What IS Historic Weekly Melody Therapy and the Progressive-Conservative 22 Year Cycles?

We like horoscopes /Feng Shui, Yi King etc/ because they diminish our responsability for the – apparent – chaos – in our lives: the stars or the colors or the elements are causing havoc. Psychologists also try to help us to disengage from our false ego – and help us to create an alterego, that is more acceptable.


It is important to mention that there is a theory /from Tchizhevsky originally but found today at Gorbanev/




claiming that each Maternal-Materialist Cycle Date -like 1789,1848 etc is Left-Wing,Liberal, in a Sharing Mentality ,hence positively progressive /indirectly signaling progress for Equality/ and then each 22 years after that,the Paternal Year, which is strict,Right-Wing, and non-empatic: Anti Equality legislation is more typical:1799, 1867.



The Proust-List described by my  great-Aunt – called Emma Ritoók, a Rákoczi-Clan descendant/and  her tenant,Proust-fan writer Antal Szerb,whose widow ,a relative,told me about this tradition – was created in the Twenties /but I met their adepts in the 80s/ is similar: we play here with Past Ancestral alteregos /and Future descendants too/.

here are the Szerb papers collctd by Dixi

We all like movies when historic events are shown and contemporary music heard. But we tend to forget that we are inheriting past traumas. We may know that Henry Tudor or Napoleon were – through others if not directly – connected to our ancestors and we may thus have a sharp temper ourselves.


/Condemnaholism, or temper tantrums tend to be hormonally  inheritable in families.They are  paralleling parenting deficit related paranoid gender identity chaos  issues./

But we think we cannot do anything about it. Even if we accept that listening to contemporary music may indeed change our inherited ancestral hormonal set-up, the question remains, how do we calculate the exact music piece? I do know that Renaissance poet Valentine Balassa was my ancestor and he died at the battle of Esztergom in 1594 where Claudio Monteverdi was the choirmaster of the Gonzaga army music band. But which Monteverdi should we choose to neutralize the grief-embedded stress hormones of that era? The answer is simple: in all ages there were heretic groups -who were mostly using gender-related innovations, remember Jeanne d’Arc and millions of “witches” who refused feminine garb and chose martyrdom instead -who followed the standard Bible-text. That has a weekly changing melody system and we must just look up what was the statistically dominant melody /among the existing 12 Bible melodies/. In Monteverdi’s “Gratia” /see on youtube/ we find one special heretic melody contained: so THIS is the one we must listen to at those weeks when THAT melody was sung at the time of a major conflict. /


/Claudio Monteverdi)

The conflicts could be searched on the Wiki randomly but I am using the theory that claims that the less conflict-full years are in 44/45 years distance. It is due to the cyclical price index cycles which -according to Tchzhevsky in the Twenties and today claimed by Gorbanev – follow the Biblical institution of Yovel, or jubilee each 50th year. That has always caused a Price Minimum twice a century.Remember, the generational hormonal stress inheritance is proven to the fourth-fifth generation, which may be appr. 44 years./ So we do have 12 melodies which may be invoking 48 different conflicts in the past 500 years. I am here now posting the dates, the melodies and the classical /and popular or even folk/ musics, containing them. And then each week I will tell the interested users – if there will be any – the exact weekly melody .

For an example let us say  we happen to find ourselves in 1934, (27 October, when a second cousin great-grand-uncle of mine, using Hitler’s money organized the killing by terrorists of King Alexander /an old friend of the late writer Proust/ of Serbia in Marseille,

images 34 Alexander of serbia (King Alexander of Serbia)

416979_354135557944305_1159363119_n Proust (Marcel Proust)

At that week, heretics just have newly begun the first weekly portion. The majority melody was BAGAB and it is contained in this Bartók Mikocosmos Volume I – exactly the fifth part at 1:58.

(Hungarian summary: at http://arikleinklein.wordpress.com/2013/09/28/hormonalis-oroklodesrol-szolo-cikkek/

By the way each 44/45 year-cycle is called “Brother” – or Son – Year and it corresponds to “family member” Years or Decades  – we need them only because we all have milions of ancestors and this is a convenient filtter /as sunspots probably do have a hormonal effect, and music also/.

The Four Family Members /Father, Mother, Brother and Sister/ are the Decrease, the Maximal,the Minimal and the Increase Years in Spot-Numbers and in intensity or Will or Demands. Maximal Years are generally parallel to liberal breakthroughs /1789, 1830,1848/ and Minimal Years are parallel to conservative decisions /1799, 1867, 1914/.


