Chest. pápua smink

Habsburg Rudolf dead.1889.Yitro portion. .



Mishpatim   . Joseph the Second and Pope Pius the Fifth discuss the closing of hermitages.

1821:/Mother Years – Ear – begin/1844/ : The Regent . George the Fourth will be king Napoleon dead.


1833 Sister-Back/1844: /33/Ottó (Wittelsbach) will be king

1837 / Tecave    Future Anti-Habsburg Governor of Hungary Kossuth inprisoned.

1810 Father-Eye/1844: Napoleon marrying Mary Louise. fulplasztika_6

San Martin  through the Andes with an army. 1817  Ki tisah

Brother Year, recovery, Chest. chest masked monroe1754 A Rákóczi-relative Batthányi Palatine quadruples posthumus loyalists of Prince Rákóczi.


Vayikrah.  1682    Piotr is the Tzar  V.7.(Rebel bodyguards) Prince Thököly: Kassa (Kosice).   Marries Helena Zrinyi – 16 June 16. Louis: Versailles-ba.

Mother-Ear :1691.  Tzáv

 .N.Y. rebel Jacov Leisler.   V.6.Majorca: xietas (Jew) burned.

Leszczinsky addicates again from being a Polish king.

Sister-Back  walter-pfeiffer-homotography-28 4 knives/1709: 1702:  Shemini   Anna Queen I



Brother Year. Chest.Eugène_Delacroix_-_La_liberté_guidant_le_peuple

Lord Mountbatten blown up by Lybian.




  1. Brother. Chest. Báthory Elisabeth is young Metzora


  1. Brother. Chest. A Hussite leader, Spitko de Melszczin is attacked in a letter of Jeanne D’Arc

Aharé Mot  –Kedosim –.   


/1394- rational Motherly filter, an Ear/: 1376.  Behar-Behukotay   

 dog eyeultrawrestler4__yellow rfskn







1394-  Sister (Back) egoistic demands/ : 1387  Bamidbár 


Father-eye/1529:    1502     Nassoh Izabella and Ferdinand married. Columbus last journey: Honduras.




Mother-Ear/1529:   1511:   Behaalotecha     Jagello Sigismond marrying Szapolyai Borbála. (Henry VIII. married to Catherine of Aragon, future mother of Mary of Tudor /b 1516- d. 1558/.


Sister-Back/1529: 1522: 15  of April Shalah Louis II of Yagello marrying Mary of Habsburg Máriát.


 dog eyeguyhalfbutt and sea_250

Mother-Ear /1934

1916 Struggle for the Balfour-Declaration (jewish National Home).  Hukat Father-eye/1934

1907 Sister, Back: Tbilisi bank robbery.(Stalin) Korach /





  1. Brother. Chest. Kossuth Haters have an assasination-plan /Ritoók-Landlady’s Uncle, Daniel Csányi / :Balak                                                                                                                              Mother-Ear/1799 1772      Pinhas .  . Gustav the Third  in Sweden takes power fro the Parliament by a Putch.


Father-eye/1574: 1547    Born:Cervantes.  Ivan the Terrible will be Tzar. The follower of .Henry the Eight is followed by  Edward the Sixth.

Matot – Maasay- 


 1792  (Sister-Back/1799)   Devarim    XVI Louis into prison Franz will be a Habsburg king.

A Swedish king, Gustav III at the stockholm opera-ball shot in the back, lives two weeks and his son takes over the power..


  1. Brother. Chest. . Henry the Eigths Chancellor, Wolsey is chased





Father(eye) Decade belonging to the 1484 Brother Year : 1457

 Ekev Yagello, Casimir /Kazimir/ a Jew Hater. Daughter Jadwiga born. King Mathias of Hunyadi – asking her hand in vain (of Hedwig of Yagello in 11 Year / Wittelsbach George will be her husband. The wife of his brother John Sigismond is Barbara Szapolyai.

Mother-Ear: 1466 /1484    IX. 1.  Reay 

aug. 18  XI.Louis silk factory, Lyon.






  1. 1619. Brother. (Chest) Mrs. Wesselényi, Mary of Szécsi in childhood. Shoftim



  1. Brother (Chest) Pedro Arbues , the Vice Inquisitor of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand is killed by Jews.

Ki tatzay

Sister,Back: /1484: 1477  Ki tavoh    


  1. (1439-es Brother Decade Father-Decade /ear/: ) Nicavim T



Vincent Ferrer  converting Tortosa: Albo debates the Talmud. Born: Jeanne D’Arc.

/1416 Mother-Ear: 22-the Year after 1394./Raguza: no slavery./

1421 (1439 – Brother Year’s Mother Decade, Ear)      (Vajelech IX. 20. )

Albert Crown Prince is burning Jews as they are giving money to Hussites. 

: 1432 Sister-Decade, Back :   Haazinu-Zot Habracha       Born:III Vlad Dracul, Albert’s daughter Anna born, Castilia, hates Jews

The List in Order of the Bible Portions


  1. Brother Year, recovery. (Chest) Proust’s friend, Serbian King Alexander is killed in a n assasination organized by a relative of the Szerb Landlady, initiator of the List.) Children not given mother’s milk, parental presence imagined not important.

Child Davidic -house: Joseph Heller (Catch 22) WeeklyPortion read: Bereshit. Malkut.

Scorpion. 2x7scorpion

Zokef Katan BDA Charlie Darling /Last Time/

Contemporary music: Bartók

1862   Father/Eye/1889: Lumiere born  X.19. Szül: Schnitzler, Klimt, Debussy, Feydeau   Noah   Revii AGFE Josquin okt 25. USA- Civil War: Grenadine falls. Hungarian poet Arany: Buda’s death.


Musician: Brahms /1833-1892/

1799 Brother, recovery (Chest). Napoleon self-putch, his hipnotisuer, Marquis Puységur marries a Bercsényi descendant. Tzemach Tzedek is the rebbe, his childhood: Lech Lehah portion Melody: Zokef Katan BDA (Charlie Is My Darling /Last Time/)



Beethoven /1770-1827/

Mother-Decade (ear) / 1664/: 1646  Vaera    I.13. Gershayim BAGAB Obladi

Giovannyi Giacomo Arrigani

Massachussets rebel child is imprisoned according tolaw. (Hyemlitzky:48)   Leibnitz born. Prison for sleeping in temple.

  1. Brother-Decade. (Chest) Zrínyi dead, Wesselényi’s assasination-plans. Frequent sexual assult against children.

Rape (not obligatory as in Antiquity.) Age of borderline paranoidity./Zrínyi

Young Zrinyi severed Turkish heads as a child daily for money from the Emperor./(Mordecháj Mokhiah, de Eisenstadt, follower of Pseudo Meshhiah Tzvi Shabtai

Reading Portion Hayay Sarah Melody: .Zokef Gadol DBA Devanny’s Goat )

Opera: Purcell- Dido and Aeneas

Taurus. gyuri áll tehénnel 13


Musician: Henry Purcell /1659-1695/

1882 (1889 Sister-Back)   Tesla, Edison, Rison LeCion /July 31/ , Parsifal,, Suez, Jumbo born: Milne, Joyce, Woolf, FDR, Stravinsky, J. Maritain, Kodály. Dead: Mrs. Lincoln

Toldot   Gershayim BAGAB Obladi…XI.11.   TBC invented   Born: Bela Lugosi  20th of october


Bardot young half naked lip hair

Father (eye) Years /1619

1585: III Henry /Báthory’s predessessor at Polish Throne/ fights against Catholics, hating the Guise-s.

1592      Vayetzeh Munach segol GFEA Bach 685   nov  4.


cat ear

IV Henry (FR) turns catholic


Gesualdo 1566-1613

Monteverdi   1567-1643

1596 Mother Ear Years begin/1619: Báthory Sigismond loses a battle after conquering Eger at Keresztesnél.

Mother Ear Decade/1619 middle year :1601  Vajislach 


Gershayim BAGAB …Obladi XI. 25. Essex   rebelion . Dead Tycho Brache X.24.

Gesualdo 1566-1613

Monteverdi   1567-1643

Sister Back Decade/1619 – 1612: Vayeshev     Zarka Tevir GFGA XII.06.    II.Rudolf  Dead  jan 6. Genoa Jew are harrassed.Hamburg: accepting Jews. Prince Gabriel Báthory Hated by Nobles when he rapes a noble youth (killed next year). Oxenstierna Governor,Sweden.


Gesualdo 1566-1613

Monteverdi   1567-1643

1720: Gulliver is begun to be published. South Sea Bubble. Prince Rákóczi fleesto Turkey, to Rodoshto.

1727    Goals, Father (eye) Middle Years of Decade/1754.  Mikaytz Zokef Katan BDA Charlie Is My Darling  /Last Time/   13 of Dec.    Witch burning (last one): Jenny  Home   II.George king – Heandel. Dead:Newton.III.20.


Bach 1685-1750

Haendel 1685-1759 : Agrippina

1731: Benjamin Franklin founding a Public Library.

1736  =rational arguments, Mother Eyee/1754 Vayigash Munach Segol Bach 685 Bible Melody: Zarko Segol, GFE A. „Vitez John, „Resting int he cemetery…”Melody



Haendel 1685-1759

Ben Franklin founding a Fire Brigade 7.  dec.  Leszczinsky abdicates from Polish kingdom /Louis XV.’s son in law/

1742: Haendel:Messiah oratory. Agrippina.

Mary Theresia attacked by Frederick the Second of Prussia.

Problems,demands, Sister-Back/1754     1747  Vayehee   Zokef Gadol DBA Devanny’s Goat dec 16

Born:Leopold, the Emperor and king of Austria and Hungary. Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary.


Bach 1685-1750

Haendel 1685-1759

1652: Sister-Back/1664

Francis of Rákóczi elected Prince in Transsylvania by father George II. Rákóczi Quakers founded.

Sister-Back middle Year/1664:   1657  Shemot   Revii Piaf /Non, Rien – Balayé/ BAGF Josquin  jan 6    Cromwell Haters: leveller rebels    jan 8.Dead:Hymelnitzky


gyuri vtehénfülbe 13

Krisztina Queen lets kill her lover, Monaldeschi.

