What IS Historic Weekly Melody Therapy and the Progressive-Conservative 22 Year Cycles?

We like horoscopes /Feng Shui, Yi King etc/ because they diminish our responsability for the – apparent – chaos – in our lives: the stars or the colors or the elements are causing havoc. Psychologists also try to help us to disengage from our false ego – and help us to create an alterego, that is more acceptable.


It is important to mention that there is a theory /from Tchizhevsky originally but found today at Gorbanev/




claiming that each Maternal-Materialist Cycle Date -like 1789,1848 etc is Left-Wing,Liberal, in a Sharing Mentality ,hence positively progressive /indirectly signaling progress for Equality/ and then each 22 years after that,the Paternal Year, which is strict,Right-Wing, and non-empatic: Anti Equality legislation is more typical:1799, 1867.



The Proust-List described by my  great-Aunt – called Emma Ritoók, a Rákoczi-Clan descendant/and  her tenant,Proust-fan writer Antal Szerb,whose widow ,a relative,told me about this tradition – was created in the Twenties /but I met their adepts in the 80s/ is similar: we play here with Past Ancestral alteregos /and Future descendants too/.

here are the Szerb papers collctd by Dixi

We all like movies when historic events are shown and contemporary music heard. But we tend to forget that we are inheriting past traumas. We may know that Henry Tudor or Napoleon were – through others if not directly – connected to our ancestors and we may thus have a sharp temper ourselves.


/Condemnaholism, or temper tantrums tend to be hormonally  inheritable in families.They are  paralleling parenting deficit related paranoid gender identity chaos  issues./

But we think we cannot do anything about it. Even if we accept that listening to contemporary music may indeed change our inherited ancestral hormonal set-up, the question remains, how do we calculate the exact music piece? I do know that Renaissance poet Valentine Balassa was my ancestor and he died at the battle of Esztergom in 1594 where Claudio Monteverdi was the choirmaster of the Gonzaga army music band. But which Monteverdi should we choose to neutralize the grief-embedded stress hormones of that era? The answer is simple: in all ages there were heretic groups -who were mostly using gender-related innovations, remember Jeanne d’Arc and millions of “witches” who refused feminine garb and chose martyrdom instead -who followed the standard Bible-text. That has a weekly changing melody system and we must just look up what was the statistically dominant melody /among the existing 12 Bible melodies/. In Monteverdi’s “Gratia” /see on youtube/ we find one special heretic melody contained: so THIS is the one we must listen to at those weeks when THAT melody was sung at the time of a major conflict. /


/Claudio Monteverdi)

The conflicts could be searched on the Wiki randomly but I am using the theory that claims that the less conflict-full years are in 44/45 years distance. It is due to the cyclical price index cycles which -according to Tchzhevsky in the Twenties and today claimed by Gorbanev – follow the Biblical institution of Yovel, or jubilee each 50th year. That has always caused a Price Minimum twice a century.Remember, the generational hormonal stress inheritance is proven to the fourth-fifth generation, which may be appr. 44 years./ So we do have 12 melodies which may be invoking 48 different conflicts in the past 500 years. I am here now posting the dates, the melodies and the classical /and popular or even folk/ musics, containing them. And then each week I will tell the interested users – if there will be any – the exact weekly melody .

For an example let us say  we happen to find ourselves in 1934, (27 October, when a second cousin great-grand-uncle of mine, using Hitler’s money organized the killing by terrorists of King Alexander /an old friend of the late writer Proust/ of Serbia in Marseille,

images 34 Alexander of serbia (King Alexander of Serbia)

416979_354135557944305_1159363119_n Proust (Marcel Proust)

At that week, heretics just have newly begun the first weekly portion. The majority melody was BAGAB and it is contained in this Bartók Mikocosmos Volume I – exactly the fifth part at 1:58.

(Hungarian summary: at http://arikleinklein.wordpress.com/2013/09/28/hormonalis-oroklodesrol-szolo-cikkek/

By the way each 44/45 year-cycle is called “Brother” – or Son – Year and it corresponds to “family member” Years or Decades  – we need them only because we all have milions of ancestors and this is a convenient filtter /as sunspots probably do have a hormonal effect, and music also/.

The Four Family Members /Father, Mother, Brother and Sister/ are the Decrease, the Maximal,the Minimal and the Increase Years in Spot-Numbers and in intensity or Will or Demands. Maximal Years are generally parallel to liberal breakthroughs /1789, 1830,1848/ and Minimal Years are parallel to conservative decisions /1799, 1867, 1914/.


And they are are also hints to certain Body Parts /projective structures in infants: Ear, Eye, and Rear/ and they do have  a psychological aspect each: Goal /Father/, Intellect /Mother and deficit /Sister. (While Brother belongs to the sphere of Recovery and it invokes visually the Chest or Breast.) Some claim that in every present situation we are in relation with a number of body parts and the majority number decides which Past Ancestral Stress Hormone we must deal with unconsciously. Many heretic groups stress the improtance of back-to-back sitting for men, sometimes for hours each day: because same-sex body-contact  /during study without eroticism/is healing for the Father Deficit syndrome.

Ear /Fathering Year/ Goal : increasing prices = conservative  solutions

Manson's Ear

Eye /Mothering year/ Intellect: Maximal Prices = liberal solutions

dog eye

Chest /Breast /Brother- Son Year/ Recovery  Minimal Prices /Autocratic solutions/


Back /Sister year/ Deficit, Craving -Decreasing Prices = increase in tension


And naturally, these  Progressive + Conservative  Crisis Dates may lead us into the Future, where we may find the same Weekly Therapy Melodies in the Star Trek Clubs of the 2100-2200s years.




They are singing the same old legends with Therapy Melodies:

spies 1792

The Babylon Yearly Cycle ending with the last four weeks

As we know we are looking for ancestral stress-contemporary Biblical melody and non-religious music containing  it -in order for the stress-inheriting descendants using it to diminish hormonal stress.