And they are are also hints to certain Body Parts /projective structures in infants: Ear, Eye, and Rear/ and they do have  a psychological aspect each: Goal /Father/, Intellect /Mother and deficit /Sister. (While Brother belongs to the sphere of Recovery and it invokes visually the Chest or Breast.) Some claim that in every present situation we are in relation with a number of body parts and the majority number decides which Past Ancestral Stress Hormone we must deal with unconsciously. Many heretic groups stress the improtance of back-to-back sitting for men, sometimes for hours each day: because same-sex body-contact  /during study without eroticism/is healing for the Father Deficit syndrome.

Ear /Fathering Year/ Goal : increasing prices = conservative  solutions

Manson's Ear

Eye /Mothering year/ Intellect: Maximal Prices = liberal solutions

dog eye

Chest /Breast /Brother- Son Year/ Recovery  Minimal Prices /Autocratic solutions/


Back /Sister year/ Deficit, Craving -Decreasing Prices = increase in tension


And naturally, these  Progressive + Conservative  Crisis Dates may lead us into the Future, where we may find the same Weekly Therapy Melodies in the Star Trek Clubs of the 2100-2200s years.




They are singing the same old legends with Therapy Melodies:

spies 1792

We read Ha’azinu last and Zot-Habraha this week. (Then we begin again each year the whole scroll from Bereshit.) Same melody sung in 1427-8, when the Bluebeard became the leader of Joan of Arc’s Army

We have more than a million ancestor in the distance of 500 years…Of course only a few leaders are noted in history and we may further filter those millions by focusing on a topic like messianism (as most wars had biblical fantasy causes,so let’s focus on the Habsburgs who were related to all the other kingly families).

And a further filter could be Chizhevsky’s idea of the bank crisis cycles (two of them each century).

But still, those  “ghost commitees”  mentioned in Nabokov’s Pnin – even in  a hormonal form – must have quite tumultuous sessions.

Let’s suppose,that Chaim Potok is right and music has been always soothing those past conflicts – as he mentions it in his novel entitled “Davita’s Harp” – so we introduce singing religious ancestors (Bible-reading Jewish melodies are unchanged).

Like at present we are in the “Ha’azinu” portion of the Bible (of Moses), and among the 12 crisis-years it was read in 1427-28, when the Bluebeard (later convicted for serial child-rape and murder) became the became the leader of the army of Joan of Arc.

Joan of Arc was trying to influence his rivals and hence sided with the Pope against the Hussites – and Albert of Habsburg is just marying the daughter of Emperor Sigismond of Luxembourg and is burning Jews on the stake (for supporting heretic Hussites). Soon technicaly it will be possible (by nanocomputer saving of DNS and brain programs) to ressurect people from the past – and first they will scan their brains to see what fantasies they did have  and probably prescribe some therapy as most of our ancestors (Nabokov’s “ghost communities” that influence us today) were raving maniacs and psychotics like Bluebeard and Joan of Arc)

Jeanne_dArc William Etty

1427. Hussite wars (Joan of Arc gathers an army agaist the Hussites). Albert of Habsburg married the daughter of Emperor Sigismond of Luxembourg. Jews burned on the stake by Albert. Evicted from Bern. Gipsies enter into Paris.

Musician: Oswald von Wolkenstein, Dufay


The Babylon Yearly Cycle ending with the last four weeks

As we know we are looking for ancestral stress-contemporary Biblical melody and non-religious music containing  it -in order for the stress-inheriting descendants using it to diminish hormonal stress.


(Shoftim was the week before the last ones: 1619 – another post: Monteverdi)



 6 September

Brother (Minimal) Year: 1484

Pedro Arbues, the Vice-Inquisitor of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand is killed by Jews.

Empaty-evolution history: live skinning (schizoid paranoid Cannibalistic origin) – King Matthias Hunyadi uses it against rebels. Matthias occupies Vienna. / Renaissance Mazochist Christianity. /

Children are given to Nannies in 80%, Mother is not giving milk to own child in non-Jewish families.