Musician: Giovanni Giacomo Arigani /Bone Jesu/ 1600-1665


1871 (Mother-Ear/1889)     (Vaera   XI.4. Melody: Zokef Katan BDA Charlie Darling /Last Time/



Brahms /1833-1892/

1641 (Mother-Ear/1664) Bo: Charles the First flees from London.  Libra /Or: 1709, Prince Rákoczy executes his Captain Ocskay for treason /to take the Habsburg side/…

Handel: Agrippina. (protagonist Nero stopped by Nile plants )

Mother-Ear/1646  Beshalah    I.13. Gershayim BAGAB Obladi  Taurus

Giovannyi Giacomo Arrigani

Monetverdi: Poppea / Otho attacks in a woman’s clothing/

Massachussets rebel child is punished. (Hjemlinckij:48)   Leibnitz born. Temple-sleeping is punished.

1889 Recovery, Brother-Decade, Chest. Yitro

Habsburg Rudolf dead.1889. New stage in empathy: neurotic intrusive, manipulative upbringing, someparents refrain from battering or hitting children (but Arch duke Rudolf was awaken by a shot of a pistol as a child.) Josef Jitshac rabbi’s childhood, reading the Yitro portion. Gershayim BAGAB…. His father is a client of Freud , who discovers that his patients get healed if they cry while reminiscing memories.

Monroe President. Palermo: Earthquake. Virgo. Hesed.



Mishpatim   Zokef katan BDA Charlie My Darling – Last Time /Jagger/ juli 21   Tupac Amaru Dead. USA’s legal foundaing. Joseph the Second and Pope Pius the Fifth discuss the closing of hermitages. Revii BAGF /Piaf: Non, rien…Balayé/


Opera: Beethoven, Fidelio


Beethoven /1770-1827/

1821:/Mother Years begin/1844/ : The Regent . György the Fourth will be king Napoleon dead. Greece liberated (Ypsilanti)

1826 /3-the Decade Mother, Ear-1844/:   Niepce invents a Photo Machine   Truma  Munach Segol GFEA Bach 685. II.11


Beethoven /1770-1827/

1833 Sister-Back/1844: Bridge-Builder Union (Hídegylet), Drama of „Bánk bán” in Kassa. Kosice. /33/Ottó (Wittelsbach) will be king of Greece /Komnenos ancestors/

1837 / Sister Back/1844/

Safed /Tzfat/ Earthquake   Twist Oliver   Tecave  II.18. Tlisha Gdola. BAGAD /Vega/ Cancer

Morse. Van Buren President. Kossuth inprisoned.

Brahms /1833-1892/

1810 Father-eye/1844: Napoleon marrying Mary Louise.

1817 /2-nd Decade, increasing prices Father-ear/1844/

San Martin  through the Andes with an army.   Ki tisah Weekly Portion  StellaR archetype: Cancer

Melody: Tevir GFGA /=”Félteni kell…” Zalatnay/

Musician: Beethoven /1770-1827/

  1. Brother Year, recovery, Chest. A Rákóczi-relative Batthányi Palatine quadruples posthumus loyalists of Prince Rákóczi.

Shneur Zalman lubavicher rebbe’s Childhood.

Vajakhel-pekudé Weekly Portion Melody: .Zokef katan BDA (Charlie is My Darling …The Last Time /Jagger/)

Haendel 1685-1759

Father-ear: 1682 /1709

Vayikrah.  Libra

Zokef gadol. GFGA Bach 685 2014. III. 8. III 21.   Piotr is the Tzar  V.7.(Rebel bodyguards) Prince Thököly: Kassa (Kosice).   Marries Helena Zrinyi – 16 June 16. Louis: Versailles-ba.

1686 – a 22-dik Year Mother/ 1709: Buda is under attack (Emperor against Turks)

Mother-Ear:1691.  Tzav  PÁZÁR…DEDBA Mon Leaps folk song    Libra


.The Creator explains the rules of sacrifices. Anointing of the High Priest. Skins owned by the Cohen. Everything is anointed by oil. Earlobe oiled of cohens.


N.Y. rebel Jacov Leisler.   V.6.Majorca: xietas (Jew) burned.

Leszczinsky addicates again from being a Polish king.

Sister-Back/1709: 1702:  Shemini   Tlisha Ktana BAGAB …Green Wood song 2014 március 22. .  Anna Queen III.8. Louis the Fourteenth pyis monthly salary to Prince Rákóczinak. Libra

  1. /March april/ Sacrifice of Goat-Oxen.Self-ignited fire of Nadab and Abihu who get killed. Cheste and Tigh eaten by Cohenim. Some animals are to be eaten,others not.




Fívér Year. Chest.

Lord Mountbatten blown up by Lybian.

Tazria  / 2014 márc 29/

The woman who brought to the world a son is impure for 7 days. For a daughter it is 66 dayd. If impure,wemust exit the camp. And our head must not be covered.


  1. Brother. Chest. Báthory Elisabeth is young – her husband / Francis Nádasdy executes vallonian soldiers by baking them.In Belgium,the follower of Prince Alba kils the rebelPrionce of Oranien, Louis,the brother of William. / Szapolyai’s son, King John lets cut off the ears and noses of his enemies. He learns from Reformate and Judaizant innovators. All children are hit. Rabbi Yehosuá Horovitz leaves Prague for Israel, Turkey, but he is kidnapped for ransom. Portion read by him: Metzorah 

Sagittarius is the Stellar-Image./ Tlisha Ktana BAGAB…Green Wood song

Cohen must research skin sickness. Earlobe anointed with oil. Blood of bird sacrificie is scattered. The one who has an emission is inpure for 8 days.


  1. Brother. Chest. A Hussite leader, Spitko de Melszczin is attacked in a letter of Jeanne D’Arc. Albert of

Habsburg is dead, some claim he was intoxicated /by a melon/. /Wife Elisabeth, is pregnant with Leslie the Fifth/ The contemporary empathy-deficit makes them execute enemies by impaling (a Hunyadi-son-inlaw, Dracula, Vlad Tepes is famous for that). Cannibalistic szkizoid

paranoid (homoerotic) stage. At some regions 80% of children are dead due to non-milking by mothers and from battering and sicknesses. In Jewis families the proportion is only 8%

Childhood of Rabbi Abarbanel , later the financier of Queen Izabella.) The Weekly Portion, which is read this week:

Aharay Mot 12 of Apr. –Kedoshim – 26 of Apr.. Capricorn is the Stellar-Image.(And the Sin Bock is mentioned in the Portion.) Arih Anpin /Long Nose:anger/ Sphere. Gershayim:BAGAB Obladi

The sin offering goat is sent to Azazel Blood is thrown on the altar. Child-sacrifice is not allowed. Aman may not sleep in an erotic way with a man.




/1394 –goal setting, Fatherly wisdom-giving, Eye/: 1367.Emor. TLISHA ktana BAGAB 014   (60. Samuel ben Meir Abulafiai s executed)

Dead shd not be touched. Blasphemer shd be stoned. Great Festivals. Cohen Gadol has head covered.


III.Casimir gives priviliges to Jew. Louis the Great converts Jews. Count (Voivod) Vlajkó kills the converters. University of Pécsi

/1394- rational Motherly filter, an Ear/: 1376. 014 10. May Behar-Behukotay   17 may /2014/. Gershayim BAGAB Great Anjou Louis a king – his cousin, Leslie of Neapolis born .Crescas  makes maps. Sagittarius

Shabbat and Yovel Year. Credit to Jews. Strangers may be slaves longer.








1394-  Sister (Back) egoistic demands/ : 1387  Bamidbar ZAkef Gadol = DBA: Devanny’s Goat    /A legtöbb ember ott hibázza el…Szenes/

Sigismond lets kill hez Mother Queent, Elisabeth of Kotromanics.

Capistrano. Canterbury Tales.   Vytatutas , prince ofLithuania assists Jews, Venceslas ,King of Tzech Land is against them. Josef Albo (1380-1444)

They count Jews,there are 600 thousand. Levites 22 thousand, Eleazar is responsible for oil.




Father-eye/1529:    1502     Nassoh   Tlisha Ktana BAGAB…Green Wood Song   V.31.   Asher Lemlein Pseudo-messiah. V.22. Izabella and Ferdinand married. Columbus last journey: Honduras.(V.11)

The Creator explains the law of the adulterous woman and the law of the Nazir (who does not cut his hair) Rebels are chased out of the camp.





Mother-Ear/1529:   1511:   Behaalotecha    Zokef Gadol DBA Devanny’s Goat

VI.5. Molko-Reuveni pseudo-Meshiahs(Halevi prophetizes the Meshia for : 24-)-autodafé 6. of June. Jagello Sigismond marrying Szapolyai Borbála.

Creator selects seventy elders. Complaints on lackof meat.

Sister-Back/1529: 1522: 15  of April Shalah    Tlisha Ktana BAGAB…Green Wood    /”Te sem vagy kedvesem…” Zalatnay/ Magellan’s sip cirsumnavigates the Earth. . IX.6. Louis II of Yagello marrying Mary of Habsburg Máriát.

Calev and Yoshua among the spies is not frightened by the Giants.




Mother-Ear /1934

1916 Struggle for the Balfour-Declaration (jewish National Home). Tlisha Ktana GABAD Vega or British Anthem Hukat /2014 28 June/ Classical Music: Guillaume Dufay

Creator suggests the ashes of the Red Heifer for cleansing.




1907 Tbilisi bank robberi.(Stálin)Montessori School. Baden-Powell:Pathfinders. Born: Katherine Hepburn. Dead Mendeleyev, Grieg, Wispiansky. Miskenot Shanaan. Korach /2014 June 21 / Garsajim GABAB Simlar to: Obladi.

 Moses attacked by rebel Korach, but the Creator swallows them. The scepter of Aron is blooming.





  1. Brother. Chest. Kossuth Haters have an assasination-plan /Ritoók-Landlady’s Uncle, Daniel Csányi / Shmuel rabbi of Lubavitch is a Child. Weekly Portion:Bálák  Tlisha Gdola BAGAD Bach 685. Charcot invents healing through hypnosis. Metternich worried about health of Count Széchenyi (who has fainted). Cancer.

Creator opens the mouth of the she-ass. Bileam cannot curse Israel. Bileam gets lots of gold from Balak.

Mother-Ear/ 1799 1772      Pinhas   Gershayim Obladi BAGAB jul 25

Poland partitioned: Galicia will belong to Austria.   Lord Mansfeld against slavery.

III. Maximilain Joseph Wittelsbach prescribes obligatory schooling. Gustav the Third  in Sweden takes power fro the Parliament by a Putch.

The Creator decrees that the descendants of Pinhas who killed the lusting pair will become cohenim.



Father-eye/1574: 1547    Born:Cervantes.  Ivan the Terrible will be Tzar. The follower of .Henry the Eight is Edward the Sixth.