(Shoftim was the week before the last ones: 1619 – another post: Monteverdi)



 6 September

Brother (Minimal) Year: 1484

Pedro Arbues, the Vice-Inquisitor of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand is killed by Jews.

Empaty-evolution history: live skinning (schizoid paranoid Cannibalistic origin) – King Matthias Hunyadi uses it against rebels. Matthias occupies Vienna. / Renaissance Mazochist Christianity. /

Children are given to Nannies in 80%, Mother is not giving milk to own child in non-Jewish families.

Rabbi of the Davidic Line: Yitshaq Katzenellenbogen – still in childhood. Portion:  Ki teytzey.   Gershayim BAGAB Constellation of Aries. Sphere: Gvura


Bible Portion: (read by the resurrected in the Future with the Mashiah) To shave the head of the captive woman before marriage. The son of a hated wife is also inheriting. A rebel son is stoned. The lost ass of a stanger should be given back. A man should not wear woman’s garments. Mother bird should not ee when her offspring is taken. There must be a protecting device on rooftops. Tzitzit ont he robes. Lashing those committing violence. Violated girl must be married. Marriage desacrating causes execution. Mixed marriage is not allowed with Moav and Ammon, only with Egyptians and Edomites great-grandchildren. Nightly emittance causes unclean day. Prostitution is not allowed. The excrement must be covered by earth. We may take from other’s grain of raisin with our hands but not with tools. Workers must be paid on same day. Brother of dead man must marry widow, if she idagrees , she must throw toward him her shoes.


 flagellánsok Guardia-battenti


 13 September


1472 Sister Year, Price Diminishing Begins: Mathias of Hunyadi the King imprisons Archbishop John of Vitez, his pupil,poet Janus Pannonius dies. (Music: Josquin Des Prez)



 sister year /egoistic demands/ 1477  Ki tavoh IX.8.. Gershayim BAGAB   IX.8. Marriage of Maximilain (with Marguerite of Bourgundy)  Planning the Inquistion – starting next year. King Matthias attacks Vienna /brother of Maximilian, Frederick/. Queen Beatrix of Aragons first year in Hungary.


Bible portion of the week read by the  ressurrected  messianists in the Future : Fruit sacrifice in a casket.The priest must tell: . „My father was an Aramian wanderer.” A tenth of the crop must be given to the Levites, the stanger, the widow, the orphan. They are carving the Tora on stone pillars on Mount Ebal. Tribes should stand on the mountains and levites should curse the transgressors. Curses: skin diseases, contagions, attack by foreign people, exile. Their sandal has not been torn on them for forty years but they do not remember.




20 September





 1412.  Nitzavim Tlisha Katana : GABAD  12. Sept 12. .


Vincent Ferrer  conversos. Tortosa: Disputation with Albo on the talmud. Birth: Jeanne d’Arc



The contract will stand with those in the Future. Idol-making is not allowed. Exile can be terminated by confession of sins, then the curse goes to the enemy. This teaching is not far away over the seas, buti n our mouth. It describes the sacrifice of a Capricorn.



 From 1416 till 1427 Mother Years Maximal Prices, nurturing,sharing, left-wing liberal egalitarianism


Vayeleh is many times together with Nitzavim, so we use the same melody that week.


27 September (New Year – Rosh Hashana is 25th September)

From 1427 till 39:


33th Year beginning of Sister Year 


1427:  First Witch process in Switzerland. Gipsies in paris. Hussites victorious. Born:  Galeotto Marzio



: 1432  Haazinu-Zot Habracha   Gershayim: BAGAB . 8. of Sept.

Svidrigalia (Brother of Jagela  ) stuggling    Birth:of III Vlad Dracul



Castilia against Jews. Habsburg Albert’s daugther Anne born from Sigismond’s daughter Elisabeth.


 Be your speech like dew. The Creator has carried the people as an eagle. They transgess the Law so the Creator will punish them with bloody arrows. Moses will be taken to the Mount Nebo to di




Shoftim portion melody: 1619,Gesualdo – Elisabeth Bathory

So (we have left just six weeks till Rosh Hashana, Babylonian New Year, when I started this blog last year in September)  this coming week we are at Bible portion Shoftim – its inherited Ancestral Stress or  Trauma  belongs to 1619 – when the Habsburgs could conquer Prince Bethlen (by the Catholic Homonnay and George Rákoczi). The messianist child – age Rabbi in this time was Menashe ben Israel (whose wife was a descendant of – davidic scion – Rabbi Abarbanel from the 1460s.) Later he will persuade  Cromwell to let Jews re-enter to England.



We are studying the ancestors of Hungarian Proust-fan writer Wonder Rabbi descendant Antal Szerb and his landlady, Emma Ritoók, who wanted to write about this (but Emma died in 45 and Antal was killed in 45).


Their nephew and niece married so they have descendants who have both Transylvanian Princes and Jewish Tzadikkim as ancestrors. Obviously if these descendants hear the melody that is similar to the one that was sung when some ancestors just killed each other (Rákoczi later was a partner of Hyelmnitsky, the Ukrainian hetman who made a huge pogrom in 1648).





The week of the portion “Re-ay” and the inherited stress from 1477: music by Josquin du Prez

We have inherited ancestrall stress hormone structures. We also have inherited stressdiminishing therapy melodies: each religion changes the melodies they sing every week. Jews are present at  most  places so it is logical to use their weekly melodies. (Especially as Christians and Muslims use their Biblical legends anyway). So we have the Re-ay portion (on how the Creator rewards us for loving his precepts of good deeds) and its contemporary Non-Jewish musician is Josquin du Prez.