Rabbi of the Davidic Line: Yitshaq Katzenellenbogen – still in childhood. Portion:  Ki teytzey.   Gershayim BAGAB Constellation of Aries. Sphere: Gvura


Bible Portion: (read by the resurrected in the Future with the Mashiah) To shave the head of the captive woman before marriage. The son of a hated wife is also inheriting. A rebel son is stoned. The lost ass of a stanger should be given back. A man should not wear woman’s garments. Mother bird should not ee when her offspring is taken. There must be a protecting device on rooftops. Tzitzit ont he robes. Lashing those committing violence. Violated girl must be married. Marriage desacrating causes execution. Mixed marriage is not allowed with Moav and Ammon, only with Egyptians and Edomites great-grandchildren. Nightly emittance causes unclean day. Prostitution is not allowed. The excrement must be covered by earth. We may take from other’s grain of raisin with our hands but not with tools. Workers must be paid on same day. Brother of dead man must marry widow, if she idagrees , she must throw toward him her shoes.


 flagellánsok Guardia-battenti


 13 September


1472 Sister Year, Price Diminishing Begins: Mathias of Hunyadi the King imprisons Archbishop John of Vitez, his pupil,poet Janus Pannonius dies. (Music: Josquin Des Prez)



 sister year /egoistic demands/ 1477  Ki tavoh IX.8.. Gershayim BAGAB   IX.8. Marriage of Maximilain (with Marguerite of Bourgundy)  Planning the Inquistion – starting next year. King Matthias attacks Vienna /brother of Maximilian, Frederick/. Queen Beatrix of Aragons first year in Hungary.


Bible portion of the week read by the  ressurrected  messianists in the Future : Fruit sacrifice in a casket.The priest must tell: . „My father was an Aramian wanderer.” A tenth of the crop must be given to the Levites, the stanger, the widow, the orphan. They are carving the Tora on stone pillars on Mount Ebal. Tribes should stand on the mountains and levites should curse the transgressors. Curses: skin diseases, contagions, attack by foreign people, exile. Their sandal has not been torn on them for forty years but they do not remember.




20 September





 1412.  Nitzavim Tlisha Katana : GABAD  12. Sept 12. .


Vincent Ferrer  conversos. Tortosa: Disputation with Albo on the talmud. Birth: Jeanne d’Arc



The contract will stand with those in the Future. Idol-making is not allowed. Exile can be terminated by confession of sins, then the curse goes to the enemy. This teaching is not far away over the seas, buti n our mouth. It describes the sacrifice of a Capricorn.



 From 1416 till 1427 Mother Years Maximal Prices, nurturing,sharing, left-wing liberal egalitarianism


Vayeleh is many times together with Nitzavim, so we use the same melody that week.


27 September (New Year – Rosh Hashana is 25th September)

From 1427 till 39:


33th Year beginning of Sister Year 


1427:  First Witch process in Switzerland. Gipsies in paris. Hussites victorious. Born:  Galeotto Marzio



: 1432  Haazinu-Zot Habracha   Gershayim: BAGAB . 8. of Sept.

Svidrigalia (Brother of Jagela  ) stuggling    Birth:of III Vlad Dracul



Castilia against Jews. Habsburg Albert’s daugther Anne born from Sigismond’s daughter Elisabeth.


 Be your speech like dew. The Creator has carried the people as an eagle. They transgess the Law so the Creator will punish them with bloody arrows. Moses will be taken to the Mount Nebo to di




Shoftim portion melody: 1619,Gesualdo – Elisabeth Bathory

So (we have left just six weeks till Rosh Hashana, Babylonian New Year, when I started this blog last year in September)  this coming week we are at Bible portion Shoftim – its inherited Ancestral Stress or  Trauma  belongs to 1619 – when the Habsburgs could conquer Prince Bethlen (by the Catholic Homonnay and George Rákoczi). The messianist child – age Rabbi in this time was Menashe ben Israel (whose wife was a descendant of – davidic scion – Rabbi Abarbanel from the 1460s.) Later he will persuade  Cromwell to let Jews re-enter to England.



We are studying the ancestors of Hungarian Proust-fan writer Wonder Rabbi descendant Antal Szerb and his landlady, Emma Ritoók, who wanted to write about this (but Emma died in 45 and Antal was killed in 45).


Their nephew and niece married so they have descendants who have both Transylvanian Princes and Jewish Tzadikkim as ancestrors. Obviously if these descendants hear the melody that is similar to the one that was sung when some ancestors just killed each other (Rákoczi later was a partner of Hyelmnitsky, the Ukrainian hetman who made a huge pogrom in 1648).





The week of the portion “Re-ay” and the inherited stress from 1477: music by Josquin du Prez

We have inherited ancestrall stress hormone structures. We also have inherited stressdiminishing therapy melodies: each religion changes the melodies they sing every week. Jews are present at  most  places so it is logical to use their weekly melodies. (Especially as Christians and Muslims use their Biblical legends anyway). So we have the Re-ay portion (on how the Creator rewards us for loving his precepts of good deeds) and its contemporary Non-Jewish musician is Josquin du Prez.