Matot-  – Maasay-  Tlisha Gdola GABAD /Vega/… july.26.Dead:Cortes

Creator has rules for taking an oath. Killing of Midinaites,(and Bileam). Women among them as they are luring to lust. Dead corpse makes us impure. Ruben ,Gad and Menashe gets fields on the shore of the river Yardan.


22-dik Year 1551 /after 1529/: University founded inLimaand in Mexico.





1792  (Sister-Back/1799)   Devarim  GFGA …Moon Leaps song /Félteni kell/ .  juli 28   XVI Louis into prison Ferenc will be a king.

Beethoven and Haydn in Vienna: Mozart dead since half a year.

A Swedish king, Gustav III at the stockholm opera-ball shot in the back, lives two weeks and his son takes over the power..

Canaan occupied. The spies mentioned again. (Calev and Yoshua). Not to attckEdom, Ammon, only Heshbon the Amori in Sichon. Og conquered. Reuben, Gad and Menase gets the fields at the East of the Yordan.





  1. Brother. Chest. . Henry the Eigths Chancellor, Wolsey is chased out of his titles,because  Charles the Fifth of Habsburg does not let the captive Popw to allow the divorce (to marry Boleyn Anna). Then King Szapolyai (whose siter is a Sister is a Ritoók – ancestress) accepts that he will not be able to marry the sister of Charles, Mary Habsburg – so he will marry Isabella of Yagello /Szapolyai talks to the severed head of his enemy – melancholy, a

Progress step of depression among the grades of empathy-deficit ./The Prague Maharal- the legendary „golem”- maker

Rabbi Löw – in his childhood.  Vaetchanan  is the  Weekly Portion read by him. Leo Stellar-Image (in a midrash as a simile. Hod Sphere.) Trop, melody: Revii BB AA GFE (in: Josquin des Pres, Piaf)

Moshe Rabbenu repeats the Ten Precepts. Seven local people must be killed. No sculpture allowed. Cities of Refuge for chance killers.





Father(eye) Decade belonging to the 1484 Brother Year : 1457

 Ekev aug 16

Tlisha Ktana GABAD….Vega and Green Wood.

Fruits are the recompense for good people. Love the stranegr. Write the Name on your door-posts. Your country will reach the Euphrates. Your feet will not swell for 40 Years.

  1. Yagello, Casimir /Kazimir/ a Jew Hater. Daughter Jadwiga born. King Mathias of Hunyadi – asking her hand in vain (of Hedwig of Yagello in 11 Year / Wittelsbach George will be her husband. The wife of his brother John Sigismond is Barbara Szapolyai. She was the sister of King II. Vladislav. Also sister of Old Sigismond Polish king, whose daughter, Izabella will be wife of John Szapolyai king – an ancestor of the Szerb-landlady – and another daughter, Anna, will marry Polish King Stephen Báthory, also an ancestor. Their Mother was Bona Sforza. /

Mother: Albert II. Habsburg’s daughter, Elisabeth, whose mother Sigismond’s daughter was also called Elisabeth . /Legends claim that Emperor Sigismond was Hunyadi’s father./ Leslie Hunyadi – who was saved by his ring against Cillei – is executed.

(1455 a 22-th Year after 1439 ): A Gutenberg Bible in press.

Mother-Ear 1466 /1484    IX. 1.  Reay  Weekly Portion. Zokef Gadol DBA Devanny’s Goat

aug. 18  XI.Louis silk factory, Lyon. Cosimo di Medici conquers his father’s enemies       aug. 26. Mathias degrades Emerich Szapolyai . /In a year his party members are skinned ./ Mathias asking the hand of Hedwig Yagello in vain. /Mary of York – sister of Edward the Fourth and of future  Richárd the Third – is widowed : open to marry Charles the Bold of Burgundy./

Mount Gerizim is the mount of Blessings, Ebal is the mount of Maledictions. Do not drink blood. Someanimals are good to eat,some are not allowed to eat. Sacrifices can be rndered in money. A stranger cannot be allowed to be indebted. Poors must be helped. In the Seventh Year the slaves must be freed. There must be three feasts yearly.






  1. 1619. Brother. (Chest) Mrs. Wesselényi, Mary of Szécsi in childhood. George Rákóczi (Captain of Prince Bethlen) conquered by George Drugeth Hommonnay – an ancestor – and so the Prince retreats from under Vienna. The Vezier is killed by his Yanissari Aga, his lover. In America the Puritans stop swaddling. This enhaces empathy and technical innovations. Menashe ben Israel, who has had a vision about Jewish Indians in South America, is a child,his wilfe will be a descendant of Rabbi Abarbanel and he will negotiate about Jews returning to England with Cromwell Shoftim /2014 Augusztus 30 / is the Weekly Portion read this week. Gershayim BAGAB…Obladi .Aquarius. Binah.

The Creator lets kill the idolaters. Kings hould not have many horses and wifes. No soothsaying. The Prophet whose saying does not realize itself,is a falsa prophet. Chance killer shd go to the city of refuge. The freshly married should not go to the army. People of Cannan shd be kiled. Trees shd not be cut. If a corpse be found, a cow must be sacrificed.




  1. Brother (Chest) Pedro Arbues , the Vice Inquisitor of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand is killed by Jews.

A contemporary empathy-history viewpoint: characteristic execution: skinning live (schizoid paranoid cannibalistic origin) – Hunyadi

Mathias uses it against Hussite rebels. Mathias occupies Vienna. / Renaissance : mazochist Christianity. /

Children’s 80% given to a Nanny. Mother does not give milk to own child.

Davidic-house rabbi: Jitszhák Katzenellenbogen in childhood.:  Ki tatzay sept. 6 /2014/ Weekly Portiont read

Gershayim GABAB Aries is the Kos Stellar-Image. Gvura is the Sphere.

A captive woman must shave her head. A lost animal shd be given back to the owner. Man shd npot wear woman cloting. The roof must have a fence. Someone in adultery shd be killed. Nightly fluid make one impure for a day. The brother who is not wanted as a marrying partner by the widow- she should throw a shoe toward him.


Sister,Back: /1484: 1477  Ki tavoh IX. 13 / 2014./. Gershayim BAGAB  Obladi IX.8. Maximilian marriage (Marguerete of Burgund)  Next year they plan to start the Inquisition,planend. Mathias against Vienna .Beatrice of Aragon First Year at Buda.

My father was a wandering Aramean. The Tithe is given to the widow and the starnger. Curses : skin blemishes,, strange people atttacking. Sandal not torn for fotrty years but it is forgotten.







  1. (1439-es Brother Decade Father-Decadeja /eye/: ) Nicavim Tlisha Katana : GABAD  Vega, Green Wood Song,  .


The brit, the union will be valid with those in the Future. No idolizing. When we feel sorry that will cease the dispersion. This teaching is here in our mouth, not far away.

Vincent Ferrer  converting Tortosa: Albo debates the Talmud. Born: Jeanne D’Arc. Pope is selling indulgences as he is struggling agasnt the army of Lelie of Neapolis – this will be hated by the Hussites.

/1416 Mother: 22-the Year after 1394./Raguza: no slavery./

1421 (1439 – Brother Year’s Mother Decade, Ear)      (Vajelech IX. 20. ) Tlisha Ktana: GABAD Vega, Green Wood

Albert CrownPrince is burning Jews as they are giving money to Hussites. Pope Martin defending Jews(22) Albert marrying later the daughter of Emperor Sigismond ,Elisabeth.

Moses is Dead, Yoshua will be his follower. They reach Cannan the Land of Honey and Milk.


: 1432 Sister-Decade, Back :   Haazinu-Zot Habracha   Gershayim: BAGAB   Obladi   IX. 27.

Svidrigalila (Jagela’s brother) struggling    Born:III Vlad Dracul, Albert’s daughter Anna born, Castilia, hates Jews

Your talk shd be like dew. Creator holding his peoplelike an Eagle. If they rebelagainst the Lwa,the Creator send enemypeople. On Mount Nebo,Moses will die.


WHOLE YEAR Calendar with Therapy Melody Invoked Inherited Stress Date Cycles on the 22 ys double cycle basis and Archetypal Constellations


Independently from theories: generally we do not look on history with the Judaisants, Jews and Non-Jews or Anti-Judaists together in it. That is why this coming list is unusal. We also do not think there is a cyclical rythm in left-wing /egalitarian,materialist,progressive,pro-heretic/ and right-wing /hierarchical,paternalistic, anti-gay, anti-heretic/  trends.
The source is the Diary of the pre-war landlady of Antal Szerb, a famous Hungarian writer, Emma Ritoók, whose main idea was that cruelty is diminishing from generation to generation. They both died in 1944-45. Mr. Szerb was a baptized Jew and was killed in an army work service camp around his 40s ys.  Ms. Ritoók was an Anti-Semite turned into a Jew-hider and died in old age and malnutrition reaching almost 80. They shared a flat in the Twenties.

ritoókemma Emma Ritoók, the landlady

szerb no glasses

Antal Szerb, the tenant

Some social-psychology experiments were made that if a mother-mouse is stressed, her offspring will have the same aggressive stress-reaction for generations.

In another experiment they found out that if at a place many people are singing /religious mantras or songs/ the statistics shows that the number of misdeeds are diminishing.

Among our ancestors we do have traumatic events /and memories/ but we all have peaceful ancestors too. /Like the Bible-reading miracle rabbis among the ancestors of Antal Szerb: like Abarbanel./

The landlady claims to descend from the Transsylvanian Princes Rákoczi, who themselves stem from the Byzantine Palaiologos family /whose ancestors, accprding to legends were from the Davidic house./

ImageThe Cycle of 1889

So Szerb and his friends made a list : what was the Biblie Portion Melody sung ont he days of the traumatic events of the Non-Jewish princely history ./That weekly melody changes each week due to variations from a limited set of melodies/

/They were looking for a hit or a folk song that reminded them to the weekly melody and they chanted it during the week./

Naturally they needed a starting point. They used the Price cycles /that has a 45-years cycle and sub-cycles each 11  years/

Because the cycle years may vary a few years in the List they are not using the beginning or ending years but the middle years for looking for an Ancestral stress – and the corresponding weekly Therapy Melody.

They lost two famous friends of theirs: first in 1889 the Crown Prince Rudolf and then, after 45 years, in 1934, the friend of Proust, the King of Serbia./ In both cases the killer – or the instigator – came from the Xantopoulos Baltazzi Clan.

Price Minimum’s strictness –  are raising the level of aggression  . Melodies are diminishing agression /raising serotonine/. Price levels are having regular curves and cycles.