Yeah, How, Why the Ressurection Will Have to Use the Historic Weekly Melody Therapy

panda pics

Obviosuly scientists ponder the possibility of resurrection -DNS programs and brain neurons may be duplicated, cloned in cyborgs in some decades or centuries…And then the question will arise, that who should be resurrected first?Obviouslygreat historic personalities will be the first ones…Frederick the Great, Louis XIV, Napoleon, Henry the Eight. They will have to go to therapy first, as their traumata, their psychotic delusions will have to be treated in therapy, they must become more tolerant in those timeswhen people will no longer die, so hatred will be obsolete.There will be some Jewish guy who will be the Meshy Ace, or Joy-Use-Us, to call him in word-play…And it will be natural to use the 45-50 years Cycles of Price Cycles that have psycho-social effects /Paternalism when prices are low and Maternal-Nurturing when prices are high/. It will be also evident, that all religuons have a constant therapy effect through melodies. And that the Biblicalmelodies – as Christians and Muslims also use biblicalstories – do have a weekly changing melodythat can be dated. All major traumata or historical stress – battles,revolutions in those Price-Cycles – can be dated with a Biblical weekly melody. So in each week we will have those Historical Princes ressurrected that are just listening to the weekly melody…and the Prince Constellations are changing weekly in the Future.The Ressurected Princes will gather around them the less famous simple people:first those, who were their family relatives and friends and so on,it will be a long process, for sure. But we can anticipate it now,if welisten to the stress-contemporary historical music /and, because as yet we have negative reflexes still around religion and Judaism, we may use worly composers whose workls contain the very Biblical Weekly Melodies that do the music Therapy effect upon the hormones of the descendants(who inherit the stress hormone structures).
This week,we are at Matot Portion,the Stress Contemporary Melody Container Musician is Palestrina and the stresses are around 1547: Henry the VIII dies, Ivan the Terrible accedes to the throne of Muscowy and Jagello Isabella fights against George Martinuzzi in Trasnylvania – her sister in-law, Barbara Szapolyai’s daughter, Hedwig of Jagello – ancestress of the Bourbons and some Oranien House Kings of England and also of Frederick the Great – is alienated from husband Joachim II of Brandenburg.


week from 14.06 to 2.06 Korah /1934/

So this “Korah” /Bible Portion/ week belongs to the 1934 Minimal brother Decade, it is the next,the raising prices of the “father” decade – the family names hint at infantile projections described by Melanie Klein and John Bolby. The decade lasts from 1900-1911/ Stalin robs a bank in 1907.

Brother /Price Minimum/ Year:

1934. A Friend of Proust – known by the Landlady of writer Szerb – the Tzar of Serbia is killed.



ImageKraj Alexander,killed by Horthy and his Minister,M.Kozma,the murder  financed by Hitler

Children are not lactated by most mothers, they are given to Nannies. Childhood of a davidic descendant: Joseph Heller.

Weekly Portion: Bereshit.. 28 Sept 2013.


Sphere: Malkut. Constellation hinted at: Scorpion.



Melody: Zokéf Katan BDA Similar to: Charlie Darling.Palestrina Agnus Dei.


Bartók: Mikrokozmos 5. /BAGAB



Future Reading  of Bible:  The Creator creates the world in six days. Adam and Eve ont he sixth day.


Brother Years from 89-till 1900: 1900 – Tosca, Boer War, boxer rebellion, Eiffel-tower


Father Years: 1900-1911.



January 14

July 29 – King Umberto I of Italy is assassinated by the Italian-born anarchist Gaetano Bresci.



January 22

  • Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom dies at age 81, after more than 63 years on the throne, and her son the Prince of Wales formally succeeds her as King Edward VII.

March 17 – A showing of 71 Vincent van Gogh paintings in Paris, 11 years after his death, creates a sensation.


October 16 – U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt invites African American leader Booker T. Washington to the White House. The American South reacts angrily to the visit, and racial violence increases in the region.

(Oil in Texas – Us Steel: Morgan, anti-turst movement – trying to kill Wilhelm II, the Kaiser – Morse’s first message)



February 15 – The Berlin U-Bahn underground is opened.


April 2Electric Theatre, the first movie theater in the United States, opens in Los Angeles, California.


June 11Serbian King Alexander Obrenović and Queen Draga are assassinated.


December 17Orville Wright flies an aircraft with a petrol engine at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in the first documented, successful, controlled, powered, heavier-than-air flight.


September 25The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints President Joseph F. Smith issues a Second Manifesto against polygamy.








March 17Albert Einstein publishes his paper On a heuristic viewpoint concerning the production and transformation of light, in which he explains the photoelectric effect using the notion of light quanta.





July 12Alfred Dreyfus is exonerated. He is reinstalled in the French Army on July 21, thus ending the Dreyfus affair.



Mid Years

72- years. 1907 Tbilisi bank-robbery.(by Stalin) Montessori School. Baden-Powell: pioneers. Birth: Katherine Hepburn. Dies: Mendieleyev, Grieg, Wispiansky. Mishkenót Shanaan founded in Jerusalem. Portion: Korach 21 June 2014

 March 22 – The first taxicabs with taxi meters begin operating in London.

BAGAB Obladi, Mahler



January 12 – A long-distance radio message is sent from the Eiffel Tower for the first time.

November 15King Leopold II of Belgium formally relinquishes his personal control of the Congo Free State to Belgium (becoming Belgian Congo) following evidence collected by Roger Casement of maladministration.



March 21 – The remains of the Báb are placed in the Bahá’í Shrine of the Báb on Mount Carmel in Haifa, at this time within the Ottoman Empire.


April 11 – The city of Tel Aviv (known in its first year as Ahuzat Bayit) is founded by the Jewish community on the outskirts of Jaffa.


April 14Adana massacre: Ottoman Turks kill 15,000–30,000 Armenian Christians in the Adana Vilayet.



May 6George V becomes King of the United Kingdom upon the death of his father, Edward VII.