Yeah, How, Why the Ressurection Will Have to Use the Historic Weekly Melody Therapy

panda pics

Obviosuly scientists ponder the possibility of resurrection -DNS programs and brain neurons may be duplicated, cloned in cyborgs in some decades or centuries…And then the question will arise, that who should be resurrected first?Obviouslygreat historic personalities will be the first ones…Frederick the Great, Louis XIV, Napoleon, Henry the Eight. They will have to go to therapy first, as their traumata, their psychotic delusions will have to be treated in therapy, they must become more tolerant in those timeswhen people will no longer die, so hatred will be obsolete.There will be some Jewish guy who will be the Meshy Ace, or Joy-Use-Us, to call him in word-play…And it will be natural to use the 45-50 years Cycles of Price Cycles that have psycho-social effects /Paternalism when prices are low and Maternal-Nurturing when prices are high/. It will be also evident, that all religuons have a constant therapy effect through melodies. And that the Biblicalmelodies – as Christians and Muslims also use biblicalstories – do have a weekly changing melodythat can be dated. All major traumata or historical stress – battles,revolutions in those Price-Cycles – can be dated with a Biblical weekly melody. So in each week we will have those Historical Princes ressurrected that are just listening to the weekly melody…and the Prince Constellations are changing weekly in the Future.The Ressurected Princes will gather around them the less famous simple people:first those, who were their family relatives and friends and so on,it will be a long process, for sure. But we can anticipate it now,if welisten to the stress-contemporary historical music /and, because as yet we have negative reflexes still around religion and Judaism, we may use worly composers whose workls contain the very Biblical Weekly Melodies that do the music Therapy effect upon the hormones of the descendants(who inherit the stress hormone structures).
This week,we are at Matot Portion,the Stress Contemporary Melody Container Musician is Palestrina and the stresses are around 1547: Henry the VIII dies, Ivan the Terrible accedes to the throne of Muscowy and Jagello Isabella fights against George Martinuzzi in Trasnylvania – her sister in-law, Barbara Szapolyai’s daughter, Hedwig of Jagello – ancestress of the Bourbons and some Oranien House Kings of England and also of Frederick the Great – is alienated from husband Joachim II of Brandenburg.


week from 14.06 to 2.06 Korah /1934/

So this “Korah” /Bible Portion/ week belongs to the 1934 Minimal brother Decade, it is the next,the raising prices of the “father” decade – the family names hint at infantile projections described by Melanie Klein and John Bolby. The decade lasts from 1900-1911/ Stalin robs a bank in 1907.

Brother /Price Minimum/ Year:

1934. A Friend of Proust – known by the Landlady of writer Szerb – the Tzar of Serbia is killed.



ImageKraj Alexander,killed by Horthy and his Minister,M.Kozma,the murder  financed by Hitler

Children are not lactated by most mothers, they are given to Nannies. Childhood of a davidic descendant: Joseph Heller.

Weekly Portion: Bereshit.. 28 Sept 2013.


Sphere: Malkut. Constellation hinted at: Scorpion.



Melody: Zokéf Katan BDA Similar to: Charlie Darling.Palestrina Agnus Dei.


Bartók: Mikrokozmos 5. /BAGAB



Future Reading  of Bible:  The Creator creates the world in six days. Adam and Eve ont he sixth day.


Brother Years from 89-till 1900: 1900 – Tosca, Boer War, boxer rebellion, Eiffel-tower


Father Years: 1900-1911.



January 14

July 29 – King Umberto I of Italy is assassinated by the Italian-born anarchist Gaetano Bresci.



January 22

  • Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom dies at age 81, after more than 63 years on the throne, and her son the Prince of Wales formally succeeds her as King Edward VII.

March 17 – A showing of 71 Vincent van Gogh paintings in Paris, 11 years after his death, creates a sensation.


October 16 – U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt invites African American leader Booker T. Washington to the White House. The American South reacts angrily to the visit, and racial violence increases in the region.

(Oil in Texas – Us Steel: Morgan, anti-turst movement – trying to kill Wilhelm II, the Kaiser – Morse’s first message)



February 15 – The Berlin U-Bahn underground is opened.


April 2Electric Theatre, the first movie theater in the United States, opens in Los Angeles, California.