Hence their joined effect is the stabilization of extreme situations. If we hope that empathy and civilization will develop and become ever more prevalent, we must suppose some – measurable – stabilizing factor. That is why religious chanting is important – and the fact that Jewish melodies have not changed int he last 1000 years and that they were sung regularly and everywhere in Europe.

We have four yearly distances in this tradition. Each year-distance corresponds to an archetypal Character Treat and a Family Member and a corresponding Body Part too in  the so-called Lurianic Kabbalah that was studied by the Szerb circle (called Gnosticism for the Christian version) according to the translation of Rabbi Ashlag /who is the master of the popularizing Kabbalist movements of our age too/. Ashlag’s main innovation was the inclusion of Schopenhauer in his Solipsistic vision.

There is a 4-part structure.  The year distances are sumsof the name of  the Creator Ye-ho-eh,ameaningful word /could be translated as Futurator  or to have a rhyme and hinting at its content of awesomeness: Yeah-How-Why./

A 45-year distance (Brother) corresponding to Recovery /Tiferet/. Breast.The first 11 years of the 44-45 year cycle.

A 72-ers (Father) : as Goal-Setting.( Giving) Head, Ear.Paradise

The Second Sub-Cycle of 11 yeras

A 63-ers /Mother: the Filter of Intellect/. Eye. Purgatory.

The Third.

Az 52-ers as Sister (the Ego, Receiving) Back.Hell.

The Fourth 11 year subset is the Brother decade:the Earth at present.

This system’s goal is an alternative way of teaching historical topics.

So these Cycles are used as a Filter. Also, the selected ancestral families are used as a Filter.  The Hungarian-Transylvanian Kings and Princes from the closely related Hunyadi-Zapolya-Bathory-Rákóczi-Zrinyi Clan was one of the Landlady’s ancestral families. They were rebelling against the Habsburgs who were in conflict with the English Kings whose enemies were French and they were all intermarried with the Wittelsbach family in Bayern.

Obviously we all have many more stress-events inherited from our past. But to present this theory in a simple way /they meant it for children/ the List must be simple. It is just a helping tool. Melodies help in feeling better without any theory. But it is certainly a good idea to try to show how exactly they have this soothing effect.

So we all have ancestors who had committed murder. It is a statistical probability as we have millions of ancestors in the distant past like 500 years ago. Even if we do not have a document being descended from a King or Aristocrat /who was killing people for sure/some of our ancestors may have been servants in the Courts of the Past. So we do inherit certain panicky hormone structures.

And also we have ancestors who lived in the vicinity – or among – Jews, or Judaizant Christian heretics : and we know for sure  what melodies they were singing in the very moment of a certain murder or warring conflict.

In that past time the perpetrator ancestor did not have the time to listen to those melodies. But we may give it a try now: and we may diminish the agression hormones now.

Let’s see the Proust-List.They were both Proust fans /they both met the famous writer,who invented the “memory effect invoked  through tastes” personally /and their idea of memory invoked through sound is cery similar,so they called it after the French writer.

dates list

The white dates are Future Cycle Dates : when people will still read the same Bible of Moses – maybe in the presence of the Messiah. /A meaingful word : Anointed. Oiled. Meaning “continuous”. Or with a rhyme: Meshy Ace./ All the murderous conflicts that are in the List are about this Hoped-for Hero of the Future, when people will develop  loving, cooperative characters.



The Hussite Spitko de Melszczin and Popeist Jeanne D’Arc exchange letters in animosity.

Albert of Habsburg dies, some claim it was a toxic melon. /Wife, Elisabeth, carries in her womb Ladislas the Fifth/ In the empathy-deficit of this age they are impaling the enemy. /Like the Hunyadi-related Vlad Dracul Tepesh./. Kannibalistic schizoid

paranoid (homoerotic) regression. 80% of children are dying in sickness and by beatings. Jewish proportion: 8%.

Chldhood of later Rabbi Abarbanel, financier of Queen Isabella in Catalony.) Portion:

Aharey Mot  /12 April/ -Kedoshim. /26 April/ Sphere: Arih Anpin / Long-nose: anger/ Gershayim:BAGAB

The sending of the sacrifice to Azazel…Throwing of blood ont he altar. Blood eating is not allowed. To sleep with a man is not allowed.

  1. Nitzavim  Tlisha Katana : GABAD  12.Sept 26. .

The contract will stand with those in the Future. Idol-making is not allowed. Exile can be terminated by confession of sins, then the curse goes to the enemy. This teaching is not far away over the seas, buti n our mouth. It describes the sacrifice of a Capricorn.


11 years after 1394 : The Brother Years the price-minimum years: till  1405.

1405: Pope Innocent VII is saved from a riot in Romeby Leslie of Durazzo. Sigismond of Luxemburg,  King of Hungary,later Emperor, marrying Barbara of Cille.

From 1405-till 1416 Father Years,prices grow.

Ending year is the Mother Year Maximal Prices.

Ragusa, Italy 1416 : no more slavery allowed. After a year of killing Jan Hus, they are burning Jerome of Prague.

Mid-section Year: 1412 Ferrer converting Jews.Jean of Arc born.

Jeanne_dArc William Etty

Jeanne d’Arc

From 1416 till 1427 Mother Years Maximal Prices, nurturing,sharing, left-wing liberal egalitarianism:

1421      (Vajelech IX.26. ) Tlisha Ktana: GABAD                         /Green forest song/

Crown Prince Albert against Jews who helped Hussites. Pope Martin prepares to protect Jews (22) Albert betrothing the daughter of Sigismond.

Moses dies, his successor will be Joshua.They arrive to the Land of Honey and Milk, but will commit sins. Levites will carry the Law int he Ark.

From 1427 till 39:

33th Year beginning of Sister Year

1427:  First Witch process in Switzerland. Gipsies in paris. Hussites victorious. Born:  Galeotto Marzio


Wolkenstein, Dufay

: 1432  Haazinu-Zot Habracha   Gershayim: BAGAB . 7. of Sept. 013 but  27 of Sept in 2014

Svidrigalia (Brother of Jagela  ) stuggling    Birth:of III Vlad Dracul

Castilia against Jews. Habsburg Albert’s daugther Anne born from Sigismond’s daughter Elisabeth.

Be your speech like dew. The Creator has carried the people as an eagle. They transgess the Law so the Creator will punish them with bloody arrows. Moses will be taken to the Mount Nebo to di



Pedro Arbues, the Vice-Inquisitor of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand is killed by Jews.

Empaty-evolution history: live skinning (schizoid paranoid Cannibalistic origin) – King Matthias Hunyadi uses it against rebels. Matthias occupies Vienna. / Renaissance Mazochist Christianity. /

Children are given to Nannies in 80%, Mother is not giving milk to own child in non-Jewish families.

Rabbi of the Davidic Line: Yitshaq Katzenellenbogen – still in childhood. Portion:  Ki teytzey  6 Sept.   Gershayim BAGAB Constellation of Aries. Sphere: Gvura

To shave the head of the captive woman before marriage. The son of a hated wife is also inheriting. A rebel son is stoned. The lost ass of a stanger should be given back. A man should not wear woman’s garments. Mother bird should not ee when her offspring is taken. There must be a protecting device on rooftops. Tzitzit ont he robes. Lashing those committing violence. Violated girl must be married. Marriage desacrating causes execution. Mixed marriage is not allowed with Moav and Ammon, only with Egyptians and Edomites great-grandchildren. Nightly emittance causes unclean day. Prostitution is not allowed. The excrement must be covered by earth. We may take from other’s grain of raisin with our hands but not with tools. Workers must be paid on same day. Brother of dead man must marry widow, if she idagrees , she must throw toward him her shoes.


1439- 1450: Brother Years  till 1450: Sforza-House founded,Milano. Mathias of Hunyadi,the later King betrothes Elisabeth of Cille.Wolfes in Paris. Jews expelled from Bayern.

From 50-till 61: fathering Years, growing prices.

72-year distance /fatherly goal-setting/– counted back from the next Brother year : 1457

 Portion: Ekev 22. aug. Melody Tlisha Ktana GABAD….

Figs and other fruits as the consequence of good behaviour of the people. Past rebellions mentioned. Love the stranger as you were also a stranger in Egypt. Write the words of the Creator ont he doorposts. Your land will reach the Euprates Your feet has not been swelled for 40 years.


Kazimir IV. of Yagello against the Jews.Dauther Jadwiga born. King Mathias – in vain – will try to marry her /after 11 years/. /Sister of King Vladislas II in Hungary. Married to a Wittelsbach. Sister of later King Sigismond, whose dauther will be the wife of King Szapolyai, a Szerb-landlady ancestor. Another daughter, Anna will marry Stephen Bathory, another ancestor of the landlady. Their mother was Bona Sforza./

Image King of Poland, Stephen Bathory

Mother: Albert II. Habsburg’s daughter, Elisabeth, whose mother was the daughter of Sigismond, Elisabeth. /Legends claim that Sigismond might have been the father of John of Hunyadi./ Matthias’ brother, Ladislas Hunyadi – who was protected by his ring when Cillei attacked before being lilled by him – is executed.

1461.  The First Mother Year. Gutenberg Bible.  Edward the IVth and Louis the XI in France begin to rule. Nicolas Szapolyai is the Bishop of Transylvania.

Mid section, 63 year distance,mother year, intellect: 1466     Portion: Reey Melody: Zokef Gadol DBA D’s Goat

18 Aug.  Louis XI. silk factory in Lyon. Rebels attack Piero di Medici, but son Cosimo wins      23. aug. in 2014

King Matthias degrades Emerich Szapolyai /Skinning his rebel leaders in year in Cluj, Kolosvar./ Szapolyai will later be reinstated, becomes the richest Lord and his son will be King /an ancestor of the Szerb landlady and 20% of noble-born present-day Hungarians/

Jagellos refuse Matthias. But his rival, the son of the Emperor, Maximilian will get the hand of the daughter of Charles the Bold,Margret.

Gerizim is the mountain of blessings, Ebal belongs to curses. Death to prophet of a strange god, even if his signs come to truth. Blood drinking is not allowed. Eatable animals. Non-eatable animals. Decimal sacrifice can be converted into money. Debt may be left unpaid if it pertains Jews, but not with Strangers. Poor people must be helped. Slaves set free in seventh year. There should be three holidays of pilgrimage.


1472 Sister Year, Price Diminishing Begins: Mathias of Hunyadi the King imprisons Archbishop John of Vitez, his pupil,poet Janus Pannonius dies.