Future Reading  Korach rebellion. Ten thousands dying after it.


1911-1922 Mother Years:


1911: Mexico, revolution /Pancho Villa – against Porfirio Diaz /First International Woman’s Day. Apollinaire arrested suspected of stealing the Mona Lisa.





1916 Struggle for the Balfour-declarationt. Tlisha Ktana GABAD Monteverdi: Gratia Hukat


Future Reading The ashes of the Red Heifer are cleansing..


sister years from 22 till 33/34:


In 1922: Stalin in power:Cheka becomes NKVD. Ulysses published. Radio in the White House.

52 mid-section:

1927 born: Ex-Pope, radio-phone, Saudi-Arábia, Lindbergh trans-ocean flight, „Metropolis”, earth quake in Sechemben, Trotsky excluded from Party , BBC, PanAm.Leon Daudet /Proust’s supporter/ imprisoned for false accusations Devárim Darga tevir DEDCD


Future Reading The spies are the bad community except Kalev and Yehoshuah. Settlers East of Yordan.


this week /08.06.014/ Shelah melody

 1517-1528: Fourth decade.

Sister-Distance /hindpart:

52: 1522: Shalah  Tlisha Ktana G-A-B-A-D…    14 June in 2014  1 July:Ship of Magellan circumvents the Planet. 6 of November: Louis II. marries Mary of Habsburg.


Kalev and Joshua among the spies do not fear the huge Canaanite people. Kalev even goes to see the Cave of Makpela of the Ancestors.



And this is the monthly context of it:


1529. Henry The Eight sacks his Chancellor, Wolsey,because the Pope /a captive of the Habsburg Emperor, Charles the Fifth will not give him the dispensation to divorce Catherine of Aragon and marry Anne Boleyn. That is the time,when the Szerb-Landlady’s Ancestor , King Szapolyai relizes he will never be able to marry the sister of Charles, Widower Queen Mary of Habsburg,so he opts to marry Isabella of Jagello. /Szapolyai keeps the cut head of his enemyin a jar and he talks to him:melancholy, depression is the levelof empathy deficit at this epoch. / This is the childhood of the legendary golem-maker , Maharal of Prague.They read the Portion called Vaetchanan . The Midrash mentions a lion: sothe Constellation Lion is contained here. Sphere: Hod. Melody: Revii BB- AA- G-F-E- /It is quoted in: Josquin des Pres and in the Piaf-number” Rien de rien”./

9 of August in 2014.


Palestrina /1525-1594/

Brother Year:Chest in Gnostic Body Parallels



Cranach Martin_Luther,_1528Luther

Cranach_the_Younger_Isabella_JagiellonIsabella of Jagello

/the basic structure is that each decade has a different melody – hinting at different Ancestral Contemporary Stresses./

The Science Fiction on Eternal Life

Bergson: „In all our moments we include – knowingly or not – our whole past , what is more, the whole past of our ancestors too.”


/Babits: Hungarian Proust, Nyugat 1937, I. 247.o./ (in: Réz Pál: Proust, Gondolat, Bp. 1961. 123.old.)




Antal Szerb Antal – Emma Ritoók :


Letter to Proust on a planned childrens’ book on History



So we should imagine,

That we will live forever.

Of course if scientists will make this possible

They must have a Filter : who will be eligible.


Some are saying that we will need new Planets

Because the Earth will die in a last great Match.

And some claim and clearly see

We will have to elect a Messie.


All the Jewish sects have different candidates.

Then they decided several at once but no dates

And an election must decide among them.



One among them was Muslim

Another one Black, and one Asian.

One was mixed: belonging to all three.

And there was a Jew too, as in prophecies.


The One among them who gives the best therapy

To the Resurrected People – will get the Rank.


Because the Eternal Life

Will last till Millions of Years.

So it is best not to feel bad, as death does not exist.

So the Three Messiahs get three distant Planets

And they will compete. People watch it ont he net.



Of course it is a question who should be the First Ones

Who get Resurrected: as the First Ones

Will welcome those coming after.

Hence influencing their future




Some scientists claim that in each Hundred Years

There are Two Agrarian Price-Curves

Minimal and Maximal Prices each 44 years.

From those years we must choose

A King, a Prince or other Decision-makers.



Next to each one we shall put a Miracle Rabbi.

A good test will be to see how they may get along.

And they must stay int he Purgatory

Until they accept that the Jews are not the Enemy.




For those who get alive again it will be quite some task

To realize that he will never die again.

So he cannot kill. He o she will need some tools

To live life without anger.



If they do elect a few Eternal Ones

They will have to be given some Therapies.

There will be Sci-Fi Clubs, where they get some costumes

And they will get roles too in some ancient „Movies”

Between the years 2100-2500.



The reconstructed One will get an Avatar

In a Skafander he or she may walk around.

And in these psychodramas it can be seen

How they get along – without killing anyone.







In every Religion there are some repetitive Melodies

And everyone gets calmes whoever listens to it.

In each week the Melodies slightly change

So in this List we use for each song a historic stress.



Assassination, cannon’s noise, civil war whatever

Int he neighbouring vilages some women are singing

Or children or monks or Jewish Rabbis

The Wheelof Time goes on – Diamond mixed with Rubbish.



The songs are about Krishna in Asia

In North Africa about Mohamed


Among the whites we read the Bible.

So the Resurrected Ones may choose among the songs.

At forst they fill in a test. And then it will be decided

Which Planet they will live before starting:

Hell, Purgatory or Heaven itself.


On each Planet the Therapist is one of the Three Messiahs

And those who never heal will stay ont he Planet Hell.

Some were spend some years in Purgatory.



They will have several Tools in the healing process.

First is the Music. It can calm even in great Tragedies.

Another tool: reading wise books. Some are helped by them.

And the third one:the Touch. Holding Tight. It is powerful.