June 11Serbian King Alexander Obrenović and Queen Draga are assassinated.


December 17Orville Wright flies an aircraft with a petrol engine at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in the first documented, successful, controlled, powered, heavier-than-air flight.


September 25The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints President Joseph F. Smith issues a Second Manifesto against polygamy.








March 17Albert Einstein publishes his paper On a heuristic viewpoint concerning the production and transformation of light, in which he explains the photoelectric effect using the notion of light quanta.





July 12Alfred Dreyfus is exonerated. He is reinstalled in the French Army on July 21, thus ending the Dreyfus affair.



Mid Years

72- years. 1907 Tbilisi bank-robbery.(by Stalin) Montessori School. Baden-Powell: pioneers. Birth: Katherine Hepburn. Dies: Mendieleyev, Grieg, Wispiansky. Mishkenót Shanaan founded in Jerusalem. Portion: Korach 21 June 2014

 March 22 – The first taxicabs with taxi meters begin operating in London.

BAGAB Obladi, Mahler



January 12 – A long-distance radio message is sent from the Eiffel Tower for the first time.

November 15King Leopold II of Belgium formally relinquishes his personal control of the Congo Free State to Belgium (becoming Belgian Congo) following evidence collected by Roger Casement of maladministration.



March 21 – The remains of the Báb are placed in the Bahá’í Shrine of the Báb on Mount Carmel in Haifa, at this time within the Ottoman Empire.


April 11 – The city of Tel Aviv (known in its first year as Ahuzat Bayit) is founded by the Jewish community on the outskirts of Jaffa.


April 14Adana massacre: Ottoman Turks kill 15,000–30,000 Armenian Christians in the Adana Vilayet.



May 6George V becomes King of the United Kingdom upon the death of his father, Edward VII.




Future Reading  Korach rebellion. Ten thousands dying after it.


1911-1922 Mother Years:


1911: Mexico, revolution /Pancho Villa – against Porfirio Diaz /First International Woman’s Day. Apollinaire arrested suspected of stealing the Mona Lisa.





1916 Struggle for the Balfour-declarationt. Tlisha Ktana GABAD Monteverdi: Gratia Hukat


Future Reading The ashes of the Red Heifer are cleansing..


sister years from 22 till 33/34:


In 1922: Stalin in power:Cheka becomes NKVD. Ulysses published. Radio in the White House.

52 mid-section:

1927 born: Ex-Pope, radio-phone, Saudi-Arábia, Lindbergh trans-ocean flight, „Metropolis”, earth quake in Sechemben, Trotsky excluded from Party , BBC, PanAm.Leon Daudet /Proust’s supporter/ imprisoned for false accusations Devárim Darga tevir DEDCD


Future Reading The spies are the bad community except Kalev and Yehoshuah. Settlers East of Yordan.


this week /08.06.014/ Shelah melody

 1517-1528: Fourth decade.

Sister-Distance /hindpart:

52: 1522: Shalah  Tlisha Ktana G-A-B-A-D…    14 June in 2014  1 July:Ship of Magellan circumvents the Planet. 6 of November: Louis II. marries Mary of Habsburg.


Kalev and Joshua among the spies do not fear the huge Canaanite people. Kalev even goes to see the Cave of Makpela of the Ancestors.



And this is the monthly context of it:


1529. Henry The Eight sacks his Chancellor, Wolsey,because the Pope /a captive of the Habsburg Emperor, Charles the Fifth will not give him the dispensation to divorce Catherine of Aragon and marry Anne Boleyn. That is the time,when the Szerb-Landlady’s Ancestor , King Szapolyai relizes he will never be able to marry the sister of Charles, Widower Queen Mary of Habsburg,so he opts to marry Isabella of Jagello. /Szapolyai keeps the cut head of his enemyin a jar and he talks to him:melancholy, depression is the levelof empathy deficit at this epoch. / This is the childhood of the legendary golem-maker , Maharal of Prague.They read the Portion called Vaetchanan . The Midrash mentions a lion: sothe Constellation Lion is contained here. Sphere: Hod. Melody: Revii BB- AA- G-F-E- /It is quoted in: Josquin des Pres and in the Piaf-number” Rien de rien”./

9 of August in 2014.


Palestrina /1525-1594/

Brother Year:Chest in Gnostic Body Parallels



Cranach Martin_Luther,_1528Luther

Cranach_the_Younger_Isabella_JagiellonIsabella of Jagello

/the basic structure is that each decade has a different melody – hinting at different Ancestral Contemporary Stresses./