Dufay /d.1474/

52: sister year /egoistic demands/ 1477  Ki tavoh  13. IX /Sept./ in 2014. Gershayim BAGAB   IX.8. Marriage of Maximilain (with Marguerite of Bourgundy)  Planning the Inquistion – starting next year. King Matthias attacks Vienna /brother of Maximilian, Frederick/. Queen Beatrix of Aragons first year in Hungary.

Fruit sacrifice in a casket.The priest must tell: . „My father was an Aramian wanderer.” A tenth of the crop must be given to the Levites, the stanger, the widow, the orphan. They are carving the Tora on stone pillars on Mount Ebal. Tribes should stand on the mountains and levites should curse the transgressors. Curses: skin diseases, contagions, attack by foreign people, exile. Their sandal has not been torn on them for forty years but they do not remember.




Henry The Eight sacks his Chancellor, Wolsey,because the Pope /a captive of the Habsburg Emperor, Charles the Fifth will not give him the dispensation to divorce Catherine of Aragon and marry Anne Boleyn. That is the time,when the Szerb-Landlady’s Ancestor , King Szapolyai relizes he will never be able to marry the sister of Charles, Widower Queen Mary of Habsburg,so he opts to marry Isabella of Jagello. /Szapolyai keeps the cut head of his enemyin a jar and he talks to him:melancholy, depression is the levelof empathy deficit at this epoch. / This is the childhood of the legendary golem-maker , Maharal of Prague.They read the Portion called Vaetchanan . The Midrash mentions a lion: sothe Constellation Lion is contained here. Sphere: Hod. Melody: Revii BB- AA- G-F-E- /It is quoted in: Josquin des Pres and in the Piaf-number” Rien de rien”./

9 of August in 2014.


Palestrina /1525-1594/

Brother Year:Chest in Gnostic Body Parallels

Moses reminds them they have seen the Mountain Horeb so they should not carve sculptures on nothing. They will be dispersed,where they will have idols,but they may return. They will have cities of refuge. The Ten Commandments are repeated…Seven sinful peoplewill have to be exterminated.

 First decade, Brother Years, Price Minimum 84-95:

1495:  Ferdinand the Second reconquers Neapolis from the French.
Father Years from 95- 1506

1506: Mona Lisa ready,Laokoon Group, the Basilica of St Peter begun. Born: Louis II, betrothed with Maria of Habsburg.


Distance of Father – Ear:  mid-section between 1495-Mona Lisa  till 1506. /birth of King Louis II./  Mid Year 1502 .    Portion: Naso.  Melody: Tlisha Ktana B-A-G-A-B…  31.05 in 2014.   Pseudo-Meshiah: Asher Lemlein 22. May: Isabella and Ferdinand marry.Last travelof Columbus: Honduras.(11 May)

Future Reading: A Law for the cheating wife,the lawfor the Nazir who does not cut his hair, and how to erect a Tent with the Gifts. The Blessing of the Priests. Law-breakers must be sent out of the Camp.


Mother Year Distance-eye:  from 1506-1517.

1517: Luther’s  95 Thesis.

Mid-section,   1511:   Portion: Behaalotecha    Melody Name:Zokéf Gadol D-B-A- Similar Song: Danny’s Goat

7 .June  2014 Pseudo-Meshian: Molko-Reuveni (A prophecy of Halevi: 24)-autodafé 6th of June. Sigismund of Jagello marries /Landlady-Relative/Barbara of Szapolyai.

Seventy Elders are chosen. Complaintson lak ofmeat:some   quails are sent to the desert.

 1517-1528: Fourth decade.

Sister-Distance /hindpart:

52: 1522: Shalah  Tlisha Ktana G-A-B-A-D…    14 June in 2014  1 July:Ship of Magellan circumvents the Planet. 6 of November: Louis II. marries Mary of Habsburg.

Kalev and Joshua among the spies do not fear the huge Canaanite people. Kalev even goes to see the Cave of Makpela of the Ancestors.




Elisabeth of Báthory – great-great-great-grandmother of Mary Szechi,a great-great-great-grandmother of the Szerb-Landlady’s Uncle is still young – her husband / Francis of Nádasdy Captain of Hungary/ executes rebellious vallon soldiers with torture, baking in horse-skin. In Belgium Prince Alba kills in battle the rebel leader’s William’s younger brother LouisPrince of Orange. / The Son of King Szapolyai, King John , a Unitarian Judaisant, will cut off the ears and noses of his In Feudalism,borderline dependence begins to get diminishing. All children are still beaten up.

The davidic descendant, still a child, the later Rabbi Yehoshua Horowitz willtravelfrom Prague to Turkey where he falls captive to the Sultan and he reads the Portion: Metzorah   5th of April, 2014

/Sagittarius mentioned./Melody: Tlisha Ktana GABAD…

Melody: BAGAD / Orlando Lasso : Fleur de 15 ans Azla BED 1532-1594

/Gesualdo: Ecce 1566-1613 Geres BEA/


Future Readings: Priests examine skin disease. To sprinklle blood of a bird. And oil at right earlobe, and ont he thumb.


House has some  leprous spots. To rebuild it. Bird-blood sprinkling. Nocturnal emission: one day of uncleanliness. Then sacrifice,washing. Woman who has monthly blood emission is unclean,including her bed.


 First Decade: brother Years from 1529-1540.

Father Years begin:1540:

Death of Trukish Vazall,King John of  Szapolya/some claim, cousin of Mathias Hunyaid/ His son, John Sigismond of Szapolyai born. The founding by the Pope of the Jesuits. Henry the 8th divorces and marries  Catherine Howard.


Father distance: 72 years: 1547    Birth:Cervantes.  Ivan the Terrible will be the Tzar.. Successor of Henry the Eighth will be Edward the Sixtth.

Portion: Matot 19 July – Maaseh: Melody: Tlisha Gdola BAGAG /Vega/… Maaseh: 26 of July,death of Cortes

Future Distance: How to take a wow. Midianites should be killed /among them Bileam/.But no sacking is allowed. Women must be killed too /as they entice to sin./ Dead body makes others unclean.Reben and GAd asks for meadiows ont he Eastern Shore of the River Jordan.


Mother Years Start: 1551 /22-the year , maximal price curve/:Lima and Mexico founds Universities. Habsburg agents kill George Utesenic the Brother,Governor in Transsylvania,when the Regent Prince is  an infant.

63 year /Mother/Mid Section Year: 1556

Portion: Behukkotay     Melody: Gershayim BAGAB .17.May  2014 (58:Elizabeth)

Ancona:Laws against Jews. Earthquake in Shanxii : 830 thousand people dies. 23 of Jan.

Future Readings: 33the weeklyportion. The Creator claims peoplewill get retribution and punishment according to their deeds. A child or an adult may be retrieved by money instead of sacrifice giving. The fields must be given to original owner in Fiftieth year. A tenth of animals and all crops belong to the Creator.


Sister Years Begin:

1562 John Sigismond Szapolyai conquers rebel Catholic Siculs ,nose-and ear chopping. Charles IX expels Gipsies. Killing of many Hugenots.

200px-Szapolyai_János_fametszet King John I.of Zapolya /d. 1540/

52 /Sister Year/Mid Section: 1567.

Portion: Kedoshim Gershayim BAGAB 26.April 2014  Mary, Queen of Scots in prison in 3 May .

ImageMary Stuart

Alba inprisons Egmont. Genoa: Jews expelled.

Future Readings:  30th week.The Creator advises Yeah-Holders to become as saintly – distanced – as he is. /To keep the day of rest, respect parents, leave leftovers to the poor, to not give a false witness, not to have resentments, love strangers, not wear mixed textile, not believe in ghosts, love others : whoever does not abide to these, can even be executed.




Brother-Year, /Recovery/ Chest.

Mrs. Wesselényi, /Lady Palatine/, Mary of Szécsi – a famous convert – in her youth. /The Great-Great-Great-Grand-mother of the Uncle of the Landlady of Antal Szerb./ Her Catholic cousin ,George Drugeth of Hommonna conquers George Rakoczi /the Captain of the Protestant Prince Bethlen /, who stops attacking the Catholic King in Vienna, Ferdinand II. The Turkish Vezier Kara Mohamed is killed by his lover, a Yanissari. In America the new immigrants stop swaddling. Hence freer children have more innovations as empathy is a precondition. Menashe ben Israel hears about Jewish Indians his wife is a descendant of davidic rabbi Abarbanel. Ben Israel will start later negotiations with Cromwell to let Jews enter Britain. They read the Portion called Shoftim  30 of August in 2014

Melody: Tlisha Ktana B-A-G-A-D….

BAGAD . Monteverdi : Gratia /1567-1643/


Stellar constellation hinted at: Aquarius.Kabbalist Sphere: Intellect,Mother, Eye:” Bina.”

ImageMary of Széchy,Mrs.Wesselenyi, the First Lady,Aunt of Count Miklós Zrínyi and Prince Francis II. Rakoczy

Future Reading: The Creator wants to kill those idolizing stars. Judges must be nominated. No stone pillars. King should not have too much horse and gold. Levites should be given portion fromsacrifices as they do not own territory. Future-seeing is taboo. Prophets will appear but even i n case he does not fail in his vision,he is a false prophet,if he promotes idols. If inadvertent killing happens /from a flying axe/ the killer may save himself in a city of refuge. Any accusation needs two witnesses.Those who recentlymarried or planted raisin,must not go to war as a soldier. Canaanite people must be killed,others will be slaves. When you find a dead body,you must sacrifice a heifer.


1592 ,Sister Year /Deficit/,Increase Year     Vayeytzey Melody: Munach segol G-F-E-A Bach 685   9 nov  in 2014

IV Henry (FR) converts to Catholicism. /He will be killed in 1610./ Born:Comenius.

ImageHenry IV.

Future Reading: Seventh portion. The Creator sends a vision of Ladder to Yaakov. He meets Rahel at a Well. He becomes the shepherd ofLaban. Lea married to him before Rahel. Lea has four sons, Then Bilha and Zilpa two-two. Lea gives birth two more with a helping plant medicine plus Dina a daughter. Josef born to Rahel . Yaakov tricks boss Laban with the black-and-white offspring management of the animals. As he flees Laban,Rahel steals a sculpture idol fromhis father,who searches them in vain.


Mother Year,Maximum  Spots /Eye, Intellect, Nurturing Solutions,Left-leaning trends/ Solution:

1605  Vajishlach   Gershayim B-A-G-A-B Couperin… 25.XI. Gunpowder Plot against King JAmesI.Bocskay doesnot accept Turkish Crown of Hungary.