So into the first group by chance they have elected

Jeanne d”Arc, who killed somany English soldiers.

And Henry the Eighth, who killed a few women.

In the same group we find Frederick the Great

From Prussia, and Queen of Sweden, Christina.


Of course they belonmg to different Planets

Because Jeanne belongs to a Father-Year,Heaven

Prussian Frederick stems from the Mother Planet.

Christina goes to Sister Planet,and Henry belongs to Brother Decade.


/Each Decade has a different Function int he Cycle.

That is whí the are called after FamilyMember Names./


Of course at once they find themselves in

Relationships. Joan and Frederick are always together.

But Frederick is more interested in Henry

While Christina stays cold, and aloof from all three.



Jagello-ancestors bind each of them together

And Austrian Habsburgs with the French Bourbons

Holland and English Orange-House descendants

Who all have Jagello ancestors: and Zapolyas from Hungary



The Noble Families are all inter-related

But their Decisions have quite a huge effect

On the lifes of simple burghers and peasants too.

And the common stresses are inherited hormonally.


If we are looking to many Kingly Ancestors

We see lots of Murderers. But we call them Heroes.

And they have killed each other only because they each

Had a different Fantasy concerning the Messiahof the Last Days.


Still, from generation to generation, agression diminishes.

We do not know how and why. But in ancient times

People were more cruel. They peeled victimes alive

And cooked and burned alive. Later they used a shotgun

Which killed more quickly, hence each descendant was less cruel


Than their ancestors… No one knows why this change has happened?

But the most prabable answer is, due to Music.

Because we do know that Music diminishes the agressive Hormones.



And int he last Five Hundred Years the Song has not changed

Wich they use when reading the Torah

It was sung always whetever has happened.

It was sung the same way on millions of lips.


So it must have had an effect

On our Ancestors while they fought and killed.

But even if it would not have effected

Them int he Past, it may help for Eternity.



These melodies have a calming effect

And it may be useful in the Eternal Life

Because if we Ressurect a Medieval Ancestor

His murdering Instinct comes with him, no question.



He is not able to live harmoniuously

On the inner-peade level of a later Age

That is why he will need these old songs

To jump higher with his Hormones.



So they have to try on the bodies of Avatars

Protheses, Masks as Cyborg Robots

They must go on: only their minds was saved.

On a Nano-Computer They are surely awed.



They must read the Rules on „ Psychic Recovery”

It is a Condition:if they can’t do it, they will not get Life Again.

Or they must spend some time In Hello r in Purgatory

And they must share in Group Meeting. It is mandatory.



There they will have tolearn in Therapy

To find Discharge by Pillow-Pounding and not in any

Drug or alcohol or not in sexual joy.

And not in anger. They must read some Freud.



Screens will show them the Three Different Levels.

Decades are named after family Members

Sister belongs to the Planet of Hell:

There you must still behave like a Tryant

And you get blocked by Music, if you simply rant.



Mother is the Name of the Intellect-Planet

There you learn the Crying in Pillow

This is Purgatory, the Leader is a Black One

To teach them how to Deal with Hatred.


And the Third Planet is called „Father Decade”

And there we are all able to be Calm.

Serenity, Balance ,Success in Therapy

Is predominant here: People are not snappy.




Jeanne was quite upset hearing that she is given orders

In English. And that she cannot meet Fredrick the Great

When she was alive,the Yes-shower appeared to her

And gave her a Sword. And now the Messie asks her to stop fighting?

Saying even that in Heaven we must not be egocentric?



Frederick is also upset as he is not allowed

To stay together with Henry and Jeanne. He files a Complaint.

A Machine answers him, that this Request will be

Considered,he must stay Patient.



Jeanne_dArc William Etty


The Voice explains his own name,

Boto El-Hamsin. And his Ancestor was Mohamed

But he stems also from the Davidic House

From Emir Hussein. So he will decide here. Not King Frederick.



chest masked monroe


But,he goes on,the King may be transferred

To another Messie, on another Planet.That Blond Guy there

He points him out, is called Xantopoulos.

He is the Guardian of the Planet Purgatory.



And the Third One is called Kone Ziu Mato

Stems from a Maori Tribe, he is also a Soul-Seer,

He is Buddhist, but also has Davidic Ancestors

Otherwise he would not assume his present Role.


He would pull out his Sword, the Absolute King

But then he understands that it’s not a Good Thing

Maybe the Messie is after all Right

There is no more Death so he stops the Fight.




So he follows the Rules as Dictated by Boto:

Just talk about your Life, how were your Fights

What were your deepest Wounds

And you have to Cry. Only that will count.


In Eternal Life you may only stay

Who loves life and is able to say

That he will accept even the pains

If there is no Death we must lose our chains.





We just have to begin with some people.

When we have some who got Therapy

They may help a few others.

Int he Group of Joan of Naples

We see Martin Luther and the Quaker Fox

And Walpole,they are all int he Sister Box.


This Planet is called „Hell”, here they may be angry

Here we see Casimir the Fourth of the Jagellos

Who has invited the Jews to the Poles

And whose sons and daughters were to marry

Into the great other Kingly Houses.

Brandenburg and Orange and Bourbon and Habsbourgs.


First Casimir begins it with Hungarian Zapolyas.

So they will become the Ancestors of all others.

In this group we see Cousin Matthias of Corvinus

And his opponents, like Janus Pannonius.


Later Prince of Albe will fight against Reformates

Andi n this group will belong Louis the Fourteenth

And also in this Decade we see a Stressful Event

With a Central Role for Louis the Sixteenth.




What binds together aspecial Decade?

The Minimalprices give this decade a Tome

Because when there is no credit, everyone is Stricter

And this makes in every half Century Four Phases.


It begins with the „Brother Years” the Strictest

Then comes the Increase int he Fathering Years

We arrive to the Top, so even Sharing is Possible

That is why we call it the „Mother”


and Sister Years again: Decrease.