Eights week. November-december. Yaakov struggkling with angel of Esav his brother,whom he has tricked out of the father-blessing. Shehem fallls in love with Dinah, his familywillbe killed in a vengeful attack,but Yaakov is against this harshness.His name will be Israel. Rahel gives burth to Benjamin in Bethlehem and dies.

 Brother years -price minima,from 1574-till 1585

1585:  Henrik  the Third in France /predecessorof Landlady Ancestor King Báthory in Poland/ struggles against Catholics,the Guise Clan.
1596:First Mother Year /Maximum Year/ Prince Sigismond Báthory /Nephew of former Polish King Bathory, loses at Keresztes against the Turks.

Sister Years begin: 1601: Chancellor Káthay is killed,allegedly having poisoned Prince Bocskay /Nephew of  King Bathory/ -Successor Prince: Sigismond of  Rákóczi Zsigmond /son in law of Bocskay’s Favourite: Ancestor of the Landlady, Homonnai / Monteverdi:Orfeo. Spain is Bankrupt.

Sister Year Decrease,Ear, Middle Section:

: 1609: Vayeshev     Zarka Tevir G-F-G-A Music:Dufay

23 November

Emperor. Plot against Prince Gabriel Báthory (first plot: unsuccessful,he kills the planners).

ImagePrince Gabriel Bathory almost killed

Court of James saved from bankrupcy by a planned contract with Parliament. George Thurzó /Husband of Katalin Zrínyi/ elected Palatine –he plans,with son-in-law George Homonnay Drugeth to arrest Elisabeth Bathory , the richest relative,widow of Captain Nadasdy, for next year/

ImageElisabeth Bathory imprisoned for murder

Future Reading: Ninth month, december. Brothers sell Josef. Yaakov has a child fromTamar.Mrs. Potifar sends Josef to a prison.


/We must see the connection of the Main – 45 years Paroxysm – Date ,the Brother Years, of Recovery to the Szerb-Landlady.


The Sister Year,the Deficit, the Increase Year Demand: and symbolized by the Back: Henry the Fourth – the Famous Convert from Protestantism – was the successor of Henri the Third / rumored to be bisexual/ who caused the election of an Ancestor, Báthory to reach the Throne of Poland. Henry’s wife, Catholic Marie de Medici was the daughter of Ferdinand II of Habsburg – and his grandmother was Anna Jagiellonica /sister of Louis II of Hungary, a rival of Ancestor Szapolyai /.

Brother /Recovery/ Year: 1664. TAURUS

Zrínyi – an ancestor of the Szerb Landlady , nephew of Mary of Szechi, Mrs. Wesselenyi – dying /rumor: assassinated/., Assassination attempts against Habsburg-supporters in Poland by Palatine Wesselényi and wife.

Frequent violence against children (but less obligatory than int he Greco-Roman period) Age of borderline paranoidity./Zrínyi has cut Turkish heads daily for money retribution./ /(Self-proclaimed Mashiah: Rabbi Mordecháj Mokhiah, of Eisenstadt, a follower of Shabtai Zvi:he reads the Portion Hayey Sarah :  26 October 2013. Melody: Zokéf Gadol D-B-A In Folk Song: Danny’s Goat ) /contained in Schubert/…Constellation of Taurus. Sphere Yesod.

Lully born. 1664. Giacomo Stella in Rome. Couperin’s father in Paris as an organist

Future Reading: Abraham buys the Cave of Makpelah, to bury Sarah. He sends his servant to relatives to find a wife for son Itzhaq. She willbe giving to drink to his Camels. Yes,Rivkah is sent to the Well. Daughter of Batuel. She is allowed toleave. Itzhaq comes ont he meadow. Abrahammarries Keturah, his offspring are sent to the East. The descendants of Ishmael live in Egypt.

 Brother Years – 1619-1630.

1630: Gustavus Adolf us conquers German Pomerania. Wallensteint is sacked by the Habsburgs. Galileo must rescind  his discovery. George I of  Rákóczi will be the Prince.

72-year Distance /Father. Ear. Goal/Mid Section:  1637    Beshalah   .11th of January 2014 Melody: Pazar.D-E-D-B-A 3 of MAy.Mania of Tulips.Dying  Fludd    Published: Descartes


.Genoa: Its Queen will be the Virgin Mary.

Pázmány the bishop /relative of the Landlady / dies. Ferdinand the IIId will be King.( After Ferdinand the Second)

Future Reading : The Creator lets the Yeah-holders exit Egypt-Ego-Point. They are carrying the bones of Joseph. Yoshua wins against Amalek as Hur raises the arm of Mosesto let them win. Due toa string Eastern wind, the sea splits, Moses and Miryam are singing. They get Mannah and Quails int he desert as food. Moses lets water come forth from a rock. By hitting it instead of asking it,he gets punished.


1641,Mother Year,Price Maximum: Charles the First flees from London.

63-years distance from next Cycle backwards- a Middle Section:/Mother, Eye,Solution/ 1646  Portion: Vaera   28 December 2013 . Melody: Gershayim BAGAB

Massachussets:law against rebellious child. (Hjmelnicky’s pogrom:48)   Leibnitz Birth. Prison if someone sleepsin a church..Queen Christina invites Descartes. George II Rakoczy occupies Warsaw. /He has “davidic ancestors” through the Byzantine Palaiologi./


ImageChristina of Sweden murders her ex-lover

Future Reading: January,the 14th week. The Creator promises tolet the Yeah-holders out of the land of Ego-point. Moses is stuttering so Aharon willaccompany him. The cane or stick becomes a serpent. The river becomes blood,fishes are smelly, Ice falls , fleece attack.Faraoh will not let his people go.


1652: Sister Year

Son Francis I. Rákóczi  electedet as Prince by the father, George II. Quakers founded.

52-year distance.Sister Middle-year/Problem,Hindpart/:   1657  Shemot, 21 December 2013   Revii BAGF Josquin or Piaf,     Rebels against Cromwell /levellers/   (8 of  jan.Dies::Hjmelnicky

Queen Christina lets kill his supposed betraying lover, Monaldeschi.

13-the week,January,February. Pharao does not remeber Joseph , enslaves Yeah-holders, lets kill firstborns, but Moses is saved by his family. Moses later kills an Ego-point person and flees to Midian where he marries Tzipporah. Son is born. Burning bush saying: I willbe the Loving Future. A stick turns into a serpent forPharao. Yes-Reakl is called the Firstborn son of the Creator. Tzipporah will cut the foreskin of her son. People angry at Moses as their fate was hardened by Pharao.


1709. LIBRA

Rákóczy-Ocskay disputes, Ocskay on the side of the HAbsburgs, Rákóczy will later have remorse around this execution. Boh.

Personal conscience arises.

The childhood of Baal Shem Tov.

ImageFrancis II Rakoczy,Prince of Transsylvania, feels sorry for killings

Portion: Boh, 4 January in 2014

Stellar hint: Balance

Sphere: Netzah


Bach: Was Gott tut es ist-wohl getan, Azla BED 1685-1750

2339 Future Reading:

The Plagues continue. Locusts. Pharao will still not lett he poeple go. The first borns are killed. Moses gets silver and gold from the neighbours. The Festival of Pesah – Springover – is mentioned, the doorposts should be smeared by blood and a non-full bread is baked. To remember the slavery they must wear a sign on their hands and above the eye.

 ImageCaptain Picard,a Star Trek avatar

Brother Years /minimum prices/ from 1664-till Father Years begin/:1675: Leibniz calculus of probablity.Leuwenhoek: mikroscope. Greenwich :the telescope site. Brandemburg conquers Swedes.

Middle Distance of Fathering /72 yearsfrom next Cycleback/: 1682

Vayikrah portion.  Melody: Zokef gadol. G-F-E-A Bach 685 Dufay

8. March 2014   Piotr is the new Tzar  7th of May.(Rebels among bodyguards against the Tzar)Thököly: Kassa.   Marrying Ilona Zrinyi on 16th of June. King Louis XIV moves to Versailles.

Future Readings: The Lord spoke to Moses, saying: Speak to the Israelite people thus: If it is the anointed priest who has incurred guilt, so that blame falls upon the people, he shall offer for the sin of which he is guilty a bull of the herd without blemish as a sin offering to the Lord…

1686 : first Mothering Year-  Buda conquered by Habsbugs. Jacob II. is a Catholic,his enemies plan to depose himand call in Williamof Orange.

63 Mothering -high prices – middle years:1691.  Tzav  Pazar  15.March 2014 . N.Y. Jacob Leisler rebels.   6.May.Majorca: xietas (Yeah-holders) are burn.

Leszczinsky abdicating from Polish Throne first time.

Future Reading: 25th Week  The Creator lists the rules of sacrifices. Body parts burnt. Oiling the High Priest. Skin belongs to the priest. Non-full bread is the sacrifice of peace. Moses smears every ustensil with oil. Bull sacrifice. Blood ont he earlobes and thumbs of priests ont he right side. Moses hints oil and blood on Aharon and sons.



1697:  Cathedral St Paul  founded. The Swedish KinglyPalace is burnt.

52 years:1702:  Shemini   Tlisha Ktana GABAD …22.March.  Queen Anne 8th of III. Louis XIV. pays monthly salary to Prince Rákóczi.

Future Reading: 26th week after Simhat Torah the Beginning. /March-April/ The Creator wants animal sacrifices.Blesses the people through Aron. Aron’s sons bring theirown fire and so they are killed. Priests cannot drink wine. The chest and the thighs of the sacrifice belongs to the priest. Rulesof kashrut. Swine and rabbit are not to be eaten.


1754. /Brother-Year: Recovery, Chest/ PISCES

The Ancestor of the Proust-Friend-Szerb-Landlady,a Rakoczi-Relative, Palatine Louis Batthyany cuts in four the poor men rebelling against Queen Maria Theresia in the name of Rakoczi /who is dead since twenty years/ in a small town, /Vasarhely/. Soon the torture and such harsh punishments are forbidden.

The childhood of the Lubavitcher Rebbe,Shneur Salman.

Portion: Vajakhel  22 Ferb. -pekudeh01.March  Melody:.Zokéf katan B-D-A Similarity with: Charlie is My Darling in:Palestrina Agnus Dei, Bach Pasacaglia in C-min

Stellar Symbol:Pisces. Sphere:kether.

In 2294 /mirror time/ they will read the samePortion: The Creator rules about the Tent. They collect gold for the Temple. Betzalel /ben Uri ben Hur ben Kalev/ constructs all the ustensils. At the end there is a cloud over the building.


Brother Years:


1720:Gulliver began. RebelPrince Rákóczi exiled to Turkey,Rodosto.

Father Years 1720-1731

1727    Goal-Father Mid Year.  Miketz Zokef Katan BDA Charlie Is My Darling    dec 13    Boszorkány égetés (utolsó) Jenny  Home   King .GeorgeII. Heandel. Dies::Newton.III.20.

Joseph is freed from prison.

1731-42 Mother Years

Bach 1685-1750

Haendel 1685-1759

1731: Benjamin Franklin founds a Library Union.

Mid Section:

1736  = Intelligent arguments,Mother,MaximumPrices , Eye

Portion: Vayigash Munach Segol

in: Bach 685

Bible MelodyZarkoh Segol, GFE A. „Similar song in „János Vitéz”, „Nyugszik a csendes temetőben…” and in Dufay

11th week December,January. Judah protecting Benjamin before Joseph.Joseph discloses himself. Yakoov comes to Ego-Point /Egypt/. Joseph organizes the economy there.



1736 Ben Franklin founds Fire Brigade    7th dec .  Leszczinsky abdicates from Polish throne again./ He is the husband of the daughter of Louis XV./

Sister years 1747-1754:

Problems,sister     Mid Section: 1747  Portion: Vajehi

Zokef Gadol DBA Devanny’s Goat 14. december 2013

Born: King Leopold . Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary.

Future Reading: 12-th week, January. Yakoov is 147 years old,on verge of dying. He asked it before hos death, not to leave his bones in Ego-Point.

1799. GEMINI Brother Year. Recovery. Putch of Napoleon, the Son of Marquis Puységur, the Hypnotizer marries the great-grand-grand child of Bercsenyi,a Relative of the Proust-Friend-Landlady.

To diminish the length of suffering French invent Guillotine.

ImageNapoleon’s Putch -aristocrats may return from Exile,among them the Puységurs /the Hypnotist/ who will become reletuves of the Bercsényis, (ancestors of Szerb’s Landlady)

The childhhod of the Lubavitcher Rebbe Tzemach Tzedek /ancestor of writer Szerb/

Reading the portion of Lech Leha 12 Oct. 2013.

Gemini hinted at.


Melody: Tevir GFEA ,Dufay, Couperin,Bach Beethoven:   GFED Ninth Symphonie 1770-1827

Future Reading: The Creator sends Avram to Canaan. He tellshimhis Future: in Ego-Point.He claims his wife to be his sister.


Brother Years

1754-65.  Mid Section Year:  1761.  George III. bethrothed. Portion:  Kee tavoh

Father Years from 65-76

1765: Rousseau’s House mobbed. Watt develops the Machine of Vapour.  Last ever auto-dafé in  Lisbon.

Mid Year:

1772      Pinhas 12 June 2014   Gershayim BAGAB jul 25 Musician: Dufay

Polish partition: Galicia belongs to Austria    Lord Mansfeld speaks against slavery.Maximilian III Joseph of Wittelsbach orders compulsory schooling.His grandmother is a Sobieski-daughter. And her grandmother is the daughter of Zolsiewsky, a Captain of Bathory, the ancestor of the Landlady of Proust List-initiator Szerb.

Gustav III seized power from the government in a coup d’état

2222: Star Trek fans read the Bible in the Future:


The Creator rewards Pinhas who kills the sinful princely couple by elevating bhis descendants cohens,priests. /Father Year/

From 76-87 :Mother Years

1776: Declaration of Independence. Mozart:Serenade:  Haffner .

1781 Mid Section Year:

Mishpatim 25 January 2014   Mozart Zokéf katan BDA Charlie My Darling juli 21   Tupac Amaru dies. USA established officially.. Joseph the IInd and Pius the Vth debate the annulation of hermitages and he abolishes serfdom.

Kant publishes the Critique of Pure Reason.


Future Reading The Creator gave the order to Moshe to create laws that are forbidding killing,murder, theft and cruelty with the enemy. Moshe,Aharon, and Nadav and Abihu with the seventy Elders have a feast and they have collective vision of the Eternal Futurator the Yeah-Hey-Wow. Then Moshe goes up to the mountain and Hur will lead the people as interim leader. /Mother Year/

 Sister Years Begin:

Beethoven /1770-1827/

1787-8: Louis XVI.convokes the Etats Généraux. Mozart writes his last Sympbony: entitled “Jupiter”.


Sister Mid Section:

1792.      Devarim 02. August 2014 GFEA /Bach/ ….  28. july:    Louis XVI. Is in prison.In Austria the new King is Francis. Beethoven and Haydn both arrive to Vienna- they hear that Mozart is dead since a few months. King Gustav III of Sweden is shot in the back by Jacob Johan Anckarström at a midnight masquerade at the Royal Opera in Stockholm; he lives until March 29, and is then succeeded by his son Gustav IV Adolf.

2242: Meshy-Ace-ist Star Trek fans read the Bible:

Future Reading:   The Creator advises to occupy Canaan, and the positive news of Kalev and Yeshuah the Spies is mentoned again.


1844  CANCER Brother year. Recovery. Chest in Gnostic Metaphors.

A plan to kill Governor Kossuth /The Uncle of the Szerb-Landlady, called Daniel Csanyi/ Childhood of davidic Rabbi: Shmuel from Lubavitch.

Portion: Bálák 05 July 2014

The convicted  assassination-planner Ancestor Csanyi  meets in the prison Janosh /John/ Xantus, the later explorer of Mexico

ImageJanosh Xántus

Tlisha Gdola BAGAG Bach 685. O.Lasso

Charcot starts to heal with hypnosis.

Metternich worries for the health of fainting Szecheniy

Hint at Constellation: Cancer

Music contains melody: Brahms 1833-1897 BAGAB:

2204: /Mirror Year in the Future/ :The Creator opens the Mouth of the Ass, who will tell Bileam not to curse Yes-Real. Many gold is given to Bileam. But still, he gives only blessings. Buolds seven altars ont he mount Pisga and Peor.

 Brother years – minimal  prices –  from 1799 till 1811.

1811: Naloleon marries Marie Louise of Habsburg

Father Years  from 1811-1822

Mid Section Year 1817 /72 Father/

San Martin  traverses the Andes.   15 Februray 2014. /?/Ki tisah

Future Reading Copper basin. Betzalel prepares ustensils. Golden Cow. Forty days fasting formoses.

Shining face.

Mother Years Maximal prices  from 1822 -1832

Beethoven /1770-1827/

1821:/Mother Years begin/ : The Regent, George  IV. becomes King. Napoleon dies. Greece liberated.  (Ypsilanti)

Bardot older just eye

1826 Mid Section Year/63 Mother, Eye/:   Niepce  photo machine   Truma 01. Febr. 2014 Tlisha Ktana GFEA Bach 685. II.11

Future Reading The menora fromgold. Curtains. Cherubins.


1833-1844/45 Sister Years:

1833: The Bridge Project in Budapest.  National Drama “Ban (Duke) Bánk”  Koshitse /33/Oton (Wittelsbch) elected King in Greece /Komnenos Ancestors/

1837 /52 Sister Back/Mid Section Year:

Sfat /Cfát/ earthquake   Twist Oliver   Tetzave  08. Febr. 2014. Tlisha Gdola. GABAD /Vega/

Morse. Van Buren President. Later Hungarian Governor Kossuth in Prison.

Future Reading The robes of the Priest. Bull blood to the corn of the altar. Blood of ram behind the ears of Aharon and sons.


1889  VIRGO  45 year distance, Brother Year, recovery, Chest.

Habsburg Rudolf kills himself and Mary Vetsera who happens to be the Cousine of the Neighbour of Proust-Friend Landlady

ImageCrown Prince Rudolf kills himself and lover Mary Vetsera-Baltazzi /cousin of Floris Romer,a neighbour of the Landlady of Antal Szerb/

Neurotic symptoms discovered. Not all children are beaten up./TRudolf was awaken by shots or pistols./

Childhood of the Rabbi of Lubavitch: Joseph Yitzhaq.

His father is a patient of Freud.

Portion: Yitro 18 Jan 2014


Melody: Gershayim BAGAB…. Contains it: Grieg, Psalmen,Op. 74. BAGAB 1843-1907

President: Monroe . Palermo: earthquake.

Constellation: Virgo.

Sphere: Hesed.

Future Reading The Creator sends Yitro to Moses,his father in law, who advises him to put responsible judges at every hundred people’s group,so that he should not overburden himself. The Ten Commandments are given:all listen in awe.


Brother Years from 1844 till 1855.

Brahms /1833-1892/

Father Years from 55 till 66.

1855 : Singer sewing machine.Whitman: Grass Leaves. Cocaine discovered.


1862    Born: Lumiere 19. Oct. Birth  : Schnitzler, Klimt, Debussy, Feydeau

Portion: Noah  5 oct 2014   Melody: Revii AGFE Josquin okt 25. USA-Civil War: Grenadine falls. Hungarian Poetry: Arany: Death of Buda .

Future Reading Noah: pairing animals int he Ark. Tower of Babel..

Mother Years  1866-77.

1866 : Assassination planned against Tzar Alexander the Second and Against Bismarck. First Law for the Rights of Blacks.  Nobel:dinamit.

1871   Mid Section    Vayera   19 Oct 2014 . Zokef Katan BDA Charlie Darling

Future Reading The stick becomes a serpent, the water turns into bloodin Egypt.


III. Napoleon chased last year. Commune and its fall. Alsace given to Germany, that has an Emperor now. / 30 of May,tha end of the Commune 147 victims ont he last week../. Babbage /computer-inventor/ dies.. Aida presented in Cairo. Mark Twain invents a vest that is also a trouser-holder. Bell teaches people with hearing deficit and thinks about the phone. Alice in Wonderland published. Hungarian writer starts the „Arany ember/Golden Man”.

The opening of the Royal Albert Hall. Birth of Proust and Heltai /Herzl’s Uncle, a Hungarian Jewish poet/ Verne: The Flying City. Verlaine meets Rimbaud.

1877-1888/89  Sister Years 1877.Swan Lake, Anna Karenina, England annects South Africa. Phonograph.Micropnoe.

Mid Section 1882   Tesla, Edison, Rison LeCion /julius 31/ , Parsifal, Suez, Jumbo born: Milne, Joyce, Woolf, FDR, Stravinsky, J. Maritain, Kodály. Dies: Mrs. Lincoln

Toldot   Gershayim BAGAB…XI.11.   TBC feltalálása   born: Bela Lugosi   2. November in 2013.

Future Reading Rivka will be able to have children. Yaakov cheats Esav by giving him to eat when hungry.