Int he Sharing mother Decade decisions are Leftwing

Poor People are cared for. But this stops

Int he next Decade and „Law and Order” will prevail.


These two basic trends are like a steady balance

They are switching always in every decade.

That is why we may look at the Protagonists

Of each Decade as having Typical Conflicts.


So they come together in a Planet Grouping

Ont he „Mother” Planet next to Frederick

We will find Sigismond, the emperor himself

And we also will see the Poet Villon.


Later there we find the Brother Martinuzzi

Who defended Isabella Jagello,the wife of King Zapolya.

And then the Lst One’s descendant,Sigismond Bathory

Who exchanged letters with Essex before his beheading.





Int he very same group we see Charles the First

And Jacob the Second his grandson

And next to them Franklin and Jefferson.

With George the Fifth of England.

And the Russian Tzar Alexeander the Second.


And if they will Heal their Souls

All the Simple People who are bound to them

By the smae Stress-Caused Wounds

Will be able to find Eternal Life too.


The Father’s Decade consists of Jeanne d’Arc

And then Pope Innocent whom she trusted back then.

Then comes Leonardo and King of Swedes, Gustavus Adolfus

And we see next to him the English Kings named George.



And the Fourth Group is not a Planet

But a Spaceship Really,where the three others can be seen

On Screens. Those who are in this „Brother Decades”

Are those who have had Penitence even during their Life.


Those who will come here will be the Electors

Of the Final Messie. Here the Twelve Half Centuries

Are all a Distinct level of Empathy.


Int he Age of Jeanne d’Arc people still ate others

In a bigger Battle, when there was nothing to eat

And even a Century later, they peeled their victims

Alive or burnt and baked them claiming they are witches.



An even later Century:they just chopoff the Ears

And the Nose or the Lips: he should live with fears

These were the Fourteenth and Fifteenth

And Sisteenth Century when Empathy just started.



So they felt Penitence, although Killing goes on

But they invent new Tools, not Sword but Pistolets

Killing gets more swift , that is great Step.



So we have Twelve Levels in the Brother-Spaceship

And on the Screens of  it we see the Three Planets

And on each Decade we see the Therapy Clients

How they are slowly Healed using their Great talents.


So we do have Forty-Eight Constellations

At the Treshold of this Eternal Life

If we select Decades according the Stress Level

And we must find Melodies that Match them.


Interestingly we have Forty Eight Weekly Parts

When reading the Bible, all differing Songs

Varying the same Twelve Main Melodies

Because it depends with which Tone it begins.


So the Power of Love will slowly Prevail

From the Therapy Songs the AncestralWounds Heal.

On each of the Three Planets in each Twelve Levels

Slowly the Ancestral Hearts will become Pure jewels.






So the Scene is given: a Space Ship and its Screens.

Women and Men in Space Costumes

And some of them singing from the Bible.

To diminish the Ancestral Stress,to diminish Bile.


When some of our Ancestors will be Resurrected

They Must use the Bible Songs if they are too excited.

They will diminish their Anger through the Hormones.

The Weekly Melodies Help. Like many sects.Mormons,


And others who tried new Systems.

So they will create a Psychodrama Group.

Ancestral Sould will play-act in a few Opera Plots








“Boccaccio,” or the “Prince of Palermo,” a comic opera in three acts with music by Franz von Suppé and text by Zell and Genée, was first produced at the Carl Theatre, Vienna, Feb. 1, 1879.


Boccaccio, a novelist and poet. Leonetto, his student friend. Pietro, Prince of Palermo. Lotteringhi, a cooper. Lambertucci, a grocer. Scalza, a barber. Fiammetta, Lambertucci adopted daughter. Beatrice, Scalzi’s daughter. Isabella, Lotteringhi’s wife. Peronella, Lambertucci sister. Checco, a beggar. Fratelli, a bookseller. Fresco, the cooper’s apprentice. The unknown. Florentine students, journeymen, girls, beggars, servants.





Troilus and Cressida is the first of the two operas by William Walton. The libretto was by Christopher Hassall, his own first opera libretto, based on Geoffrey Chaucer‘s poem Troilus and Criseyde.[1] Walton dedicated the score to his wife, Susana. Covent Garden, 1954. Karmester Sir AMlcolm Sargent.R:George Devine.


Cressida, Trojan priestess, daughter of Calkas

Troilus, Prince of Troy, son of King Priam


Calkas, high priest of Pallas Athene, father to Cressida


Antenor, Trojan captain

Evadne, servant to Cressida

Pandarus, brother to Calkas

Horaste, friend to Pandaras

Diomede, Greek prince of Argos








Description by Donato Mancini  [-]

Ezra Pound threw himself into the composition of his first opera, Le Testament de Villon, with the gusto only a wildly self-assured amateur could have. The wonderful results transcend its uncertain beginnings. Anyone with a developed taste for the absurd is bound to adore Le Testament. The libretto is mostly made up of poems and fragments by François Villon, a fifteenth century French poet exiled from Paris on suspicion of murder. The rest is in a fake ghetto dialect Pound invented: “Wot the hell are you doin’ Frankie?/Ah, Geez! I’m makin’ my will!” Inappropriate as the contrast of languages seems, it illustrates one of the main themes of the opera: the isolation of the great. When François/Frankie speaks in dialect, he’s lowering himself in order to be understood. Yet the truth is, Villon spent countless hours in the seediest parts of renaissance Paris. The plot of Le Testament appropriately takes place mostly in a tavern neighboring a brothel and the cathedral of St-Julien-le-Pauvre. Drinking and carousing surround a sober Villon while he scratches away at his will (“testament”) among figures such La Hëaulmiere (an aged ex-prostitute), his mom, Bozo the brothel keeper, anonymous drunks, and a lusty priest. It ends with the whole gang swinging on the gallows singing a chordal, farewell motet. If, as Virgil Thomson said, it’s “not quite musician’s music,” Le Testament is all the better for it. Highlights include the harsh lament for lost youth by La Hëaulmiere and the choral drinking song “Pere Noé,” celebrating Noah and other biblical drunks. Throughout the one-hour opera, the vocal lines are hard-edged declamations with occasional (accidental?) melodious passages. They are unpredictable, long-winded, and full of jolting, freakish rhythmic emphases, one section pouring into the next without any repetition. The instrumentation is for 17 instruments, but recordings have included up to 30 instruments, or only two — cello, nose flute, and percussion are among the constants. Usually only one or two instruments at a time will accompany the singer, or choir, but sometimes there is a homorhythmic chord-block of instruments making the atmosphere otherworldly and dark, such as in his mom’s aria “Dame du ciel.” The infamous rhythmic complexities of Le Testament are more from George Antheil‘s self-serving transcription than from Pound‘s mind, but Antheil‘s faux polyrhythms and constant metrical changes between time signatures such as 17/32 and 27/16 help carry Le Testament toward the Dada Olympus where it resides.