1934. SCORPION A Friend of Proust – known by the Landlady of writer Szerb – the Tzar of Serbia is killed.

ImageKraj Alexander,killed by Horthy and his Minister,M.Kozma,the murder  financed by Hitler

Children are not lactated by most mothers, they are given to Nannies. Childhood of a davidic descendant: Joseph Heller.

Weekly Portion: Bereshit.. 28 Sept 2013.


Sphere: Malkut. Constellation hinted at: Scorpion.

Melody: Zokéf Katan BDA Similar to: Charlie Darling.Palestrina Agnus Dei.

Bartók: Mikrokozmos 5. /BAGAB

Future Reading  of Bible:  The Creator creates the world in six days. Adam and Eve ont he sixth day.


Brother Years from 89-till 1900: 1900 – Tosca, Boer War, boxer rebellion, Eiffel-tower

Father Years: 1900-1911.

Mid Years

72- years. 1907 Tbilisi bank-robbery.(by Stalin)Montessori School. Baden-Powell: pioneers. Birth: Katherine Hepburn. Dies: Mendieleyev, Grieg, Wispiansky. Mishkenót Shanaan founded in Jerusalem. Portion: Korach 21 June 2014


BAGAB Obladi, Mahler

Future Reading  Korach rebellion. Ten thousands dying after it.

1911-1922 Mother Years:

1911: Mexico, revolution /Pancho Villa – Porfirio Diaz /First International Woman’s Day.Apollinaire arrested suspected of stealing the Mona Lisa.



1916 Struggle for the Balfour-declarationt. Tlisha Ktana GABAD Monteverdi: Gratia Hukat

Future Reading The ashes of the Red Heifer are cleansing..

sister years from 22 till 33/34:

In 1922: Stalin in power:Cheka becomes NKVD. Ulysses published. Radio in the White House.

52 mid-section:

1927 born: Ex-Pope, radio-phone, Saudi-Arábia, Lindbergh trans-ocean flight, „Metropolis”, earth quake in Sechemben, Trotsky excluded from Party , BBC, PanAm.Leon Daudet /Proust’s supporter/ imprisoned for false accusations Devárim Darga tevir DEDCD

Future Reading The spies are the bad community except Kaev and Youshuah. Settlers East of Yordan.



Lord Mountbatten killed

ImageLord Mountbatter,an expert on the Tzar’s Family and other Ancestors /Palaiologi/

Tazria  portion

 29 March in 2014

Future Reading  The woman giving birth is considered unclean for seven days.  So one has to exit the Camp. Without covering his head.

Contained Melody BDA Charlie Darling in Jagger: This Could Be the Last Time.


ImageMick Jagger

Brother -minimalPrice – Years from 34-45

From 45- 56 Father years.Revolution against the Soviet regime in Budapest in 1956.

Middle Year /72 distance/: 1952

Stalin against Jewish doctors.

Matot-Maaseh /again/: Tlisha Gdola GABAD /Vega/ Monteverdi…Sagittarius

Future Reading Bileam killed. Gad and Menashe on Yordan’s other side.


From56 till 67: Mother Years, maximal prices.

Middle Section: 63: 1961

Jung dying, Gagarin in space.

Aharé Mot-Kedoshim. /again Capicorn/. Arih Anpin /nose,anger. Gershayim:BAGAB Couperin:Lecon des Tenebres.

Future Reading Azazel gets the goat of sin.No eating of blood allowed. No laying with aman.

From 67 till 78-79: Sister Years, diminishing Prices.

Mid Section

52: 1972

Vietnam bombed.

máj 6. Behar-Behukotay /repetition/ .Sagittarius Gershayim BAGAB Couperin .

Future Reading Shabbatical year and yovelyear:slaves freed..

This List was not published because even the Heretic Bible-melodies were too daring as they hint at a peaceful and not malevolent Jewish community – while non-Jews kill each other trying to base their decisions ont he Jewish Bible all the while and its messianic legends.

Still, if the scientific novelties about inheritance on hormonal /epigenetic/ level are true,we must know about our /common/ ancestors traumatic events and also about the therpeutical effects of certain melodies –not only because they were paralelly sung,but because they were contained in famous musicians works too.


Elias, Norbert, A civilizáció folyamata, Gondolat, Budapest, 2004.

Magyarország történelme Szövegkönyv 1914-19999, Osiris, 2000.

Loewy, Michael , Redemption and Utopia Jewish Libertarian Thought in Central Europe, A Study in Elective Affinity, Press Universitaire, Paris, 1988.

deMause, Lloyd, The Emotional life of the Nations, Karnac, N.Y. 2002.

Painter, George D.,  Marcel Proust, A Biography, London: Chatto & Windus, 1959

Asztalos Miklós, II. Rákóczi Ferenc élete és kora (Budapest; 1934)

Magyarország története, History of Hungary, 1526-1686 ed. Pach, Zsigmond Pál, R. Várkonyi, Ágnes I. Akadémiai, 1985.

Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Endre, Mátyás király, k.n. Bp. 1939.

Benda, Kálmán, Erdély végzetes asszonya, Helikon, 1986.

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Szerb, Antal, Naplójegyzetek 1914-1943 Magvetõ, Bp. 2001. szerk: Tompa Mária

R., Emma, Életek és emberek, Napló (kézirat, OSZK Kézirattár.)

Tamás, Ungvári: Shylock és Ahasverus, 1999, Scolar, Budapest

05 07 014 Weekly Bible Part: Balak and 1844

We always look at Ancestral hormonally inherited stresses that are invoked by contemporary music /only datable from Biblical portions  sung by Coptic Christians and Jews/

Brother year. Recovery. Chest

letölt Xántus J 1844 /A leader of the rebels – Janos Xantos – of Kossuth’s army/


A plan to kill Governor Kossuth /The Uncle of the Szerb-Landlady, called Daniel Csanyi/


Childhood of davidic Rabbi: Shmuel from Lubavitch.

Portion: Balak. Tlisha Gdola BAGAG Bach 685. O.Lasso

Charcot starts to heal with hypnosis.

Metternich worries for the health of fainting Szecheniy

Hint at Constellation: Cancer


2204: /Mirror Year in the Future/ :The Creator opens the Mouth of the Ass, who will tell Bileam not to curse Yes-Real. Many gold is given to Bileam. But still, he gives only blessings. Buolds seven altars ont he mount Pisga and Peor.



1817 /72 Atya/


San Martin  traverses the Andes.   Jan 19. /?/Ki tisah


Copper basin. Betzalel prepares ustensils. Golden Cow. Forty days fasting formoses.

Shining face.


gyuri áll tehénnel 13 Red Heifer /Opera of Ivan Fischer. Cantor George Kozma singing about the Red Heifer, Berlin, Konzerthaus, 29.06.2014/

1826 /63 Mother, Eye/:   Niepce  photo machine   Truma  Tlisha Ktana GFEA Bach 685. II.11


The menora fromgold. Curtains. Cherubins.



1837 /52 Sister Back/



Sfat /Cfát/ earthquake   Twist Oliver   Tetzave  II.08 in 2014. Tlisha Gdola. GABAD /Vega/

Morse. Van Buren President. Later Hungarian Governor Kossuth in Prison.


The robes of the Priest. Bull blood to the corn of the altar. Blood of ram behind the ears of Aharon and sons.

LEO 1529 Nasso and then June 7 Behaloteha and June 14 Shalah Lah

We use Bible Melodies /changing weekly/ as a supposedly hipnotic therapy effect that was in place when our non-Jewish Ancestors had stresses – wars around Messianic (=Parenting Alterego)  topics- which we inherited: but they failed to listen to the therapy music. So now as descendants we must take extra time to listen to these melodies /even if we do it indirectly,when contained in other Stress-Contemporary Music/.

It always contains four different phases that create a constellation.

The First one belongs to the Week ending on the 9th of August.

1529. Henry The Eight sacks his Chancellor, Wolsey,because the Pope /a captive of the Habsburg Emperor, Charles the Fifth will not give him the dispensation to divorce Catherine of Aragon and marry Anne Boleyn.

That is the time,when the Szerb-Landlady’s Ancestor , King Szapolyai realizes he will never be able to marry the sister of Charles, Widower Queen Mary of Habsburg,so he opts to marry Isabella of Jagello. /Szapolyai keeps the cut head of his enemyin a jar and he talks to him:melancholy, depression is the levelof empathy deficit at this epoch. /

This is the childhood of the legendary golem-maker , Maharal of Prague.They read the Portion called Vaetchanan . The Midrash mentions a lion: sothe Constellation Lion is contained here. Sphere: Hod. Melody: Revii BB- AA- G-F-E- /It is quoted in: Josquin des Pres and int he Piaf-number” Rien de rien”./

ImageJanosh Zapolya,King of Hungary and Prince of Transsylvania /d. 1540/

Future Bible-Reading: Moses reminds them they have seen the Mountain Horeb so they should not carve sculptures on nothing. They will be dispersed,where they will have idols,but they may return. They will have cities of refuge. The Ten Commandments are repeated…Seven sinful peoplewill have to be exterminated.


Distance of Father – ear: 72 years:    1502     Portion: Naso.  Melody: Tlisha Ktana B-A-G-A-B…  31.05.   Pseudo-Meshiah: Asher Lemlein 22. May: Isabella and Ferdinand marry.Last travel of Columbus: Honduras.(31 May in 2014)


Future Bible-reading: A Law for the cheating wife,the lawfor the Nazir who does not cut his hair, and how to erect a Tent with the Gifts. The Blessing of the Priests. Law-breakers must be sent out of the Camp.

ImageCaptain Picard in 2519


Mother Year Distance-eye:

63:   1511:   Portion: Behaalotecha   MelodyName:Zokéf Gadol D-B-A- Similar Song: Danny’s Goat

7  of June Pseudo-Meshian: Molko-Reuveni (A prophecy of Halevi: 24)-autodafé 6th of June. Sigismund of Jagello marries /Landlady-Relative/Barbara of Szapolyai.

Seventy Elders are chosen. Complaintson lak ofmeat:some   quails are sent to the desert.


Sister-Distance /hindpart in Gnostic Solipsist lore:/


52: 1522: 15 April   Shalah  Tlisha Ktana G-A-B-A-D…    1 of July.Ship of Magellan circumvents the Planet. 6 of November: Louis II. marries Mary of Habsburg.

It is on 14 June in 2014

Future Bible-reading by Kopt Christians: Kalev and Joshua among the spies do not fear the huge Canaanite people. Kalev even goes to see the Cave of Makpela of the Ancestors.