Gaetano Donizetti Anna Bolena

Opera seria in two acts.
Libretto by Felice Romani, based on Ippolito Pindemonte’s Enrico VIII (a translation of a play of the same name by Marie-Joseph de Chénier) and Alessandro Pepoli’s Anna Bolena.
First performed in the Teatro Carcano, Milan, on 26 December 1830

Act 1
In a hall in Windsor Castle, courtiers gossip about the possible reason why the king, Henry VIII, is delaying visiting his queen, Anne Boleyn.  Jane Seymour, one of Anne’s ladies-in-waiting, arrives and expresses her concern at having been responsible for Henry’s lack of interest in Anne, since he now loves her instead.  Anne herself enters with her retinue and asks Smeaton, a favourite musician who is himself in love with Anne, to entertain them with one of his songs.  Smeaton sings about the queen’s pale appearance, and about his guess that she is remembering some former love.  Anne interrupts the song and reflects on how empty her glamorous life has become – she calls for Jane and tells her to beware of the illusion of happiness that the throne offers.  Anne leaves to go to her own rooms and the others disperse, leaving Jane alone.  She is concerned that Anne might have found out about Henry and herself, and when Henry arrives, her obvious discomfort at his presence annoys him.  His suspicions deepen when Jane tells him that this might be their final meeting, and he responds by telling her that soon she will not have a rival at all.  Jane insists that it is her own sense of honour that is driving her to end their relationship, and Henry accuses her of being in love with the throne rather than with him, adding a hint that this was precisely the problem with Anne.  Jane insists that she does not want to be the cause of Anne’s unhappiness and despite Henry’s reassurances, Jane still has misgivings.

In the royal park at Windsor, Anne’s brother, Lord Rochefort encounters Lord Richard Percy, who was in love with Anne but had gone into exile in order not to aggravate her marriage to the king.  Percy has returned from exile in order to petition Henry to reinstate him at court.  He asks Rochefort if the rumours that Henry has lost interest in Anne are true, and Rochefort confirms that this is indeed the case.  The royal hunting party approaches and the prospect of seeing Anne again makes Percy realise that he is still in love with her.  The king and his huntsmen enter and he expresses his surprise at seeing Anne out and about; she replies that she has only come in order to see him, and he responds that she has been much on his mind.  Percy tries to kiss the king’s hand, but Henry refuses to let him, remembering that Percy’s death sentence was only commuted to exile because of Anne’s pleading.  Anne privately recalls Percy’s tears of gratitude on her hand, and Henry orders a courtier, Hervey, to keep a close watch on both Anne and Percy.  Percy tells Rochefort how much the thought of Anne has comforted him in his exile, but Rochefort warns him to take care.  Henry insists that Percy must be in close attendance on him at court, and everyone but Henry sings about an auspicious day which has begun with such an act of forgiveness.

In the castle, Smeaton enters the queen’s apartments unobserved to return a portrait of her which he had taken: he pours out his love for her, comparing the freedom with which he can declare it to the portrait with the silence he must maintain to keep his love a secret from Anne.  He hears someone coming and hides behind a curtain.  Anne comes in, with her brother; Rochefort asks her to meet with Percy and Anne agrees, but only if Rochefort stands guard outside the room.  Percy enters and Anne confesses to him that the crown she so coveted has turned out to be a crown of thorns and that she had been wrong to reject his love.  Percy declares that he still loves her and when she tells him that the king has come to hate her, this inflames Percy’s love, but Anne advises him never to speak openly of his feelings towards her, and she even tells him to get out of England while he can – and although Percy insists on staying, Anne too is adamant.  Percy draws his sword with the intention of killing himself and Smeaton, alarmed for Anne’s life, leaps from his hiding place with his own sword drawn.  Anne faints and her brother rushes in to warn her that the king is coming.  Henry arrives, sees Percy and Smeaton with their swords drawn, and calls the guards.  Anne has revived, and Henry is presented with the sight of his wife alone with her former lover, one of her closest retinue and her brother: Smeaton realises how it must look and decides to sacrifice himself in an attempt to save Anne.  He rips open his doublet in order to bare his chest for execution, but Anne’s portrait falls to the ground and Henry regards this as confirming his suspicions about Anne’s infidelity.  He orders her to leave and as Rochefort, Percy and Smeaton all sing of their regrets about the situation they have put her in, Henry orders that they should each be put in a separate prison.  Anne asks Henry to listen to her, but Henry tells her abruptly that she must save her explanation for the judge: Anne realises that she cannot survive.





Palestrina is an opera by the German composer Hans Pfitzner, first performed in 1917. The composer referred to it as a Musikalische Legende (musical legend), and wrote the libretto himself, based on a legend about the Renaissance musician Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, who saves the art of contrapuntal music (polyphony) for the Church in the sixteenth century, through his composition of the Missa Papae Marcelli. The wider context is that of the European Reformation and the role of music in relation to it. The character of Cardinal Borromeo is depicted, and a General Congress of the Council of Trent is the centrepiece of Act II.

The conductor of the premiere was Bruno Walter.





Monteverdi Orfeo 1607


Act 2

Orfeo returns with the main chorus, and sings with them of the beauties of nature. Orfeo then muses on his former unhappiness, but proclaims: “After grief one is more content, after pain one is happier”. The mood of contentment is abruptly ended when La messaggera enters, bringing the news that, while gathering flowers, Euridice has received a fatal snakebite. The chorus expresses its anguish: “Ah, bitter happening, ah, impious and cruel fate!”, while the Messaggera castigates herself as the bearing of bad tidings (“For ever I will flee, and in a lonely cavern lead a life in keeping with my sorrow”). Orfeo, after venting his grief and incredulity (“Thou art dead, my life, and I am breathing?”), declares his intention to descend into the Underworld and persuade its ruler to allow Euridice to return to life. Otherwise, he says, “I shall remain with thee in the company of death”. He departs, and the chorus resumes its lament.





Henry Purcell: Dido and Aeneas


Act 1

Dido’s court

The opera opens with Dido in her court with her attendants. Belinda is trying to cheer up Dido, but Dido is full of sorrow, saying ‘Peace and I are strangers grown’. Belinda believes the source of this grief to be the Trojan Aeneas, and suggests that Carthage’s troubles could be resolved by a marriage between the two. Dido and Belinda talk for a time—Dido fears that her love will make her a weak monarch, but Belinda and the Second Woman reassure her that “The hero loves as well.” Aeneas enters the court, and is at first received coldly by Dido, but she eventually accepts his proposal of marriage.




Admeto 1727



Admeto, King of Thessaly, is mortally ill. His brother Trasimede is reported to be sighing over the portrait of a woman (Antigona). When Admeto’s wife Alceste prays to Apollo for his recovery, she is answered by a voice from the statue of the god: Admeto can only be saved if someone consents to die in his place. Alceste prepares to sacrifice herself for her husband.

Antigona, a Trojan princess, who was once betrothed to Admeto (sight unseen) and her companion Meraspe prepare to go to the palace, disguised as a shepherdess and shepherd.

Alceste kills herself and her husband recovers his health to find his wife dead. He begs Ercole (Hercules) to rescue her from Hades. Meanwhile Antigona, who has heard the news and hopes to marry Admeto, meets Trasimede, who recognises her, but she insists she is only a shepherdess. He engages her and Meraspe as gardeners.








Two years prior to the opening scene, the nobleman Florestan has exposed or attempted to expose certain crimes of the nobleman Pizarro. In revenge, Pizarro has secretly imprisoned Florestan in the prison over which Pizarro is governor.

The jailer of the prison, Rocco, has a daughter, Marzelline, and a servant (or assistant), Jaquino. Florestan’s wife, Leonore, came to Rocco’s door dressed as a boy seeking employment, and Rocco hired her.

On orders, Rocco has been giving Florestan diminishing rations until he is nearly starved to death.




Verdi: hernani


The bandits demand the reason for Ernani’s gloom (Chorus: Evviva! Beviam! Beviam! / “To you we drink”; Ernani pensoso! / “Ernani, so gloomy? Why, oh strong one, does care sit on your brow?”). Ernani replies that he loves Elvira (Recitative: “Thanks, dear friends”; Cavatina: Come rugiada al cespite / “As the flower turns to the sun”), who is about to be married against her will to old Gomez de Silva (O tu che l’alma adora). He asks the bandits to abduct her.




Verdi: Othello


Iago proposes a toast to Otello and his wife, while Cassio praises Desdemona (Iago, Cassio, Chorus, Roderigo: Roderigo, beviam! / “Roderigo, let’s drink!”). Iago offers Cassio more wine, but Cassio says he has had enough. Iago pressures him and offers a toast to Otello and Desdemona. Cassio gives in. Iago sings a drinking song and continues to pour Cassio wine (Iago, Cassio, Roderigo, chorus: Inaffia l’ugola! / “Wet your throat”).

Montano enters and calls for Cassio to begin his watch; he is surprised to find Cassio drunk and barely able to stand upright. Iago lies to Montano, telling him that this is how Cassio spends every evening. Roderigo laughs at Cassio’s drunkenness and Cassio attacks him. Montano tells Cassio to calm down, but Cassio draws his sword and threatens to crack open Montano’s head. (Montano, Cassio, Iago, Roderigo, chorus: Capitano, v’attende la fazione ai baluardi / “Captain, the guard awaits you on the ramparts”.) Cassio and Montano begin to duel, and Iago sends Roderigo to call the alarm. Montano is wounded and the fight is stopped only by the appearance of Otello.








Act 3

Scene 1: In Lulu’s luxurious house in Paris

A grand party is taking place at Lulu’s house in Paris. The magnificent performance of Jungfrau Railway shares, in which most of the guests at the party have put all their money, is the main topic of discussion. Lulu is being blackmailed by the Marquis who wants to sell her to a Cairo brothel. She is still wanted for Dr. Schön’s murder in Germany and the Marquis threatens to turn her in if she does not meet his demands. The Acrobat is also blackmailing her. When Schigolch arrives, asking for money, Lulu collapses in despair. They agree to lure the Acrobat to a hotel where Schigolch will murder him. Lulu then convinces the Countess to lure the Acrobat there. Lulu goes off to prepare her escape, as the police are on the way. News arrives that the railway shares have crashed. Everyone is ruined. The party quickly breaks up. Lulu has changed clothes with a young waiter and leaves, dragging Alwa behind her. The police arrive to recapture her and mistake the waiter for Lulu, giving her time to escape.